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1 Name: OP : 2009-01-21 06:10 ID:a8prhhFT

Hello 4-ch. I am a semi –lurker, occasionally posting my 2 cents on advice. But I generally roamed L&R for the stories. I am always interested in hearing people stories, especially when it comes to love. Call me a softy but it is interesting to learn about a fellow person life, especially when it comes to the matters of the heart. And again, I would post my little tidbits of advice in hopes the stories end up as happy ones. Occasionally there would be a happy ending but more times than not the board is filled with sadness and despair. So I figured I should post my story of love and happiness and maybe inspire others. Or at least maintain the hope that love still exist, even though it is elusive to catch.

The story begins ironically the end of my last relationship. I was seeing this girl for 6 months but started to act distant and disinterested in me and the relationship. I have dated enough and seen enough to know that she was losing interest in me and it was time to end the relationship. The weekend before finals week began I sat her down and ended the relationship. Even though I made the call, I still had feelings for her. But I knew it was pointless to keep a relationship going if I was the only one who had any investment in it.

Studying for finals helped me get her out of my mind, but still it was tough at times. At the same time, my friend, who was a graduate student at the time, was getting married to a girl he met in Michigan. So while everyone was worrying about their final exams, he had finished up his dissertation and was more or less planning the wedding and honeymoon. I remember one night studying in the computer lab I ran into him and caught him booking his honeymoon. We started to converse and he then asked me if I was attending the wedding. Honestly, before that point I had no plan on attending the wedding since it was being held in Michigan. But he stated that if I wanted to attend I was more than welcome to. He basically had an open invitation to his wedding. After careful consideration I decided to take the invitation. More so, that I had an opportunity for a road trip and adventure than for his wedding (not a big fan of weddings).

As exam time was winding down, I was discussing with friends about the wedding and the trip up there. I had arranged to go with 3 of my friends and using one of their cars. But since it was still exam time and I wanted to anything but study I decided to make the trip a bit more interesting. Taking a cue from Wedding Crashers I decided to have a challenge with my friends. The competition was simple: get girls. We had arranged a point system. The system was simple; points were award based on how far you could get with a girl on that weekend with points amount varying from 2 points for getting a phone number to 500 hundred if she got you tickets for the Pistons Eastern Conference finals game (the wedding was held on the same weekend as the Eastern Conference finals and it was in Detroit). A multiplier was added which was based on the girl’s looks on the standard 1-10 scale. We, the 3 friends, had to agree that the girl looks was not overstated with a +/- 2 level error. If you were out of that range then you had to ask the girl out on a date before the weekend was over. This was to insure that no one had bad taste that weekend. The rules were agreed upon as finals ended. We went our separate ways that summer only to meet up again in a few weeks time to head for the wedding.

2 Name: OP : 2009-01-21 06:11 ID:a8prhhFT

But fate had other plans. The original driver had started an internship that summer and could not get off for the wedding. So literally the night before we left, we had a discussion if we could go or not. But luckily, one of us was able to obtain a car from their parents that weekend and we were able to go. Of course the new timing and all we left later than we wanted to and arrived in Detroit late afternoon/early evening. Most of the day was spent and we were tired from the trip. We joined a group from our university that had left the previous day and started to unpack. The other group told us about the bride’s bridal shower that was happening that night and how the bride’s family invited us to it. Since we were new to the town and have little knowledge of what is going on, they figured why not spend our time there. After a great debate, half of our group decided to attend the function while the other half just stayed at the hotel and rest. Naturally I decided to go because the competition already started, though one member from the party had to miss out. Another competitor decided to stay in at the hotel to rest, which I didn’t object to, more pootang for me.

