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375 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-6979 04:55

No worries; I was raised with more sense than to talk about it in public.

I am liking the show as an objectively good show (bearing in mind that it's essentially a cartoon largely aimed at young girls, of course\it is refreshing to see that a show can be described this way that isn't also utterly vapid, and were I raising a daughter I would not be uncomfortable letting her watch this show so far). However, it isn't the life-changing experience that the Internet promised it would be. Subjectively, it doesn't even come close to being my favorite, because there isn't any personal meaning in it for me, and I don't really relate to any one of the characters that much.

As something of an art and media junkie though, yeah, I enjoy it. In my gloooorious, self-vaunted estimation, it isn't part of the sea of shit that Sturgeon denoted. The animation is competent rather than mind-blowing (TV show budget is like that), but it is noticeably strong on the Appeal principle. I didn't notice any flaw in the composition or framing, so while I am not a good judge of that I'd say it was a good job. I think the music could use a little work\but whatever, it's nice that they have songs once in a while (science says music is for kids' development, y'know?).

I don't know that anyone on God's beautiful Earth is rightfully hated for being a fan of something innocuous[1], though I do not deny that a good deal of fans are annoying about it in the same way that some fans can be and have been annoying about anything (considering I used to be an active participant in the Sonic and furry fandoms, I think I would know...). Bad people can be found in any tribe.

I see myself as less "fandom", more "fan", so I don't know whether to consider a brony a fan or a fandom fan for this evaluation; I'd rather sidestep that question and leave my answer thus.

[1] I'm leaving fandoms for patently disgusting things out of this picture, of course. Not really everybody agrees on what patently disgusting things are, is why. But I don't see how anyone in industrialized society besides a true jerk would find this show patently disgusting (I'm completely certain you can find that sort of jerk on Tumblr, though!).

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