Do you support independence of Taiwan? (53)

1 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-15 18:59 ID:O8hA88L7 This thread was merged from the former /debate/ board. You can view the archive here.

I think Taiwan is independent country already.
So there is no need to declare independence.
If Taiwan declare independence from China formaly,China
will attack it and destroy peace of East Asia.
When it happens,Can USA support Taiwan??

2 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-15 19:42 ID:Heaven

In before asian trolls (although it's not a japan/korea topic, so there may not be any)

Anyway, I'm told China's navy sucks too much for a war against Taiwan.

3 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-15 23:35 ID:5Gb1/ir6

dunno. i really have to wonder what would happen if they declared independence tho', what with China industrializing and all. the economists wouldn't care, but the military probably would...

4 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-16 00:14 ID:/kguZ19f

There are many countries that might feel that way where China is concerned.

But Taiwan is in a better position to consider itself politically sovereign than Tibet, at any rate.

5 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-16 07:49 ID:9HWhp3oo

hell no. Taiwan is a part of china. the fact that taiwan needs someone to protect them only shows how dependant they are.

6 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-16 17:22 ID:/e2iryPP

I read that Taiwan is going to start printing its name on its money, instead of China. That'll piss China off :D

7 Name: Katz : 2007-02-16 20:56 ID:vczkW6zr

Taiwan is a better country itself as well as any other Chinese region would be better if it would be under any other East Asian country's rule. Many Chinese using forged Korean passports to immigrate to other places.

8 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-16 21:06 ID:YodpCZkX

Uh, both countries call themselves China.

9 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-21 18:51 ID:pprnIHI9

That was covered moron. And even if there navy sucks I think that its good enough to get ahold of Tawian, plus if you ask me now Taiwan is at economical war with China. After Hong Kong was given back to the PROC many fled to Taiwan to work. However because the PROC allowed Hong Kong to function almost economically the same as it did with Britain human labour was greatly needed. Consequently the Chinese industries on the mainland and Hong Kong offered higher wages with many benefits causing a labor shortage in Taiwan.

10 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-23 13:00 ID:yFJJ3d9r

I like the status quo. Although if both go to war I will support Taiwan.

11 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-02 05:27 ID:+kgiA0CQ

Hey Taiwan has different electrical outlet plugs. It's totally a different country. There's no denying it.

12 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-02 17:17 ID:uQ/T0V9e

The US might aid them as they recognize the independence of the ROC

13 Name: anonymous : 2007-03-04 05:41 ID:ydxOfUxn

taiwan is falling to pieces because of their president, AhBian. He's ruining everything of taiwan! He's embezzling funds, but he's ruining th opposition party's leader reputation. AH BIAN XIA TAI!!!! hmph.

14 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-15 23:09 ID:BQVtNQyg

i say screw taiwan.

China sorta sucks ass, but they're also hueg, and good money, taiwan is some little island that keeps making trouble, fuckem.

15 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-01-05 18:11 ID:jun1qUzY

I think some people (inside and outside Taiwan) want Taiwan to be independent, but most of them know being with China will make them better off in the long run. Both sides have been making progress towards that goal. They'll probably get the same deal Hong Kong has.

The real danger to China is Christianity. That needs to be stomped out at every time it rears its ugly head if China plans to succeed as a major power in the 21st century.

16 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-01-05 22:58 ID:EkGJO6Qq

Taiwan isn't very important globally. Once big in manufacturing now dwarfed by China and other emerging economies.

Notable countries that support Taiwan with influence are the USA, Japan, China and other less notable such as Indonesia, Australia and the rest of South-East Asia. The rest of the world not really affected.

I predict the stalemate between the PRC and the ROC to continue but get more complicated.

Japan would like the ROC and the PRC to be separate because of islands claimed by both China and Japan. Japan will then be confronted with the PRC directly.

The USA benefits from the ROC as cheap labor, as a strategic military/naval area and trade and commerce.