We left for the hall and were greeted by friends and family. They were dressed very nice while we were semi casual and smelt like Axe and car. Regardless though, the bride’s family welcomed us to the party with open arms. We started to mingle around the room, focusing our attention on the girls. But what we professional, college and graduate students discovered that the majority of the girls there were in high school. Apparently the bride was only about 21 and had a lot of close friends that were still in high school. And those friends she had in college most were pretty immature. But despite my strong competitive nature, I decided going to jail was not worth winning. However, right before I left I met two girls who were pretty mature, seniors in college. They were not the best looking but I figured that they will know people and could introduce me to hotter girls later on.
The following two days were filled with normal wedding festivities. Lunches, rehearsals, bachelor party. The day of the actually wedding was pure insanity. So much going on and no one had no idea who was in charge. I distinctly remember dressing our friend, the groom, in the elevator of the hotel because we were running late. And despite that, we still spent 15 minutes taking pictures outside of the hotel as we were trying to leave. The wedding was nice and peaceful and not very eventful. The reception was where things got interesting.

At the hall, it was an interesting set up. The bride and groom were sitting in the middle and the bride’s friends and family were to the right of the stage. To the left of the stage was us, the groom’s friends. And as we sat there looking all nice and confused at the same time, it dawned on us why we were sitting there. As the speeches were being made, it was obvious that we, all of us sitting there were single, eligible bachelors. All of us were either in law school, business school, medical school, working professionals or soon to be professional/graduate student (aka me) and none of us had a girlfriend/wife/SO. And conviently sitting in front of us were mothers who all had daughters who were looking to marry.
Many of my friends that day were approached by mothers and were introduced to their daughters. I was upset that I was not among them, but at the same time, I was still an undergraduate with no money or future. But the women selection was much better than the bridal shower. More friends from the bride’s university showed up and more pickings there were for me. The competition was alive and I intended on winning it.

3 Name: OP : 2009-01-21 06:12 ID:a8prhhFT

I went to our dining table to pick something. This is after I scouted the room and took some pictures for myself. The table filled with mothers looking for their daughters was quickly filled up wit their daughters. And as I walked by, I met the two girls I met at the shower. This is where it started to pay off. I quickly started up a conversation and soon enough this girl from the other side of the table started to butt into our conversation. My first thought was, “this girl is rude, interrupting our conversation.” Little did I know, but she was the love of my life.

She was certainly the hottest girl there. And she knew it and she wanted to make sure everyone else knew it, including me. I have handled girls like her before and to me she was nothing different. My competitiveness was already peaking and something in me told me that this girl cannot leave thinking she was the greatest thing at this wedding; I was. We started to converse and dropped jokes and was cocky as hell. The only time I showed weakness was when she introduced me to her friend, whose name was the same as my ex’s. Caught me off guard, but I soon recovered. My version of the story (we have different versions) is she was being difficult, kept giving me attitude. But I kept beating her at her own game. And I tried to leave a few times but she kept finding ways to keep me there. But eventually I was able to leave, and according ot her I was the first guy to ever do that to her. I went to take pictures, snack on some food and mingle. I had all the intention of getting her number before I left but she left before I could get the chance. According to her, I can’t remember this, she tried getting my attention twice before she left but I blew her off both times (the food was really good in my defense).
We had to leave Michigan the same day as the wedding. A bunch of us had work the next day and we could not linger around any longer. I remember changing in the parking lot and shocking old women as they left. As we drove off I was feeling mixed emotions. I had basically gotten over my ex. Random flirting and meeting other girls had me forget about her. But I was a little upset that I didn’t get that one girl’s number. But I was more pissed off that I forgotten her name. Yes, the girl who I love to death, the first time I met her, I forgotten her name. Luckily for me, I left a lasting impression on her and with facebook, she successfully stalked me.

I will end the story there for now. It is late, I am tired. I will continue the story tomorrow.

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Yep, we are on a cliffhanger, here ^^

Must say, I know a lot of couples who got together after attending a friend's wedding. Seems to be a common theme (hint for those looking for girls/boys).

Usually people only post when they have a problem, hence the overall negative tone. But it's clear that there are many successful love stories. One should maybe make a thread of those...

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-21 13:39 ID:f55TrgHI

Thanks OP, cheered me up.
I've never had any luck with girls and my life has been pretty shit lately, but recently I got accepted by the top College in the state and things are looking up, this gave me some enouragement to approach girls when I get there.

