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1 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10123 14:24

#1 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1213916710/
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#6 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1333279425/
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#8 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1346800288/
#9 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1353182673/
#10 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1360549149/
#11 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1367260033/
#11.5 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1367260120/
#12 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1372849946/
#13 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1368127055/
#14 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1395672319/
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#16 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1420075161/
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#24.5 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1489348442/
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701 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10165 15:58

Hi, it's me, the CEO of Wife-Beating Industries, may I interest you in some mangosteen supplements

702 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10165 17:32

500 years ago: spend big money to slaughter animals and process their skin to record religious texts and legal documents for future centuries
now: https://i.redd.it/s79dznzfj5871.jpg

703 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10165 17:45

Man, no matter how much reddit changes they will always love weed and freak about the church

704 Name: vc: stadeable : 1993-09-10165 18:56

The West has already had Stoicism for millennia and it is easier to for Westerners to swallow because its concerns are mostly secular and thus it doesn't require you to adjust your existing beliefs on the supernatural by very much. Eastern religion was given a fair shake in the 60s/70s, but largely a lot of WASPs who felt a spiritual awakening in those days decided not to be lumped in with people who smelled of patchouli and weed and switched from mainline to evangelical denominations.
But despite none of the Stoic knowledge being suppressed (and being repeatedly cribbed--often poorly and in fragments--by self-help authors), it's now easier than ever to live in a bubble, and the bubbles we live in like nothing more than to obscure the harsh truths that we need to address to have agency and fulfillment in our lives. Particularly, our lives are highly influenced by crass consumerism, which has no incentive to teach you about erasing your worldly desires.
Also, the Stoic view on suicide is not very Big Tech Padded Cell-friendly, but it's more or less how I've managed to put it off for decades.

705 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10165 19:23

The witch from sword and the stone looks like Gianna Michaels

706 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10165 21:48

i guess you don't know me but i'm basically the poster child for occupational burnout here, it's not a huge leap of faith for me to assume that it happens all the time in an industry with rampant wage theft, no benefits, high turnovers, and no sick days. but i still think most of those people are better cooks than me.
some advantages pro cooks have that i will never:

  • how many ways have a juiced a lime? exactly three. i own two juicers (one of those metal presser things and one of sharpened wooden stick things, which is far superior) and of course with my hands. there's nobody working next to me to learn a new trick from and any new equipment has to come directly out of my pocket, can't be borrowed.
  • practice with thousands of dollars of expensive ingredients
  • if i fuck up at home, it's not a big deal.
  • high turnover works two ways: the menu doesn't change at the restaurant, but people change restaurants.

the beef i have with famous restaurant books is, they're all implicitly a byproduct of the industrial process that is a restaurant kitchen. since i've never worked in a restaurant and never will, the fact that such and such recipe was adapted from an industrial process featuring e.g. a steam jacket kettle and how that would save time isn't necessarily obvious to me. it's more or less the same problem i have with cookbooks that feature "healthy" substitutions by default in all the recipes and don't mention it anywhere. i have to translate all that shit back myself.

for the restaurant books, i don't get the same economy of scale at home, my local supermarket ain't great, and there's nobody i can outsource procurement to. it goes beyond "but it's not ramp season, and i'm not in the northeast USA". the result (to me, after all the adaptations i have to make) is a 4-hour recipe (it'll take me 2 hours next time, but this is the first time) that leans very heavily on parm-regg, shallots, et cetera. my local supermarket doesn't even sell these things! like yeah i can make the trip to costco on occasion for the parm-reg but that shit takes all day and they don't sell shallots either. i have seen supermarkets in some cities that sell shallots for like $8/lb. chinese markets in those same cities that carry shallots have them for like $2/lb. i'm not paying $8/lb for a damn allium, so again it's an extra trip or i'm picking another recipe. like yeah i could just use onions but at that point why not just open up another book? in a restaurant the fresh shallots are delivered on a regular basis. they don't have to play this stupid game.

of course there's something i can learn from any cookbook (written by a competent cook), but i can learn it a lot faster from something less "world class", because i don't have to adapt it as much. examples of this type of book would be '660 curries' by iyer, 'food of taiwan' by erway, and 'home-style taiwanese cooking' by wan (it might be hard to find these kind of books for murikkkan food, but i happen to live with people from these countries and they appreciate my shenanigans). i can take those recipes and dress them up with my fancy techniques rather than working backwards.

