[CYOA] Choose Your Own Adventure! [Collaborative] (126)

68 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7114 03:11

Enough of this chatroulette crap, you turn off the computer and go find your imouto.

"Let's play video games!" you suggest. Your imouto agrees, and you lead her to the bedroom.

"What are we going to do on the bed?" she asks with a pomf.

"Let's play a two-player game. You use both your hands and mouth, like this." You gather her in your arms and kiss her smooth, creamy-white forehead. You kiss her neck, flicking your tongue to caress her sensitive skin. You rub her flat chest, sliding your fingers over her two buttons.

"Now you try," you say, guiding her hand to your joystick, which she begins stroking cautiously. "Great job, just like that!" you say encouragingly.

You lift up her shirt to reveal her controls. Your mouth latches onto one nipple and your fingers rolls the other between them. Not wanting to lose, your imouto takes your ear in her mouth and slides her tongue inside.

"Let's go to the next stage," you suggest, lying her down on the bed and removing the dust cover.
You line up your joystick with her control port and tuck the tip inside the opening. Her hands grab onto your rear controls as you slide into place.

"Docking complete!" she announces. "Commence operation!" You deftly thrust your control stick in and out while continuing to interface with your imouto's upper controls with your fingers and tongue. She reciprocates. It is a dangerous game.

"Fire!" you eventually announce, shooting explosive ordinance into her base. Your sister explodes. You explode. The universe explodes.


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