7 Name: OP : 2009-01-21 22:42 ID:lZGDynU2

I am sorry for leaving the story as a cliffhanger. Normally I would have pulled an all-nighter until I finished the story. I can no longer keep those college hours.

And >>6 is right. THis board is filled with a lot of negative stories and I feel like I should try to do that with my story. I am glad that it is working.


The next day, the day after the wedding, while checking my email I noticed I had a friend request in facebook. Upon checking who it was, it was her. Honestly, my first reaction was that I busted out laughing that she actually added me on facebook. Then I got a little nervous that she stalked me that far away. I quickly wrote on her wall and called her a stalker and left for work. That summer I worked in a research lab (Biochemist) at my university. My house was a stone’s throw from campus so I was a commuter. The professor I worked under was also an undergraduate advisor and was in charge of undergraduate research. I had been working with him for the past semester and we had a good relationship. So good that on Tuesdays and Fridays, rather than working I had give a presentation of undergraduate research to incoming Freshman as part of their orientation. It was suppose to be his job, but out of his good graces, he made me do it. It was not a bad deal though. Tuesdays and Fridays I would work half the day but still got paid for the whole day. I just had to give a 3, 45 minute presentation, answer a few question and then go home. But as soon as we got back my car died and I had to rely on a bus that came every 45 minutes to an hour. Plus at times my research job was just me watching a machine work meant I had a lot of free time to roam the internet and talk on IM.

At first our conversation between me and her were restricted to wall-to-wall conversation. It came to the point where she was flooding my wall and I was starting to get annoyed. Several times in this early period too, I called her out because she was being too cocky, (one time I told her that she was fishing for a compliment and freaked the hell out of her that I knew what she was thinking). A few times I asked her just to IM me and we can converse in real time rather than series of messages. But she was stubborn and wanted me to message her first. Of course I did not want to do that, but I eventually caved in and she bragged all day about that.

Aside from the bragging our first conversation was very normal. Excepted it lasted two hours. We just kept talking and talking, and I had to end it because I was going to miss my bus if I did not end it. For the next few weeks I learned a few things about her. She was my year, I was about a month older than her. She worked in a hospital, pre-med and wanted to go to medical school. I also learned she was very cocky ( I mentioned that earlier). But when I look back, I was just as cocky, probably even more so. But we both did it in a jokingly fashion. We knew our limits and we were easily humbled. She was impressed by my confidence and my independence. She kept commenting how different I was and more important how I did not care of what other people thought of me. I could care less about gossip and drama. She called me a nerd once and I told her I was proud of that fact. She also was impressed how I was not intimidated by her. She said she is crazy and I should be afraid. I simply replied, “I’m not scared, I’m crazier”

Sorry, I have to end it here. Work is over for me and I must go home now. I will update this later.

8 Name: OP : 2009-01-22 17:47 ID:lZGDynU2

Slow day at work…

For the next few weeks we continued to talk and the amount of flirting intensified. It is interesting to look back at the old AIM logs and see how we flirted with each other. I remember I would test how far I could go with by slyly dropping compliments and calling her “babe” just to see if I could get away with it. And I did. What was most frustrating though that I could not see how well I was doing. Normally when I was flirting with girls, I was talking to them in person, face-to-face, so I could read their body language. But since this was long distance (7 hours driving), all I had based on my progress were “lol” and smilely faces.

About a month into the casual flirting I was lost. I did not know where I was with her. And frankly at that point I really did not care. It was long distance and at that time I knew for a fact that nothing was going to progress out of it. SO I thought, hey why not just enjoy this random flirting and I have someone I can talk to for hours on end with 0 commitment. But we talked for about 3-4 hours every day, generally in the evening and nights. Luckily I was an insomniac and I would only need about 5 hours of sleep to be okay for the next day. Also around the same time, I developed a really good friendship with her best friend; the same girl with my ex’s name. I enjoyed talking to both of them but early on I was more comfortable with her friend than my future girl. At the time, I did not know the motives of my girl. I knew she was holding something back but I could not figure out what. While her friend was just purely interested in friendship and it was known since day 1. So at first I was much more open to her friend than to her. And I guess I assumed that since this girl wants a friendship then my girl just wants the same too and her flirting is just part of her nature.

