[Game] 『One Interesting Fact About Yourself』 [Pleasant Fun] (88)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-18 14:40 ID:OrJMIBVa

Be honest!

I've lived in Canada, Spain, England, and Kuwait in my life.

What's one interesting fact about you?

39 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-05 19:08 ID:dgdGPTU2

I'm an alcoholic who's successfully balancing work and drinking.

But I'm drinking more and more as time goes by ;_;

40 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-06 01:31 ID:ARgkQO7M


I can relate.

41 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-06 01:35 ID:sM6yz+kM


I can relate.

42 Name: Newoz : 2007-03-06 03:37 ID:Iupwomrl

When I daydream, my thoughts become so continuous. And when I come back to life, I wonder why I was thinking such things, and look back at the long chains of thoughts hoping to find a reason of why I thought for so long ._.

I like to be different. I become hyperactive in cold weather when I run, and people look at me strange. I sometimes become grafophilic. And sometimes I think outloud. And write and yell at people in japanese.

43 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-12 10:56 ID:X+XTpIT9

I can relate. I keep talking in Japanese and not realising it. Then I wonder why people don't understand me x_X What's grafophilic?

44 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-13 02:03 ID:sdihfL2h

I got in one lil fight and my mom got scared She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.' I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror If anything I can say that this cab was rare But I thought 'Man forget it' - 'Yo homes to Bel-Air' I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo holmes smell ya later' I looked at my kingdom I was finally there To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel-Air

45 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-13 02:30 ID:Heaven

My grandmother has breast implants.

46 Name: Visual Kei : 2007-03-13 04:50 ID:+DHUv1lf

I open normal english books backwards

47 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-13 07:41 ID:hNH3nxUW

I can relate. I've done that a few times, and have even started reading some American comics (like the online Heroes ones) right to left. Only noticed after trying to figure out why a lot of the transitions didn't make sense.

48 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-13 09:57 ID:usCpFE/X

same here

i like to do most my posting in class time

49 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-13 13:56 ID:GGoUvXhZ


Hah, I like to do my posting during work.

50 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-14 03:48 ID:oqrOHhr1

I'm 22 and my grandma is 31 (not biological, but my grandfather's ?th/nd wife).

51 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-14 04:45 ID:6xplmQ/v

A nurse I once knew gave me the bronze medal to a marathon she ran. If I remember correctly, a marathon held in London and sponsored by a margarine company.

52 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-15 02:17 ID:iThm1yl9

I've been working on developing my own language.

53 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-15 03:15 ID:cacjBMkf

Every scar I have is on the left side of my body.

Is that unique or interesting? :(

54 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-15 09:13 ID:GGoUvXhZ


Very! Are you left handed?

55 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-15 17:46 ID:wvjjn07J

Not all my scars, but a good 95% of my hits to the head and 100% of those who left a scar on my head are on the right side. And I am left-handed.

56 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-17 12:48 ID:wZxbRO94

Is she a GILF?

57 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-18 03:20 ID:aEITLs7O

i prefer to take shits completely nude and not touching the toilet whatsoever.

58 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-18 08:37 ID:Heaven

Oddly enough, I always preferred to defecate completely naked. It I was out in public, I usually ended up at least taking my shirt off.

...not sure if I still do that, though. O_o

59 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-18 19:14 ID:Heaven

What? You're not sure? When is the last time you defecated?!

60 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-19 02:27 ID:Heaven

A few minutes ago. Oddly enough, I put my book down, and suddenly thought "Oh yeah, it looks like I still do defecate naked."

I guess both defecating naked is so automatic to me now that I don't even take note of it.

61 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-19 09:33 ID:yzF6B1F7

I have this tiny bit missing from my left ear. It's like someone took a bite at it at birth.

You won't notice it though, unless you know what to look for.

62 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-19 12:48 ID:GGoUvXhZ


Is it at the top area? Like, on the outside curve right at the top? Because both of my ears kind of go bumpy there, like someone's taken a chomp out of them.