Currently the PRC cannot attack Taiwan unless with ICBMs or aircraft because the navy is inferior to Japan and the USA greatly.
The PRC only still brings the ROC up because of a the 50+ year policy of uniting all of China, ending the civil war.

China has been successful in negotiating and swaying the world towards China because of the New wealth successful manufacturing, but China can't use this wealth to reclaim Taiwan because at the end of the day China is also dependent on the countries they sell to.

With powerhouses like Japan and the USA having strategic use for Taiwan. China will never regain Taiwan and only be political suicide for the PRC.

Research for yourself but When the first immigrants from mainland China escaping Mao's communist forces treated the natives to Taiwan terribly. By forcing them off their land, and killing a few; even today the Native Taiwanese are treated like second class citizens on their own Island. Pretty much the same the Europe, the USA and Australia did to their native peoples.

All I'm saying I'm ambivalent to the PRC's or ROC's cause. Just like I'm to my own countries politics

17 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-01-10 20:18 ID:P4sLGWYr

I support the independence of Formosa.

18 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-01-13 00:09 ID:ixs4rYGR

I support the autonomy of Taiwan, not its independence.

19 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-01-19 14:46 ID:K6gML+zz

I support the Formosa Punch and the Tahitian Treat.


20 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-07-25 12:50 ID:Ak4jNTai

I support the independence of Taiwan.
But Ma Ying-jeou loves China and hates Japan (´・ω・`)

21 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-10-09 04:53 ID:s6+tT8qR

I support Japan reconquering Taiwan. It's a sort of compromise

22 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-10-09 18:39 ID:IgSJ4KQm

I support independence in general

23 Name: Screw China : 2009-11-21 00:08 ID:3Rve7MWC

Taiwan is already de facto independent. So... why is this poll even here.

24 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2010-03-30 10:04 ID:gX7X5A+X

Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's.
But who is Caesar? Taiwan people are.

25 Name: Someone Really cares : 2010-04-25 18:35 ID:/HFw7WXE

I think whether Taiwan is a better place or not really depends how can we make Taiwan better. How do imporve Taiwan's economy, How do imporve Taiwan's education ... May be it is easiler to be independent, may be not. I just thought may be the starting point is not always starts from whether Taiwan is part of China or not.

26 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2010-06-27 22:06 ID:Heaven

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27 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2010-08-02 15:20 ID:sozQ4Xby

I support the total destruction of the state of Texas.

28 Name: Homer : 2011-05-26 12:35 ID:lsk0JXIS

I support the independence of my youth.

29 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2011-06-01 10:54 ID:YZyBqhfj

I always thought Taiwan was independant from the very beginning.

30 Name: Sherry : 2011-09-07 03:24 ID:OKzYTXj4

I think Taiwan is part of China. And most Taiwaness think so.

31 Name: Mark : 2011-09-11 06:35 ID:xwGrD7Ka

Fucking Chinese - all you commies better get the fuck off our wonderful island of Taiwan and back into that shithole you authoritarian-enslaved, propaganda inundated fools worship.

Yes, we're a little island. Yes, we're not a world power.
So fuck off and go concern yourself with more important issues such as eating your dictator's cunt!

32 Name: Eric Koch : 2011-09-11 11:56 ID:R0MrbbPl

This is kind of problem, in each country you can find group of separatists who don't want their region to be part of country.

Right now the USA suports independence of the Taiwan, but what do you thin, will they support they own separatists? What you think USA will do if china or russia will start selling weapon to the Republic of Cherokee, completly ingoring what US goverment thinks about that? And now thinks about your own countries, would you prefer them shred to pices by everyone who wants to be on his own? or prefer buld something big and strong together?

I remember from history of china, Taiwanese and Chinese are same nation, and only difference between them is politics view of their ancestors, is that true?

33 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2011-09-13 09:50 ID:HI0qxq0U

You could honestly say that Taiwan is more closely related to Japan than it is to Mainland China. Prior to Kai-shek showing up and being handed the island, it was very much Japan-centric (it was Japanese occupied since 1874). There are elderly people in Taiwan that read and write Japanese, not Chinese. They're effectively illiterate because Chinese was reintroduced by force by what was effectively a Republican Chinese invasion.

