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707 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10165 21:56

fucking typos all over my post, i am sorry
-first bullet point should be 'how many ways have i juiced ...'
-second bullet, yeah i know the local sushi place isn't exactly using the choicest cuts, and ingredient prices are maybe 30% the menu prices, but in the aggregate it's still wayyyyy more money than i'm working with over here.
-third bullet, the point is that if you fuck up in a pro environment it's a big problem, so workers in that situation learn to produce consistent results. consistency is at least half of being a good cook.

and yeah, i'm not talking about the industrial food factory type of places with the sysco. 'fine dining' establishments that i'm too poor to visit, the workers there still live on streets like mine.

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