Girls with tattoos are Disgusting right? (219)

135 Name: Anonymous : 2009-09-28 20:36 ID:20qqJ+vl

I`m a girl and I do have a tear drop tattoo on my right eye(in the corner of the eye) because I've really killed somebody.I've killed a guy,and I get away with it,I mean they never find who's the killer of that guy.And because of that I didn't pay for what I've done,I didn't pay for taking his life.And my second tattoo that I have it's on my foot(close to my heel from my left foot)it's a heart with a sed face and eyes with tears driping from them,and around the heart the words:I'm sorry for what I've done JOSEPH.Buy the way I forgat to mention that the guy's name htat I've killed it's Joseph.

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