So midway through summer, I just assumed I was placed into the friendzone. And there were hints too that I thought I was placed into the friendzone. She would ask me if I had any single friends that fit this certain criteria. What I didn’t realize is that criteria was a description of me, or at least her perception of me. But kept my demeanor and my cockiness and I told her that I am the best guy out there. After a while our flirting tamed a bit and we just talked. Talked about everything and nothing. It was around this time she told me about her ex boyfriend and how he got caught up in drugs and shit like that. That is why she left him because she does not do anything like that. And I think at that moment I knew for a fact that I was in the friendzone. And in retrospect I think that helped out the relationship. I stopped worrying that I had to impress this girl and show off. I knew for a fact I have a friend that I can talk to when I am bored or lonely just feel like talking. She was isolated from my campus and the daily drama I go through. She is just an outsider to my world and I have someone I could fall back to. Also I caught myself kind of angry too that I got friended. Though I did not care that much getting her as a girlfriend, a part of me did. But I understood that this long distance it was not going to work out, but it was not a complete total lost.

9 Name: OP : 2009-01-22 17:47 ID:lZGDynU2

We continued to talk over the summer and I found she was really interesting person. Her cockiness and bitchiness completely disappeared. She became very kind and caring and was generally interested in my well being. It is always nice to have someone care how my day was, hung up on the very little, insignificant little details of my life. Granted she did like me at this point, but I honestly felt like she was just a kind sweet person (she is actually, if you are on good terms with her. IF you wronged her she can be a complete bitch, but I am like that too). I became open to her as I did with her friend, probably even more so. I figured her motive was just to be friends. And since she was far away, there was no way she could spread my secrets among the people I know or she could harm me in anyway other than stop talking to me.

Toward the end of summer, about 2 weeks before the start of the semester, I took about a few days off work and went on a camping trip. 4 days, 3 nights of camping, hiking, whitewater rafting and spelunking. I am adventurous person, I can’t help it. I told this to my girl before I left and she got really excited. According to her, most guys where she lives are very metrosexual. They would never do anything like that, go out in the woods and get dirty. This statement supports my claim that all women want men. And being metrosexual only really flaunts your money and maybe your looks but not your masculinity. Keep that mind /l/. But during the trip, sitting around the campfire every night, we had some very interesting conversations. And naturally when a bunch of guys are hanging out, the topic of girls is brought up. We went around asking what our perfect girl is. When it came to my turn I was like, she just has to be cool, cute, caring and able to keep me entertained. And at that moment I realized my girl was the perfect girl for me. She is extremely beautiful, very chill and fun, very caring of my needs and of course our conversations that last hours obviously keeps me entertained. That night I cursed myself for liking a girl that lived to far away and liking a girl who just considered me just a friend. I can tell you it was a sad drive back.

But when I got back, I checked my facebook. I had a bunch of wall messages and private sent to me. She wrote telling how she missed me and wanted to talk to me. I started to reconsidered where I was positioned. That night I IMed her and we started to talk about my trip and what I missed in the time I was gone. During the conversation, I started to reexam the evidence. I started to look over what she said from another perspective. In the meantime, I completely lost track of the time. So what would normally be a 2-3 hour conversation lasted 9 hours. I realized it was late, is when I saw the sun rising. Never in my life I had a conversation that lasted so long with anyone. And the same deal with her too. She never had a conversation that as so long. And this was after my trip too, I was already exhausted and tired and yet I stayed up all night talking to her. I figured there is something different between us. And as I tried to leave she said she has a game she wants to play. And if can guess what it was then I get the prize. No clues, no hints. Nothing. But after I 5 minutes I figured out what it was. She liked me and the prize was her. But me being me, I told her I knew what it was and signed off and went to bed. Ball was in my court and I decided to control the situation from there, and have some fun at the same time.

