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Channel4 differs significantly in comparison to other western forums. First and foremostly, you can not "register". There is no membership of any sorts, and users are encouraged from not posting their name, nickname or any other personal details to their identity. Why? Because we believe what you have to say is far more important as to who you are.

Individual boards are also layed out in a different manner. Towards the top of the board contains a summary of what the board is about, and any specific rules or notices, along with a link to the global rules for the site.

The Japanese contained at the top of most boards is just a reminder for Japanese speakers that boards are English only.

Underneath the board rules, is a switcher that allows you to change the look, and there are several to chose from. Then we have a list of the most recent threads in chronological order from the time they were last posted into. Individual threads are truncated and only list the first and then the most recent posts, to keep the board from becoming to large. Towards the bottom of the board contains the form you can start new threads within.

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