707 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10165 21:56

fucking typos all over my post, i am sorry
-first bullet point should be 'how many ways have i juiced ...'
-second bullet, yeah i know the local sushi place isn't exactly using the choicest cuts, and ingredient prices are maybe 30% the menu prices, but in the aggregate it's still wayyyyy more money than i'm working with over here.
-third bullet, the point is that if you fuck up in a pro environment it's a big problem, so workers in that situation learn to produce consistent results. consistency is at least half of being a good cook.

and yeah, i'm not talking about the industrial food factory type of places with the sysco. 'fine dining' establishments that i'm too poor to visit, the workers there still live on streets like mine.

708 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10165 23:58

My main issue with the modern interpretation of Christianity is how the imagery has never really moved past High Renaissance art. You could say that you don't mess with perfection but I feel like it is a deliberate misinterpretation to look cool because biblical-accurate angels and heaven etc are a lot more abstract and some of it kind of creepy

709 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 00:08

happy thoughts, happy thoughts

710 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 01:59

Twitter will explode once they hear about this one

711 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 03:57

Angry Birds 2 was the best movie of 2019

712 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 04:11

that's probably why they forbade idols, graven images and praying to objects before the church openly embraced it

713 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10166 04:45

Ok I understand the discrepancy now. We have two different concepts of what it means to be "good at cooking." I was basing my interpretation mostly on the idea and quality of outcome while it seems you were leaning a bit more into the mechanics or the "cooking" itself.

Beyond that, geography looks like it's a huge source of disparity that I didn't really think about. I haven't lived anywhere in the past 15 years where shallots or various imported cheeses were a difficult or expensive find. For the last 8 years especially, all the places I've lived were at most within 20 miles of a dedicated cheese shop. And until today I never would have imagined shallots would be out of the ordinary in any part of the country since for as long as I can remember I've been getting them for pretty cheap. Though I don't quite understand your point about the restaurant books. I can't recall any recipes that haven't been adapted for home use. There may be a few sous vide recipes in some of them, or might require something uncommon in most home kitchens like a fine tamis or chinois, but I think that's as far as they go with anything you'd really consider specialized. They've all been very competently adapted in my experience. Or if I'm misinterpreting what you mean and you're saying an adapted for home version wouldn't be an authentic recreation since you're not using the types of equipment they would be using, I'd argue you're making a purer form. Their specialized equipment, e.g. steam jacketed kettle, is a workaround for not being able to do things a la minute like you would be doing at home. Sorry if I was a little vague, but I didn't mean to imply looking at places like El Bulli, Alinea, Fat Duck or other molecular gastronomy/deconstructivist/modernist type restaurants where a lot of the concepts hinge on things produced with very specialized or custom equipment. Though I do really like the Fat Duck Cookbook as a sort of culinary artbook.

Also something I tend to lose sight on is that cooking for me went beyond what an average person would see as a hobby and edging into full blown autism territory. Outside of the height of the summer heat, I usually spend a few hours most days cooking or otherwise engaged in food related activity and entire weekends with some frequency. Tomorrow night I'm going to make some Norcina sausage and some fresh pasta for dinner which I expect to take somewhere between 2-3 hours. But what else would I want to be doing with that time? I've gone as far as ordering ingredients internationally before for certain things I wanted to try. Recently I've been contacting local farms trying to get them to sell me their next year's pullet eggs (no luck yet) for a ravioli filling that won't work with adult chicken-sized yolks. Many of my other hobbies--gardening, foraging, hunting, fishing, and fermentation--were all branched out from my interest in cooking. I briefly flirted with going into the food industry in my last year of high school, finishing an occupation program offered by the school for culinary arts, before deciding against it when I found out how miserable most people in the industry were. The only person I know in the industry who is relatively happy is a guy who does part time work as personal chef. Now it's my belief that the fastest way to kill a passion is to turn it into a job.

What this all really means, though, is that you, >>707, should just stick with today's special.

714 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 05:33

The best name for # is, of course, capital 3.

715 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 06:18

Think they have (probably speed) metal concerts in hell?

716 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 09:03

>>715 Probably not, unless you really detest speed metal, in which case you get permanent front row seats

717 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 09:32

I think I would be more into ASMR if they all didn't do that annoying lip smacking thing

718 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 13:49

"Biblical-accurate angels" is a rather stupid term, the bible features multiple different groups of angels, all with radically different appearances. Most angels that show up are described as looking human.
Besides, the creepier angels still get some representation in iconography.