10 Name: OP : 2009-01-22 17:49 ID:lZGDynU2

About a week later, school started up. And we continued to talk/flirt. She would pester me how I did not know what the prize was but I would say I did and tease her about it. I would sometimes say completely random stuff just to make her laugh. But since school started back up, my ex started to try to regain my attention. I completely ignored her that summer and she was trying to reform some sort of relationship, a friendship probably. But I was so use to not talking to her I just completely ignored her attempts and ending up pissing her off. She would send her friends telling me how she really didn’t care about the relationship and how it was just nothing to her. And I would be like so? And would just walk off not giving a shit. MY girl laugh at that and my roommate would tell me how my ex would keep referring to me as “the asshole.” But honestly, I defend my actions. I stopped caring about her over the summer and her expecting me to still care was just her being naïve and silly.

At the same time, the tension between my girl and me was getting thicker and thicker. I feel like we both knew how each other felt and someone had to say something. But me the “asshole” I would just tease the issue. I would bring up the fact we flirt a lot and how we have a lot in common. I kept hinting at the thought of us being together but never explicating saying it. I was still uncertain about the long distance relationship but I was willing to commit to it if she was.

But finally about, a month into school, it came to the point where we could not hold out much longer. She was the first to snap. She told me, one evening, that she likes me, a lot and she has never felt this way about a guy before. She was just amazed how mature I was, my intelligence, my sense of humor. She loved how grounded I was, not superficial or money hungry. I told her I felt the same, she met the criteria of my perfect girl and I would be nice if we could pursue some sort of relationship. But I also told her I was hesitant about the distance and I don’t know if it would work out. I told her I am willing to give it a shot, if she was too.

She simply replied. Let’s give it a try.

11 Name: HaloMonkey08 : 2009-01-23 10:46 ID:87kW5TsF

wow...this sounds just like my initial experience with my current girlfriend, except no weddings, no camp trips, and it was high school...not college. I wanna hear more!!!

12 Name: Library Girl : 2009-01-23 17:34 ID:ff5pLvvh

This is sweet.

With luck, I should have something along the same lines to write in the next few weeks. Maybe someone should start a /love/ success stories thread?

13 Name: OP : 2009-01-28 04:36 ID:L5QaCkvH

Quick question, do people want to hear more?

14 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-28 07:55 ID:0v9lyXZs

Tell us more

15 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-28 10:50 ID:BjWaxyAA

sure.. how long has it been going on for?

any LD problems yet?

still chatting away like crazy?

romantic parts?

16 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-28 18:58 ID:VCNnCuTp

>>13 more!

17 Name: OP : 2009-01-28 19:06 ID:a8prhhFT

I thought the story was over but I figured more people wanted to hear more so here we go.

The first few weeks after we started “dating” went off well. We still talked normally, except now we would talk more on the phone verse internet. So much so, a lot of times my phone battery would die midway in our conversations. Of course I got in “trouble” for it. We would webcam a lot too and it was weird at first. Before our first webcam session this girl did not have a face, she was just a screenname, a voice. All I could see of her were stills from facebook pictures. But I didn’t realize or remember how cute her smile was, or how kind her eyes were, or just amazingly hot she was. Honestly, I stunned that I got a girl that hot.

But I was still hesitant about the relationship working out. It was long distance and quite frankly I did not put any bets on a long distance relationship working out. In fact, neither did she. She kept bringing up that we keep the relationship open, so I were to find anyone in my area, I could leave her easily with not hard feelings. But I am not that type of person, I believed in monogamous relationships and I simply refused it. And it was a good decision to make. Over the course of time of phone and webcam conversations, I grew a deep attraction to this woman. And it was deep emotional attraction with the physical aspect not a major factor. So thus I decided it was time to see her. After my midterms and the start of fall break I decided to drive to Michigan to see her.

Naturally I was hesitant of meeting her, that I did not fit her standards. I was paranoid at times; especially around the time I left I read an article about genetics playing a role in mating, how women can smell someone who is genetically healthy or compatible. I was worrisome that my pheromones did not match her taste. But at the same time I was optimistic. I challenged her that she won’t be able to wait 5 seconds before she kissed me. She said she could wait all day, and I bet her she couldn’t.