Basically, it's a very different place than the rest of China due to the comparatively Western outlook of its Japanese rulers. It is only "Chinese" due to US policy requiring a place to keep its WWII allies out of the hands of communists.

YMMV: As usual, Japanese occupation tends to be heavy-handed and (let's say) "unappreciated" despite the "reforms" and industrialization that come along with it.

34 Name: singaporean : 2012-01-06 15:52 ID:hYHy3Dsx

taiwanese need to ask themselves whether they want to recognize their chinese race. Those who answer yes should then consider the conditions for eventual reunification with the mainland. If mainland china becomes democratic say in 100 year' time, would that be a sufficient condition? Those who answer no should consider ways to live peaceably with the chinese race. After all, the chinese race also includes people living outside china, such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Although many Singaporeans are anxious about the large influx of mainland chinese into our country, Singaporeans of chinese descent remain staunchly proud of their ancestry and has never denied that they are chinese. Even peranakans or straits-born chinese with mixed blood are proud to be counted as chinese. As a Singaporean of chinese descent, I'd like to see a peaceful reunification of taiwan and china. I know a lot of overseas chinese also do not want to see china's territory split up. However, if push came to shove, I'd support mainland China's rightful claim over Taiwan as its lawful territory. People who oppose reunification should understand that they will be treated as an enemy of not just the mainland but also patriotic chinese people living outside of china.

35 Name: InferiorityComplex3Asians : 2012-01-18 23:01 ID:glWYItX1

LOL at these 2 chin-kos going against each other...
wonder who wins
althought rest of the world doesn't give a s$it, haha.
Both are 3rd world countries anyways
might be better for China to enslave them but that might enrage another island chin-ks from Japan.
I LOVE WATCHING THESE FOBBY ASIANS (or asian americans) pretending they got some good perspectives on places like 4ch. R-etarded racist clowns.

36 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-01-31 16:51 ID:I3/F+3tW

Guys you don't have to talk shit about China while discussing Taiwan's independency. I saw someone said Taiwan is more closely related to Japan due to the Japanese occupation and hence they should do a unification with Japan. That's bullshit man, I can totally say that Japan is very related to China like 200 years ago and the truth is Taiwanese are all speaking Chinese. Many Taiwanese I met somehow tried to stress that they are more Japanese than Chineses while they don't actually speak more Japanese than I do. For those who think Chinese are barbarians, you should really spend some time out of your tiny island and take a tour in China.

BTW, I don't think USA would give a shit if PRC attack ROC. USA government only cares about USA citizens, Taiwan is merely a political tool towards PRC.

37 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-01-31 17:14 ID:I3/F+3tW

And also our country does not have a dictator! Also very surprisingly I realized most Tibetans are very happy about being Chinese when I actually went there and talked with people there. They actually like China government, way more than other Chinese do. The reason is they don't have to be slaves anymore and got their wives raped by owners, their kids eaten like a chicken or their own skull cut in half to make a bowl. And this precisely same reason make those Tibetan nobles ppl escaped and try to make Tibet independent again.

What I'm trying to say is, next time you guys want to talk shit about my country, please, do some serious research or just go there and see what's really happening instead of watching those stupid and brainless TV news. Then you are qualified to say something, or just $HUT THE F**K UP. Thank you very much!

38 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-02-10 22:01 ID:0eD0BBnH

>>34 would you support a union between Singapore and China? That's what your reasoning suggests...

39 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-03-12 11:03 ID:LjFJOWgV

>>37 This sounds totally non-biased and makes a lot of sense. The Chinese were just saving Tibetans from getting their skulls split open by their noblemen and raped! They're really the good guys here.

Somehow though this sounds like the age-old justification for one country dominating another, which boils down to "we're saving these savages from themselves". You can see this attitude as far as the contemporary histories of the ancient Roman period. The difference was back then, the country dominating was somewhat more honest about their real intentions than we are now. Now, when a stronger country or people dominates a weaker one, they have to couch all their terms in altruism, or at least pretend that they're not just doing it for the extra manpower, resources and revenue.

