Would you rather all users post as "Anonymous" OR allow them to post using Tripcode names? (36)

1 Name: Anonymous Dev. : 2021-01-21 07:09 ID:Ww0ZzVoZ

Just curious as I am re-writing my own personal from-scratch Anonymous forum and am stuck on the decision if users should all post as the infamous "Anonymous" user or allow them to create their own unique name that will be used with a Tripcode.

Some could say why not both and I somewhat agree because sometimes you have a lot to say but have input restrictions forcing users to post multiple times. In those cases, allowing the user to have a temporary reserved name gives validity to their posts; they're still Anonymous unless they're stupid and put their real name.


2 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-21 10:15 ID:q62e+E7Q

Tripcodes, names and ''personal IDs'' are all awful in image/textboards.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-21 13:40 ID:ofOaLiAm

Trip-codes can be helpful in a variety of situations, I would not discount them so quickly.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-21 16:09 ID:wt+7oxEd

It's up to you really as you are likely to be also the person running the software. If you intent to share it with others, add a config switch that turns tripcodes off.

5 Name: Anonymous Dev. : 2021-01-21 16:52 ID:4oR7nKeo


>Tripcodes, names and ''personal IDs'' are all awful in image/textboards.

Care to provide an argument as to why you feel that way? Just curious.


I figured I can allow both to satisfy both types of users. The user can either use a tripcode name(name#pass) or they can just leave it blank and it will default to display "Anonymous"; no harm no foul.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-21 20:51 ID:ljxIRjuu

Of course allow them, forced anonymous was always retarded

7 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-21 23:16 ID:xBe3/Xc5

Sometimes they're useful to have. You can always deal with problem users in other ways.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-22 01:05 ID:ofOaLiAm

If your community is small enough, anonymity is pointless. After a while, longtime users will start to recognize each other anyway by Writing style or gimmick or whatever.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-22 01:52 ID:8Op/yggw

The long standing myth was that names and tripcodes give rise to personalities, which in turn transform anonymous forums into generic ones where posters define themselves by who they are instead of being participants in a colorless mass where everyone is on equal footing. Recent developments have proven this claim to be total bullshit, unfortunately. Anonymity is as much prone to personalities and quirks as any other community.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-22 10:26 ID:q62e+E7Q

I don't really have an argument for it and I should have just added ''in my opinion'' to my post because that's simply the way I feel regarding people that for some reason or another want or need to stand out in anonymous website.

I do agree that in theory a function like that could be useful but I already know that in practice is going to misused to hell and back.

>Recent developments have proven this claim to be total bullshit, unfortunately. Anonymity is as much prone to personalities and quirks as any other community.

Recent developments like what?

11 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-22 14:43 ID:8Op/yggw


>Recent developments like what?

Specialized anonymous circl- communities on the niche side where posters know each other despite anonymity, and on the bigger side individual anonymous posters that post like they still have an identity attached despite their anonymity. They've existed before but in the past 6 years or so they've become especially apparent, I can only assume due the increase and spread of traffic on the internet. The old mantra that "tripfagging kills anonimity" is something that needs to be reconsidered as obsolete. Esp considering you can filter socialite tripfags but can't do the same with socialite anons.

12 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-22 17:19 ID:q62e+E7Q

Huh, I even experienced what you're describing but I think I get what you mean.
It's people with names on their private circles posting in anonymous sites like they still had their usernames on.

>The old mantra that "tripfagging kills anonimity"

I'm pretty sure the mantra actually is ''tripcodes and the like attract the most insufferable bastards''.

13 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-22 17:46 ID:ljxIRjuu


>''tripcodes and the like attract the most insufferable bastards''.

It's probably just that people notice how insufferable people are when they tripfag, whereas anonimity hides how insufferable the average poster usually is

14 Name: Anonymous Dev. : 2021-01-22 21:31 ID:Ww0ZzVoZ


We could go back-and-forth all day everyday on this topic/issue.

Let's think about it this way....

The term "Anonymous" is too general of a term and when used can create confusion. Anonymous can be broken down into two sub-categories:

  • Pseudo-Anonymous - when you are given a false sensation that you are anonymous which is more just playing with your emotions.
  • Truly Anonymous - when you are anonymous in its truest form where absolutely no information is collected or stored about you.

