Pet food (6)

1 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-11-24 23:45 ID:xwp1CfiH

Is it reall all that necessary to feed a dog/cat pet food to keep it healthy? I remember back in the old country almost no one bought dog food and just fed them unseasoned foods like boiled yams or scraps of meat.

2 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-11-27 05:18 ID:Heaven

I think the hobbies board might be a good place to talk about pets.

3 Name: 1 2005-12-02 07:08 ID:Heaven

Now that I know about the hobbies board, I agree.

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5 Name: Nanoviper : 2007-02-02 23:52 ID:sgbR1VM8

yeah lols we just feed my dogs Whats going bad and my oldest dog is about 14 y.o.(in human years)and is in relitively good health

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