719 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 14:27

my hobby is sitting in front of the computer and randomly getting anxiety attacks

720 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10166 14:56

Crazy how a guy was able to successfully make walking part of his brand by just adding the word "Lindy" in front of it.

721 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 16:22


722 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 16:47

"Find a job doing something you love, and you'll work until the day you die, you stupid son of a bitch."

723 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 16:58

Everyday until you hate it!

724 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 17:33

Japanese people are still saying "I am a pen" after all these years and I don't have any idea how this came to be.

725 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 18:29

They are self actualizing penalties

726 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10166 18:42

Wow the job I want is one building over in the same complex from my current one. Wonder if I can try to convince my employer to train me on some stuff that isn't very relevant to my current position that the other company is looking for.

727 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 21:11

Wow, television is shit compared to film. Youtube series, Minecraft survival collabs, late-night throwaway current event stuff are in the top-rated lists on IMDb. No matter what you think of their programs, HBO has no competition these days.
No wonder people just re-watch Seinfeld and The Office when they want to watch light television.

728 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 21:49

Don't do that.

729 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 22:24

gin & juice is self-referential. a song about being at a party, meant to be played at parties. i wonder if it was intentional.

i can see why it popular around the same time as all these annoyingly self-referential TV shows like the simpsons and mr. show. 90s zeitgeist.

730 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 22:48

It was produced by Dr. Dre. The lyrics in most of his (singles) music are just texture to the music. It's meant to stick in your head, the sort of stuff meant to be put on a cassette and played in your shitbox car with the fun but cheap bass

731 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 23:05

         ∧_∧   ┌────────────
       ◯( ´∀` )◯ < 僕は、ペン!
        \    /  └────────────
       _/ __ \_
      (_/   \_)

732 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 23:40

yeah i'll say it sounds like we have different goals and you spend more time on it for sure.

but back to my point about the restaurant books! you may have changed my view slightly.

first, as far as i can tell the steam-jacketed kettle is not a workaround, but actually saves time because you can throw liquid in there and not worry about it scorching. so you don't have to actively baby whatever's in there, you can go work on something else while it's warming up. perhaps i misunderstand how they work; i have never seen one IRL. but more importantly, obviously the recipes in the book are written in such a way not to require such specialized equipment, but i think still they formed an integral part of the refinement of the recipe in the restaurant setting, and therefore you're getting a recipe that looks very different from what might have evolved in a home-cooking environment. it might be adapted in the obvious ways (no kettle), but it's not optimized and i have to do that optimization myself (perhaps the recipe is written such that A is prepared before B, but preparing B before A is easier in the home kitchen because keeping A warm is easier than keeping B warm. so first i have to notice that, and then second switch it).

i opened up the french laundry, per se (because i know the meaning of the phrase 'per se', i assumed this was the only french laundry book. 'per se' is such a stupid name for a restaurant. anyway tell me if i dun fucked up and the other book is better or something) and i looked at a few recipes to see if i was being a total asshole. it wasn't completely terrible. i read the section on liaisons and yeah, the usual suspects like agar, gelatin, cornstarch, found out there's another term for roux, beurre something. unfortunately nothing interesting about tapioca. but, the ratios are very informative and i might consider adding something like that to my personal cookbook someday. an interesting fried eggplant; some salmon aspic thing that i have absolutely no interest in.

anyway, i found an interesting recipe about 2-1-1 little onion pickles. but it requires a chamber vacuum sealer. well, to be clear it says this is optional, but it is clearly the most interesting part of the recipe. vacuum-sealing the pickles makes them crisper. this is interesting, i'd like to try it, and i probably will try it someday, but it's gonna cost me $600 and i'll have to reorganize half my kitchen to fit a vacuum sealer in it. that's not too much money for me to consider, but unlike a stainless saucier, a vacuum sealer might break someday, so not at the top of the list either.

contrast: from the iyer book, lime pickles! and all you need is a glass jar, salt, spices, sun, and mustard oil. (canola a reasonable substitution if i'm scared of mustard oil). lime pickles??? that's pretty fascinating i'd like to try it. asked my buddy and he says yeah it's a pretty common thing in india. and i can do that one tomorrow if i want. life is unfortunately all about opportunity cost and i can try three recipes of this type in the time it takes to do one recipe from keller's. maybe when i move apartments and get a vacuum sealer set up it will be different, but until then. (i do have a sous-vide circulator from ebay, incidentally)

i keep forgetting words recently, "little onion" pickles. i think you know what i mean. the word for the wooden stick lime juicer is "reamer", god damn that was annoying to forget