After I was done with my last midterm (which was at 8am), I hopped in my car and drove the 6 hours by myself to Michigan. As I was nearing her place, I got lost and I called her up for help. Every turn that got me closer, I could hear the excitement in her voice grow. As I pulled up in front of her apartment, she was waiting out, all dressed up with the biggest smile on her face. I stepped out of the car and at first she tried to walk up to me cool and relaxed. But after a half a second she forgot about her plan ran up and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. She tasted good and all of the worries and paranoia I had went away with that kiss.

We went inside where I unpacked my things, relaxed a bit, while she talked and talked about anything and everything. And I know this superficial to say this, but I was speechless because she looked extremely beautiful that day and I felt like all I could do was stare at her for the rest of my life. In mid sentence though, she grab my hand and was like, let’s go eat its late. We went out to this nice arab restaurant, and I ordered a lamb kabob. Apparently that was test to see how “manly” I was. I passed.

18 Name: OP : 2009-01-28 19:08 ID:a8prhhFT

We got done, went back to her place and popped a movie in the dvd player. For those of you who have been in relationships before, you never finish a movie, especially in the early parts of the relationship. We started to watch, but 15 minutes into it, it from my arm around her to my lips on her lips. The love between our hearts were burning on fire. She felt so good in my arms, her skin was so smooth. Her lips were so soft I made sure I was gentle when I kissed her. And every time I stared into her eyes, I felt like I was looking into her soul. I was in love and so was she. That night was an explosion of passion that built up from months of conversation filled with emotional and spirit. I was told from an older friend of mine, that love is a friendship on fire. Before that night, she was a good friend, great friend, my best friend, but our relationship lacked the physical intimacy; the passion. But that night, as we cuddled, naked, in her bed, I realized that this woman is the one for me, she is The One. I could feel the fire in my heart and I certainly could feel hers. I gave her a soft kiss and looked her deep in her eyes. Tears started to well up in her eyes and before I could say what was filling my heart, she said it first in a burst of tears. I held her close and tight. I tried to comfort her, as her tears subsided, and as we slowly drifted to sleep, I softly whispered, “I love you.”

19 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-28 23:33 ID:BjWaxyAA

wow.. congrats OP!

It sounded to so perfect I was wondering if I was reading some fanfic or something. So surreal.. so jealous.

20 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-29 01:43 ID:IDamylRE

Damn, one can only hope for experiencing something like that. That's fantastic, OP.

21 Name: OP : 2009-01-30 21:22 ID:lZGDynU2

I just realized. My girlfriend would LOVE reading this on Valentine's Day.

22 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-31 04:53 ID:csjOtAiO

Good god man, words can’t express the god like levels of motivation you have pumped into me. That has to be the most heart worming story have ever heard in my entire life. I demand it be made into a novel and then a movie. I almost cried reading this and I haven’t cried in several years. Good luck to you both.

23 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-31 18:30 ID:hydwj4jH

Then show it to her. That's a really cute story, I hope you both realize the chance you have, and that you will work towards making the best out of it!

24 Name: HaloMonkey08 : 2009-01-31 19:05 ID:87kW5TsF

that's a great story...

but now that you're in a serious relationship >>1, how do u hope to maintain it effectively?

25 Name: OP : 2009-02-04 00:37 ID:a8prhhFT

Thanks for the comments.

We maintain the relationship as we usually do. IM, webcam, phone and we try to make visits every now and then. But the relationship has been going great. Has it ups and it has it downs. As I said before she is a real firecracker and though she is "crazy" I am still not afraid of her.

But as far as the story goes its being written. We are looking forward to a bright future for us and we hope that our future is long and prosperous.

There are random events/stories that are in the relationship up until this point. But those are small details in the overall relationship. But always fun to talk about among friends and family. When I get time I will try to relay some of those to you, that is if you care.

26 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-04 12:48 ID:BjWaxyAA

sure we care!! share!!

