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992 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7018 06:57

I don't think dqn has ever tried really hard to imitate 2channel. Here are the first 8 threads on News4VIP right now:
1: Things that make you're grateful for when you have a cold
2: Your face is disgusting, but your personality...is disgusting too wwww
3: Animal forest general chat
4: Some Koreans came to my high school yesterday
5: The scariest thing about the manga "Kindaichi Case Files"
6: I bought a motorcycle‚—‚—‚—‚—‚—
7: Somebody tried to molest me but I molested them
8: I've lost all my self-respect

If you'd rather have more of these kinds of threads, take the plunge and make them! I see DQN as a place to chill out and post whatever you want. It's elitist quality. Trends come and go here - character threads, creative collaboration (like the song threads or short nove), forum games, whatever.

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