[DQN] DQN DIGITAL VOL. 3 [Music] (5)

1 Name: Compiler-kun!!xp0BcDJf : 1993-09-10972 17:59

The time has come for DQN DIGITAL VOL. 3! All are welcome to participate. Any genre or style is accepted, any length, the only requirement is your music must be cpm pt`khsxI

Volumes 1 and 2 can be found here: https://viptronic.org/dqn/

If you need inspiration, there are songs we wrote together which have yet to be set to music - check the gLyrics of future hitsh section near the bottom of the sidebar on the right: http://tanasinn.info/wiki/DQN_DIGITAL_VOL_2

Artwork is also welcome for the front cover etc. so if music isn't your forté, don't feel left out. But do feel!

Send your tracks and artwork to dqndigital (at) proton.me when you're happy with them, and a deadline will be set later to collect everything, like last time.

Thank you! Have fun!

2 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10973 10:22

Hell yeah, I can't wait 2GET to work on my submission!

3 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10975 11:25

I'm tempted to create some sort of completely unlistenable xenharmonic atrocity!
Hope everyone else makes good submissions to balance out my work!

4 Name: Compiler-kun!!xp0BcDJf : 1993-09-10976 12:44

>>3 It would be very welcome, Kokorolich's gFIND THEM KILL THEM SKIN THEM EAT THEMh from DQN Electronics Vol. 7 is one of my personal faves!

5 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10977 06:32

we coming out of retirement my nibbas

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