27 Name: OP : 2009-02-11 22:16 ID:lZGDynU2

I have hit writers block. So fuck it. I'll let my girl read what I have so far and let her give me some ideas about what to write about.

Happy Valentine's Day!

28 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-18 22:51 ID:GJrb9QP+

Tell us more! please please please!

29 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-18 23:48 ID:GJrb9QP+

Write more! please, please, please!

30 Name: Demo-Man : 2009-02-19 13:00 ID:0SP5XpDU


Go write your own story! and make it actually happens for real.

31 Name: OP : 2009-02-19 19:06 ID:lZGDynU2

It has been really busy for me lately, hopefully I can add another chapter soon. Just be patient ;)

32 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-20 02:08 ID:3zk3mRdn


Why should I write my own story? OP is already writing our story :)

33 Name: OP : 2009-02-23 05:39 ID:vHG9LV7K

OP here, gonna submit this before I get kicked out of this coffee shop.

And >>32 is my girlfriend. She loved this.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been busy lately. I showed her the thread, she loved it. IT is good to remind us of our early parts our relationship. She reminded me of a story to tell you, that I assure you will fit the mood of last week.

So last year, was our first Valentine’s but we were both bummed we could not be near each other for that weekend. We started to make online/virtual plans for our Valentines. Webcam and dedicating the night to each other was the plan. About a few weeks before though, she kept asking if she was there what would we do. I said the standard protocol; flowers, dinner, a walk or movie just to play along. But every now and then she would drop a subtle hint or do something that made me think she was coming. Valentine’s fell in the middle of the week (Thursday) last year and it was a busy week for me and her. I had an exam on Valentine’s Day itself and a paper due that Friday plus I was going to volunteer for Science Olympiad that weekend. But I knew her too well and she is not the type of person who is going to spend Valentine’s Day alone, especially when it was our first.

But despite the fact I knew she was coming, I had no proof, so thus I wasn’t 100% sure she was going to be there or not. On the 13th I spend all night studying for my exam and took it on the morning of the 14th. I had class in the afternoon that ended around 5pm but since I was so exhausted from the all nighter I slept off most of the day and woke up around 4:30pm. I got up, took a shower and went to check my mail, as I went down the stairs, through the window, I saw her waiting outside, waiting for me to come back from class. I huge smile ran across my face and rather running out to see her, I decided to surprise the surpriser. I sneaked out the back door and went around, cutting through the woods to sneak up behind her. She called me a few times, but I ignored her call. She had this worrisome look her face that I was where I was supposed to be. Luckily I was able to approach her without being detected. Quietly I approached from behind and gave a firm slap on her butt. She jumps and had this look of disgust/anger/outrage/violation on her face and she was about to slap me when she saw who it was. Then with a moments paused she slapped me for ruining her surprise.

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After I rubbed off my sore face she stared me down for a good 5 minutes waiting for something. I was like Hi, Hey, all of the normal greetings and salutations but nothing. Finally I just leaned in and give her a kiss on the check and BOOM she was her normal “crazy” self. I grabbed her stuff and placed them in my room and after we “caught up” we went out to eat. IT was Valentine’s and all of the fancy restaurants were booked. Plus we did not have the clothes or the money to be seen in one of those places. So we went to eat a greasy, hole in the wall burgar joint and had a rain check on our “official” Valentine’s date. I had a paper to write so rather getting to the lovely dovey and the cuddling business. We grabbed a stop in the library and worked until 3am working on my paper. She helped me out a lot. I was already spent from the day before so I was glad to have a fresh pair of eyes to look over my work.

Friday, I woke up, went to class, turned in my paper and slept for the rest of the day. That night my fraternity was having a party so we went out to that. That semester I was not an active member of the fraternity so I had no idea or say on how they ran and publized anything. Turns out they did a poor job advertising the party so it was a low turnout. But me and my girl couldn’t care less. We were in the corner making out, the only ones on the dance floor and just having fun. We pretended it was a private party for us, just for us. But again it was not our official Valentine’s date.

