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577 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10158 08:18

Reading about North Korea is so bizarre these days. A lot of information is conflicting about it to the point where I wonder if journalists just make up shit about the country.
A lot of articles are highly critical, but there's also a lot of implication that he is doing a better job than his father, which is true considering that he has been openly demanding towards his own administration and his subordinates. A lot of people point towards the "cultural revolution" and tourism in the DPRK towards a larger philosophical change but knowing communists many of these things are probably just photo-ops for journalists, especially since many of the publications cited are Chinese.
Regardless, if these articles are true, North Korea sounds more like a closed Bhutan than the military state it used to be reported as.
I don't know, the truth about a closed country is probably somewhere in the middle, like most things.

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