I also have a very miniscule chip in one of my teeth. You can't see it at all unless it's pointed out, but I can feel it. I got it when I bit down on a fork. =(

63 Name: >>61 : 2007-03-19 18:04 ID:yzF6B1F7


Neat, that's exactly where it is. :)

64 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-20 14:30 ID:EHv82BYO

My little sister is going to be 17 when she's getting married. She didn't get knocked up btw. This her and her boyfriend's choice. They met over the internet. We're from the US and he's from the UK. He's really cool. Meanwhile I haven't had and physical contact with the opposite sex at all.

65 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-20 14:30 ID:EHv82BYO

I'll be 19 by then by the way.

66 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-22 22:04 ID:m+rJCI5y

Is having a twin something interesting?
I love the stupid questions people ask us knowing that we're twins.
Are you two the same age?
You share a birthday right?
You'd think people were smarter but I've been asked those two a disturbing amount of times.
Silly little pukes.

67 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-23 09:15 ID:GGoUvXhZ

>>66 Does your twin visit 4-ch?

Are you males or females?

68 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-23 12:58 ID:h48Nl/p6

Females and she doesn't visit too often. If she does, it's mostly to peruse the AA Bar.

69 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-23 19:04 ID:Heaven

>>68 who cares.

70 Post deleted.

71 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-12 21:50 ID:8bXKtInN

I get pretty sizable wads of bellybutton lint built up in there sometimes. Not sure how it happens though.

72 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-14 19:45 ID:EZgbeeue

I'm that quiet, kind, beautiful genius whom you would never guess is an absolute monster.

73 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-16 07:01 ID:MQTY9T6g

I am reasonably fluent in three languages, but get really shitty grades in language tests. How will I ever get a translator job?

74 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-20 17:35 ID:RDYZ0pfx

I am thousands of miles away from the one thing I want but cannot have. Even though we're not together anymore and haven't been for a while, I still turn down dates because of this stupid person.

75 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-20 20:20 ID:xMoEnGAj

I am mortally afraid of farting during sex.

76 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-29 19:44 ID:zQ4SwBbz

My room smells funky. I wonder if I smell funky too.

77 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-30 04:42 ID:cEXd1IWM

I thought I was physically deformed and so doomed to a solitary existence until I was 25 years old, when a girl told me I was "gorgeous". As well, she also said: "before I met you, I thought I was gay".
I still think I'm doomed, though.

78 Name: Anonymous : 2011-01-18 01:48 ID:mU1PrFo3

i broke my eleventh finger during sex. i heard a pop. no pain so i thought my hip popped so i kept going and finished. a week later i noted that it now tends to pull the the right a little when erect.

79 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-26 20:48 ID:+Yl8ZnLA

I haven't revealed it to anyone I know, my darkest secret is that I am Japanese Old Boy.

80 Name: eizi 42th : 2013-10-26 22:23 ID:ggkTiNn3

>>79 I am Japanese Old Boy

sorry little english...

I like american Boy

and I like Mr.Anonymous Boy...

81 Name: eizi 42th : 2013-10-28 07:43 ID:ggkTiNn3


look to youtube pleas (^_^)

82 Name: Anonymous : 2013-11-02 14:36 ID:uPSS3YDg

According to my last two girlfriends I'm a god in ed. But I don't enjoy sex at all. I just do it for the after cuddlings.

83 Name: Anonymous : 2013-11-04 17:08 ID:DcviZD0S

I want to give sexual pleasure to men as a woman
But I am too coward to actually change my gender

84 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-02 12:32 ID:g8OvCnkn

I ride the bus everyday. Sometimes, I see this girl stranger wearing a purple uniform everyday. I had a crush on her. One time I manned up and introduced myself to her. She just sorta looked at me weird and I felt like a complete creep. I still see her sometimes, but we just pretend we can't see each other.

85 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-05 10:56 ID:BXRfTU5z

That's amazing that you actually managed to say something. I don't think I would ever be able to do that.

86 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-10 14:37 ID:XC9OTe04

I am the reincarnation of Atrax Morgue

87 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-11 18:29 ID:Cb7YZIBP

Everything I touch turns to skittles.

88 Name: Anonymous : 2014-03-17 16:17 ID:4YNlIE9u

I have schizoid personality disorder and hate all social interaction.

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