[CYOA] Choose Your Own Adventure! [Collaborative] (126)

84 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7320 15:22

As a secret murdered, you have plenty of bones. You pull out one of them and toss it into the reflecting pond.

There is a low rumble and the sound of a thousand dying goats screeching miles away. The pond turns red with blood and the ripples begin to coagulate and fold over themselves in horribly gooey mess. The room is filled with deathstench.

From the depths of the reflecting blood pond an ancient horror rises slowly, blood dripping from its unspeakable multitude of horns. Its many nostrils flare and squirt dark acidic phlegm.

WHAT IS YOUR DESIRE the Blood God booms.

To request entrance to the Blood God's realm, go to >>86.
To request the Blood God's Power, go to >>87.
To purchase the Blood God's Tea Set, go to >>88.

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