>>730 i tend to think of the chronic as a pretty angry album in contrast with doggystyle which is all about partying, but you're kinda right, 'let me ride' is self-referential and that was on the chronic. a song about riding in your car to play while riding in your car. for contrast, 'nuthin but a g thang', not self-referential, just braggadocio. all great songs tho

733 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 23:46

The Simpsons isn't even that bad compared to how meta a lot of comedy is. Stuff like Sonic Boom which is well-liked is so self-referential and meta it is hard to buy into it as fiction when it tries to have an actual narrative, but perhaps the utmost goal of a pure comedy is to get a laugh and everything else is a far second.

734 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 23:48

Freddy Got Fingered should have become an "Adult Swim Original Movie"

735 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10166 23:57

Girls who wear hi-top sneakers are adorable!

736 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10167 02:59

I think with that sort of equipment, it's to do things like replace a staff member standing over a pot who could be doing something more productive. A workaround to paying for extra labor. Just automate the mindless tasks to get better use out of the staff. The way the French Laundry book has recipes laid out is the order the components can be made before you bring the full thing together. I recently did the scallops with asparagus puree and morels as a course for a dinner guest we had over and it was pretty easy to finish up after prepping the components earlier in the day. Though it was my second or third time making it, so there was a bit of memory and practice involved. Still the recipes have been very coherently presented where I haven't felt overwhelmed even on a first time.

Yeah I was actually talking about The French Laundry Cookbook, not The French Laundry, Per Se. I haven't looked through the Per Se book before. I never come across it used at thrift stores or library book sales for some reason (where French Laundry and Ad Hoc At Home tend to be somewhat common) and wasn't interested enough to download it off libgen, so I'm not sure what the contents really are and how they differ with The French Laundry Cookbook.

For the pickles I'd think you could use a regular suction type vacuum sealer with similar result. I picked one up years ago at an Aldi for $30 or $40 with a big roll of the bag, and it's been pretty good and lasted for a few years with no issue yet. And the footprint is very small. Mine is about 1.5 feet by 7 inches or so. I use it frequently for freezing large quantities of cubed and portioned beef/pork to use for grinding when there's a good deal on roasts. It's pretty good for sous vide too since you mentioned it, but I usually use jars (for weekly yogurt or some custard/dessert type things) or zipper bags. I only really use the vacuum sealer for sous vide if it's something in a flavorful liquid or something that tends to float. But back to the onion pickles. An alternate method you could try is with a whipping siphon and N2O cartridges. Here you'd be pressurizing it instead to similar effect. Just don't use CO2 carts unless you want to carbonate your onions. Though that might actually be pretty cool for some applications like a nice summer salad opposite to some fruits. Overall I find my whipping siphon pretty useful if you're thinking about getting one. Mostly I use it for carbonating doogh which is a drink made from diluted tart yogurt commonly seasoned with mint and salt. A lighter, carbonated version with some ice is really nice in the summer and early fall while a thicker, still version is nice in colder months.

Also I'm assuming you're were talking about beurre manie. If what you're referring to is an uncooked butter-flour clump you throw into a relatively large volume of liquid. There is also beurre monte which is heavily used in The French Laundry Cookbook. Not sure about the Per Se one. It's just butter that slowly melted with some water and constant agitation to prevent it from separating. Though it's not really a thickener, it's used a lot in the book to provide body to various things.

737 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10167 03:42

yeah beurre manie was probly it.

that's another beef (i will specify at this time that this pun in intended) i have. mise orders in most books seem to be the standardized on the principle you describe, in order that the ingredients are used. i prefer it the "major" ingredients appear first, and this takes priority over prep order for me. ingredient lists should be minimally detailed and ordered with un-substitutable ingredients first so that i can quickly check if i have that shit in my fridge or can get it all from the store i'm about to go to. for me this doesn't substantially affect prep time because if i can't mise the entire recipe out on my countertop at once, i'm not cooking it, period. it's just sad to me that there's seemingly no room for experimentation like this, because my refusal to cook anything larger than my countertop is probably common to a lot of home cooks.

