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210 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10133 22:47

I met a couple people who said they were experiencing it back when it was the hot new mental disorder that all the cool kids had. I have a couple of thoughts, but they mostly boil down to those people putting way, way too much emphasis on signals from the rest of society. It's as if throughout their entire life they'd been taking their As and trophies and stuff seriously and expecting their life would be like a TV show. Now finally they were expected to provide results, everyone was too busy to hold their hand, but there's nothing external to blame it on because, after all, they were never denied anything. Some of them were bad, some of them were just bad at knowing whether they were bad or not.

It would have been amusing to watch them try to contort "I wasn't rejected, everyone is friendly and helpful, and I'm treated as if I'm competent" into racism/sexism/*-ism by way of mental illness if it weren't so depressing.

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