The next morning, after only a few hours of studying, we went to Science Olympiad to help out with tournament. She emailed the organizers of the event so she was all ready signed up to help out. We showed up we went off to our respected events to proctor/judge. Every now and then we would bump into each other and of course we met up for lunch. While eating, this one kid walked by who reminded me of myself. He looked like me, chubby, cargo pants, worn out sneakers. I started to explain to her how I was that kid back in high school and I how this event was my only real thing I had. I made a lot of friends out of it, and how it was the only thing I was really good at. I won a lot of medals and made me feel good about myself. But I also explained, outside of it I was really lonely. When I went to college it persisted and actually got worse. The few friends I had all but disappeared. I was relegated to sitting in the lounge of my dorm either studying, or drawing pictures of people who were studying in there. Something about their loneness gave me a sort of a connection I was longing to obtain. After my first semester, my grades were just awful. I was really struggling with the loneness. Midway through my second semester, I have just spent most of my time on my studies and just watching people interact from various locations on campus.

But my life started to turn when I met one of my fraternity brothers. The fraternity was not that big and was service oriented. So the members of it were not the binge drinking stereotypical frat boys. They do have parties and social events but they were still hard working people. The following semester I joined the organization and my life started to refold. I had friends and I had a purpose. My grades started to pull up, and I was growing out of my shell. I became active in sports, and I even started to learn how to flirt. But one thing I forget is where I was or what I was. That is one of the reasons why I am writing this so no one has to be lonely like me.

35 Name: OP : 2009-02-23 05:40 ID:vHG9LV7K

After we were done with science olympiad we were just driving around, and she randomly pops up and was like, I want some fish and chips. I knew this one spot and we headed over there and had fish and chips for 10 between the 2 of us. And across the street was a little minigolf/go-kart/arcade fun land. And we were like, we have time, fuck it lets go. So we went, played some minigolf in the chill. We tied the game. She was trash talking me every hole. She got a hole in one on 17thhole, I got one on the 19th hole.
We had a go-kart race too. They had two types single seater and two seater. I was thinking about the two seater because it will be all cute and couple like. And I was watching the race before and there was this really ugly guy with this hot chick, doing that, and it looked like their first date. And they were doing that and this one turn, he kept spinning out on the same turn. At first it was cute and they were both laughing but around the 5th time, the girl was just annoyed and the guy knew there will be no second date. At the same time, my girl was trash talking me and I have to admit I can get competitive at times. So when were buying tickets I was like, two single please and immediately hopped into the fast car I saw on the previous race. As I left the gate, the cart had some speed on it. But as I hit the first turn I realized the cart had no grip. I oversteered the turn and ended up crashing into the wall, waiting for someone to push me out. As I waited, my girl comes around, laughing, and speeds by. Finally I get pushed out when she was a half a lap ahead of me and I was in fight mood. I was driving like a maniac, bumping into cars, cutting off little kids, bumping couples on dates in attempts to pass her. Finally I caught up to her and she saw me, so she tried to cut me off. Fortunately by that time, in my kart with no grip, I mastered drifting and was able to pass her on next turn and then braked letting her bump into me. It was a beautiful move, I’m not gonna lie. As soon as I felt the bump I floored it and gave her the finger as I pulled away. I got the silent treatment after the race but it was soon lifted when I gave her a kiss. I like giving her kisses; I need every reason to kiss her. That night, all cuddled up in bed, we declared it our first Valentine’s Date. I have to admit, it was the greatest Valentine’s Day I had.

She left the next day because she had school. I dropped her off at the airport, and I was sad. My eyes wanted to tear up but seeing her all sad, I figured one of us has to be strong and comfort the other. I waited for as she past through security. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

That was our first Valentine’s. This past one was not as crazy but still special. I flew up to see her that weekend. We went ice skating, walked around, ate dinner at Greek restaurant. It was cute and lovely. I enjoyed it especially because we were hanging out like a normal couple. It felt like we were shacked up and been together for 30 years. It wasn’t the big stuff I enjoyed, but the small stuff. The random cleaning, cooking. The little talks we had, shopping for groceries. Stuff like that. Not enough to fill a story but enough to fill my heart.

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