i think i'm autistic but my autism is a neurotic all-consuming hatred for diminishing returns. i will only ever make a recipe to 95% of what's in a fancy cookbook, when the last 5% takes half the time and i can spend that time making some other recipe to 95% instead. an example from french laundry per se would be dissolving salt in the cold water for shocking vegetables after blanching. i truly believe that will make a difference in final flavor, but there's no way that's worth the time it takes to me. honestly you can shock blanched veggies in water straight out the tap, no ice (especially in winter), and it does 90% of the job of ice water.

anyway you might try kala namak with that yogurt drink u got there. i like it but i can imagine the taste might turn some ppl off. interesting to hear about the nitrous but i might not need an new excuse to keep that in my house LoL

738 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10167 18:14

popcorn and beverly hills cop

739 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10167 22:28

I'm never going to be happy, I'm just going to suffer for the rest of my life.

740 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10167 23:00

Happiness is a choice

741 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10167 23:58

It's all fun and games until somebody shits their fucking pants.

742 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10168 00:22

I've had 2 big chunks of kala namak in my pantry for probably the better part of 5 years now. I still probably won't use it for this though. I don't think adding an eggy flavor will be very pleasant in the hot summer. I'll try it in the winter with the thicker version though.

743 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 00:45

>>741 I was just thinking earlier how funny it would be to go to some faraway town I'll never return to, then go to the supermarket and shit myself and just wander around

744 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 01:59

>>742 the same could be said for yoghurt but in india they're steady drinking exactly the thing you described with kala namak all the damn year

also, you're not getting any better flavour from solid than ground when it's kala namak, get the ground stuff

745 Name: vc: the : 1993-09-10168 02:15

Why do women think vulgarity is cool

746 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 04:45

Ancient pagan kid: "Mom, can we make a sacrifice to the Goddess at the Temple?"
Mom: "We have Goddess at home."
Goddess at home: *be comically misshapen idol of some lame hearth deity with no mythology*

747 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 07:13

God, I wish I was a Heian aristocrat and could rape beautiful and sexy Japanese girls in an act of cool romance, stealing their virginity and impregnating them under the roof of their traditionally built homes.
Life is cruel, and this is not the reality for me in what is certainly an unfortunate circumstance.

748 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 09:19

Kindly consider getting a therapist instead of taking your virginity hangups out on us...

749 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 09:37

Mr blobby penis

750 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 09:52

Anal sex isn't brought up enough in those "how to have a good sex life with a small penis" things

751 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 13:44

But what if you (note I said YOU!) have both a small penis, and a tiny and well-hidden prostate? What then, smart guy?

752 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 17:56

Be a man: use your hand.
Want to beat it? Then you eat it.

753 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 18:01

The most shocking thing about quitting cigarettes is realizing how badly your tastebuds have been damaged over the years. Suddenly everything becomes so much more flavorful that you genuinely can't believe the same food you've always been eating has never tasted like that.

754 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 20:01

My sister was watching this video on how "aesthetics" are racist and "fatphobic" and her argument about body shaming and racism intersecting was based on a book that she admitted in the video she didn't read. It was weird and I also find it kind of racist itself that people are trying to compare being born black with being fat, something you can and should change.

755 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 20:02

It's why I quit smoking too

756 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 20:03


>Japanese history/culture and car culture

the car culture bit feels really tacked on

757 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 20:53

I think fat acceptance is suspect in the sense that fatness becoming endemic is actually a recent phenomenon. I also think the "just diet and exercise" reaction to fat acceptance is equally as suspect for the same reasons though. I do think that people can individually change their lifestyle and become healthy, but I also think that the way fatness has spread, particularly in the poorest states should be evidence enough that it's also an environmental issue and the result of shit policies.

758 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 21:18

Yes, but comparing it to race is silly.

759 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 21:24

>>751 lose some weight and stop jacking it so much

760 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 22:16

I hate to be reductionist, because it's way more than just a couple shit policies, but culture also plays a role. McDonalds makes a tasty combo meal and can advertise on TV as sexily as it wants, but there might be some barriers to the beef industry showing, like, a bunch of keto-carnivore dieters and stating simple facts about their weight loss and improved health.

761 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 22:33

I read a book today!

762 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 22:33

I think the keto thing is weight loss simply because the people stop snacking on things like chips/crisps

763 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10168 22:37

You know, 1993 was a very strange year indeed. And it was a disturbing year, too.

764 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 00:58


765 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 03:00

Is it shallow that even though my friends are telling me I would enjoy this new movie I refuse to watch it because of how awful the company that makes it is

766 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 08:42

I used to tell myself that the ride never ends.