With today's technology it's virtually impossible for Truly Anonymous websites to even exist because most hardware components store/collect some type of digital information about you and has the ability to use it against you if needed.

When textboards / imageboards first started out in the 1990's they were considered Truly Anonymous because so many people used them which made it almost impossible to identify any one person based on their writing style semantics / characteristics. (note I said "almost impossible" but not "impossible" because someone with enough time, input, and smarts could do it....like.... Artificial Intelligence)

>>8 says it best:

>If your community is small enough, anonymity is pointless. After a while, longtime users will start to recognize each other anyway by Writing style or gimmick or whatever.

In other words, with a small enough group of users you could study the language semantics of each users' content and start connecting dots of who wrote what even if they all posted under the name Anonymous.

Most websites now days like https://www.reddit.com/ and https://news.ycombinator.com/ (Hacker News) are considered Pseudo-Anonymous because they give you the false sense of anonymity on the surface, but behind the scenes they collect your Internet address in case they have to use it against you in the form of disciplinary action.

In closing....

We're all fucked because A.I. has the ability to identify us by our writing styles regardless of which anonymity category we fall under.

Stay safe....

15 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-22 23:31 ID:AzL8GFbD

Okay; slightly crazy idea here, but since >>14 brought up writing styles, what about using the board software to randomize writing style to a degree?

not to an obnoxious extent just subtly alter capitalization and punctuation and possibly things like linebreaking and line spacing habits to obscure characteristic individual writing styles

I am trying to do it manually in this post. It probably wouldn't solve the problem entirely but it might reduce it and make it harder for cliques to develop in the first place

16 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-23 11:28 ID:FhsBy9Jb


>hides how insufferable the average poster usually is

Good. That's enough for me

17 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-24 04:29 ID:JAbs/QcI

>Would you rather all users post as "Anonymous" OR allow them to spread aids?


18 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-24 11:05 ID:ofOaLiAm


>randomize writing style

don't roll your own crypto dude. Instead standardize one writing style and have everyone conform to it.

19 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-25 01:13 ID:+RUrcjJ6

I wrote a textboard just recently and I implemented futaba style trips. It's one of those features that even if I wouldn't use, it just feels weird not having. As if the software would be inadequate without it. I look at textboards where there's not even an option of putting in a name and it's just lazy in my opinion, even if in practice most people post anonymously.

Anyway, don't force one or the other. All memorable textboards have been flexible regarding that feature.

20 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-25 04:14 ID:ljxIRjuu

The best thing you can do to keep yourself truly anonymous is to keep switching between multiple posting styles and incorporate the posting styles of others.
Or you could also not care.

21 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-25 05:00 ID:d+65MC35

pork semen

22 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-25 09:13 ID:AzL8GFbD

Brilliant insight. You can also stay truly anonymous if you only post retarded nonsense like "pork semen" in every thread (but not the same retarded nonsense and not every thread at once.)

23 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-25 12:48 ID:Heaven

don' think this one has been posted anywhere else except here and the current thoughts thread

24 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-25 18:47 ID:Heaven

Is pork semen a variation on the old lounge meme pork soda?

25 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-26 01:28 ID:+RUrcjJ6

frosted butts

26 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-28 10:26 ID:Heaven

BRB, I'm working on an AI-powered English text stylometer and diction formatter.

27 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-30 23:34 ID:UXZmnOdN

pork semen meter

28 Name: Anonymous : 2021-02-02 01:03 ID:ljxIRjuu

I miss when imageboards were like 30% tripfags

29 Name: Gandhi!OppEAx69HY : 2021-02-02 01:17 ID:Heaven

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

30 Name: Anonymous : 2021-02-02 04:00 ID:UOQQry8T

Forced anonymous is best.

31 Name: !yDeC/FwudQ : 2021-02-02 05:25 ID:Heaven

this is my tripcode

32 Name: !HiT0TWJpS2 : 2021-02-02 20:37 ID:Heaven

how do you do
fine sankyu

33 Name: !LightPenis : 2021-02-02 20:38 ID:Heaven


34 Name: moot!Ep8pui8Vw2 : 2021-02-07 00:22 ID:qFd6cvYW

Hi guys I'm a big fan of this place.

35 Name: !!4SZxfjWZ : 2021-02-25 04:21 ID:Heaven


36 Name: XXX-women : 2021-03-03 01:39 ID:w0hnyH6O

How do you get a trip-code

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