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412 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10272 15:06

Anyone else here sympathetic to Shii, but wishes world2ch.org had won?

Theirs was a truly ineffective government that took a people on its knees from a depression and turned it into a military, technological and cultural powerhouse within the space of a few years.

It was a social experiment in the way that many similar textboards are. SAoVQ was an experiment in VIPPERs and QUALITY. 6ch was an experiment in abusing timeless XSS. world2ch.org was the grandest experiment of them all: a rejection of the gentle side of man and a wholehearted pursuit of our more teutonic side: The glorification of the strong, the self-sufficient, and the dominant. It was to be the beginning of a bolder and more uncompromising online culture that would bring discipline where before there was only coddling; that would harden the soft, and that would not be afraid to say that equality means equal opportunities, not that all men regardless of strength or posting skill are inherently equal to one another. It was a call out to all men to transcend their passive, mediocre existances and aspire to become the heroic and unstoppable species that anonymous posters always had the potential to become.

World2ch.org was the combined hopes, dreams and ambitions of all who dared to dominate; but in the end, these dreams were quashed by weak, subversive men who would rather hold their superiors back rather than attempt to catch up.

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