Now I have realized that the ride has already ended.

767 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 08:52

Oh, the ride hasn't even begun!

768 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 09:26

My niece wants to major in English. She has realistic expectations about job opportunities but for some reason I feel very bad about not talking her out of this.

769 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 11:21

>>765 Hmmm I think it's the opposite of shallow, to deny yourself something good based on your principles

770 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 18:51

Yay, finally succeeded in installing a mosquito net in my fucked up window... I should have done this two years ago...

771 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 20:11

The only English she'll need to know is "Will there be fries with that?"

772 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 21:29

Lance ain't a common name nowadays but in the middle ages people were named Lancelot

773 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 21:47

you'll never understand how shocked i was when i found out all the characters in "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" were actual people, i saw someone mention tony hawk and post a video and i was like holy shit and if you dig deeper into the rabbit hole you'll find out that Bob Burnquist and Geoff Rowley are actual people with Wikipedia articles too

774 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 22:52

>>773 The real-life Officer Dick made me "assume the position" 😛😚

775 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 22:54

Go into doggy submission...

captcha: That's pep!

776 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 23:24

P-Rod ruined my marriage

777 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10169 23:58

some days i worry that i am only ever a nuisance to other people

other days i worry that i enjoy it too much

778 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10170 00:27

One time a girl took me back to her place, and we were sitting in her room and she was showing me some of her things, and she said "Hey check this out" and pulled out a bit of red cloth attached to a stick. I just smiled at her but in my head I was thinking "that's a red flag"

779 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10170 10:44

i can understand written and spoken japanese just fine but the only way i'm capable of speaking is like an anime maid, i'm also a 6'4 290lb weightlifter with a beard and a 325lb snatch so it fucks people up

780 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10170 10:56

i regret to inform you that the bleggs have discovered future bass

781 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10170 11:06

>Blegg is a slang term used to refer to a burger with blue cheese and an egg. The phrase is in common use in Sheffield and came from Relish restaurant. I'll have a Blegg please. Yes, a burger with blue cheese and an egg.

782 Name: Succus!kQKISuccus!!Q6gdySll : 1993-09-10170 13:54

Coming from a Relish restaurant veteran such as myself, the latest trend among us vets is this, a Blegg.
That's right, a burger with blue cheese and an egg. This is Sheffield 's way of eating.
However, if you order this then there is danger that you'll be marked by the employees from next time on; it's a double-edged sword.
I can't recommend it to amateurs.
What this all really means, though, is that you, >>780, should just stick with future bass.

783 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10170 14:14

Thinking about that dude that put the meatball in his mouth but it was too hot, so he tried to blow on it inside his mouth but just spat it onto his shirt

784 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10170 19:51

It's not about flavor, but control over particle size

785 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 05:07

A large number of people in Latvia are downloading Shrek movies. I wonder if the character is popular there or if a group of people doing a syncwatch or something

786 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 08:24

A large number of people in Latvia are wrestling imported alligators sexually

787 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 09:35

A large number of people in Latvia are cute girls

788 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 09:40

She ain't gonna sit on your face, king.

789 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 10:08

What do you mean "why are you sitting alone?"

Because you're all a bunch of twats that's fucking why! Let me have lunch in peace, Christ.

790 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 10:21

Even if you disliked most of the student body, you should have been able to find some non-twats to sit with

791 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 12:02

I am at work. There's maybe 20 people here, two thirds of which would rather be speaking a language I don't. So the choices are limited.

792 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 12:40

Finished Omori. Sad.

793 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 15:43

Porn star name, or nom d'cum

794 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 19:43

help, imagining doing things is much better than actually doing them

795 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 21:56

This is the third thunderstorm this summer! Good things coming this way!

796 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10171 22:55

(meme of the guy explaining something uncomfortably close to a girl)
you see, there was this japanese baseball player with financial issues...

797 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10172 01:32

Every photo of Donald Fagen is either him passionately screaming into a microphone or pouting indignantly at the camera

798 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10172 04:09

>I will be donating the entirety of this site's revenue to The Southern Poverty Law Center

glad i use adblock, lol

799 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10172 05:19

i don't understand how there are atheists in fictional settings where you can literally pray to the gods to bring someone back to life or heal wounds and it works, that always seemed like a dumb trope to me

800 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10172 06:28

Vice magazine would have you believe that all girls are into pegging but they very much are not.

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