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76 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10249 21:36

denpa purist:
denpa has to be japanese, and have at least some typically agreed-upon features of denpa (mismatch between lyrics & melody[eg dark lyrics but upbeat instrumentals], strange time signature, repetitive chorus, gets stuck in your head) and they have to be unintentional (eg the artist wasn't specifically trying to create a "denpa song).
example: "kaerimichi" is denpa

denpa descriptivist:
denpa has to be japanese, have typically agreed-upon denpa features, but they can be intentional (done with the specific purpose of making a "denpa song")
example: nanahira is denpa

denpa liberalist:
denpa should be based on or inspired by japanese media, may or may not be intentional, and should possess at least a few agreed-upon denpa features.
example: goreshit is denpa

denpa anarchist:
denpa just needs to be weird and catchy, and maybe possess at least one "agreed-upon feature".
example: death grips is denpa

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