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>>631 Quite a lot of people, I've read a few stories of women going to unlicensed surgeons for ass implants, and dying because they used some kind of concrete, or something. I better double-check that actually

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>Unfortunately, this one isn't fake news. Yesterday the Washington Post reported on a fake doctor who got ten years in prison for killing a woman with toxic butt injections. They're referring to the Florida case of Oneal Ron Morris, who pled no contest to manslaughter and practicing without a license. Over the course of a three-year period from 2007 to 2011, Morris injected patient Shatarka Nuby ten times with a mixture of cement, mineral oil, bathroom caulking, and Fix-a-Flat tire sealant. In 2011, the Post reports, Nuby wrote to the Florida Department of Health, stating that her buttocks had hardened and turned black. In March 2012, Nuby died; a medical examiner found the official cause of death to be respiratory failure from gmassive systemic silicone migrationh from injections in Nubyfs buttocks and hips.
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