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163 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10131 03:29

>>161 i'm well aware publishing is not the same hting as developing but if you think they're totally disjoint you're fooling yourself. i'll go quote more from the world's most accurate encyclopedia

>Bethesda commissioned a sequel.

so, again, they outsourced the development. it's not like obsidian pitched the game to bethesda and bethesda just handled distribution

>Bethesda rejected Obsidian's idea to set the game between the events of Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, but they did approve of setting the game in Las Vegas.[19][20]

so bethesda actually had substantial creative input

>Obsidian were unfamiliar with the Gamebryo engine

(because it's garbage and it's impossible to make a good game in it)

>The game had a somewhat short development cycle of 18 months.

you really think bethesda didn't have something to do with this? i bet it was in the contract. this kind of dev cycle is exactly the kind of thing i mean about financialization. they spent 18 months shitting out mediocre dungeons, making a crude overworld map of LV, and trying to patch up the engine into something usable. the only actually interesting characters/quest i can remember was the elvis impersonators. everything else was just content farm schlock

but you're right, it's beside the point, because anybody who has played both fallout 3 and new vegas can tell you they're almost exactly the same game

i disagree, these mods improve things but there's still basically no way to make an action game good when it randomly lags because the engine is shit. and there's no way to make believable / relatable characters when the faces are right in the middle of the uncanny valley. it was a fool's errand from the start

to me it's honestly the weirdest thing that other ppl dont hate it as much as i do

i hope you guys are enjoying my autism as much as i enjoy it when people argue about their weird diets on here, i really like those posts

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