So if you tell me that Tibet was a daily holocaust shithole before China came in and turned it into a liveable place, you understand why I might be skeptical about that. I'm sure life there probably wasn't great and they had asshole nobles there who walked all over their people, but this sort of thing is a flimsy justification for what China's been doing. I'm not one of these "FREE TIBET" hippie fucks, but I do believe that people who have national aspirations should have a shot at them, and coming as I do from a family who has suffered as a result of such a condition I have to sympathize.

40 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-07-07 04:39 ID:qO5Bk4Ed

China is a beautiful country with cool history but i don't believe in an united country obviously Taiwan is a little bit different with more diverse people than mainland and wants to be independent and China's politicians are very agresive with everything related to Taiwan they should vote and China must respect their decitions.

I don't like the USA to be part of this but to be honest is the main factor why China don't military invade Taiwan so is a necessary evil.

Independence for Taiwan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

41 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-07-07 16:13 ID:UpP4mclx

All Mandarin speakers do not share a common culture or nation. Would we expect them to? Not all English speakers share a common culture or nation either.

Should all Spanish-speaking Latin American nations want political reunion with Spain? Should all the English-speaking nations desire political reunification with England?

42 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-07-08 04:01 ID:0l+twNRe

No way.
Usa like chin than taiwan, because money.

43 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-07-08 07:31 ID:oG+jubhm

Most Taiwan independence supporters are native assimilated aboriginals on the plain of the island, they are called "pingpoo" nationality by the early immigrants from China. However, the current government is still under the name of China(Republic of China), and also is a regime migrated from China in 1949.

The ancestors of those Taiwan independence supporters has never established a local regime of their own in the history. If they really want a nation of their own, they should overthrow the current "foreign" regime and build up a new nation of their own.

Do you guys agree US government should return the regime to American Indian people?

NO for Taiwan independence!!!

44 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-08-10 08:08 ID:ZqGGrACn

I present to you: Should Tibet be free?

45 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-09-29 02:26 ID:6RASB91X

Totally no. Y should US protect a incompetent government

46 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-10-14 17:32 ID:YeXNerI2

Fuck China. CHina is poor as shit.
The Taiwanese are better off independent than merging with a fucked up country like China.

47 Name: serif!tRiPFag/bI : 2012-10-15 23:13 ID:itEa1Nm2

China isn't poor. Their manufacturing power far surpasses the United States and militarily they could crush us. However it is true that the average Chinese citizen probably isn't very rich but the country itself is.

That being said, I would rather an independent Taiwan.

48 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-10-18 20:09 ID:jUX/+spy

Absolutely 100%

China's reasoning is that Taiwan is a rogue state within the nation of China is utterly stupid for 2 reasons:

  1. China NEVER owned Taiwan. The only way they could claim ownership of Taiwan is by going back to when China was a kingdom The People's Republic of China is about as related to the Kingdom of China as France is to Britain (once a territory of France).
  2. China has never had control over Taiwan. To be a 'rogue state' one would have to, you know, pass laws or collect taxes from said state. Ever done either? No? Then blow off China.

49 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-10-20 13:20 ID:iPXdl61O

I'm glad the Taiwan is under chinese rule. It makes electronics manufacture freaking cheap now that chinese middleclass is rising.

I'm curious about the spurious claims of "independence" coming from posters above. I thought the 'Chinese Taipei' olympics team had the proper flag.

50 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-10-27 04:24 ID:Heaven

China should be united under the ROC.

51 Name: obaman : 2013-01-21 05:37 ID:T2rn3m7O

not china& korea

52 Name: Biop : 2013-05-04 03:01 ID:DJ8yXubt

Taiwan is an independent country. Majority of people support Taiwan independence but because of bullying by Beijing, it has not been able to do so.

53 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2013-05-20 12:48 ID:v3CKlUk1

North Korea seems very very Rich!

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