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Joining in

Since you don't have to register to join in, this is the only form you'll ever have to fill in order to participate with the conversation.

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The subject of your thread. Especially on discussion boards it is advised if you start a new thread that a title is chosen that will help the community. Criteria for this could be ease of searching for threads relevant to the users’ interest as well as pointing out continuity of certain discussion strings. Good and bad examples:

“I was just thinking that...” ← Doesn’t tell the user anything about the content of the thread.

“30 years old and NO friends” ← At least informative.

“[Pity] Your most awful relationship experience [Emo]” ← Categorizing by [theme] tags.

“[LOL] I just made a poo poo - Part 12 [DQN]” ← Indicates famous past threads with familiar subject.


Your name goes here! You can also use tripcodes or secure tripcodes.

But you don’t have to enter a name at all! You can just post anonymously. There’s good reason for posting as Anonymous as well as posting with a name and even with a tripcode. Let’s not pass judgement before gathering experience how the boards work and what is best for the community!


If you choose, an email address, or an important link can be put in this field, to which any name you use will link to.

All links you enter, either in the link field or in your post will automatically get rel="nofollow" inserted, to prevent spammers from benefitting!


Sage (下げ/さげ pronounced: sah-geh) when used exclusively in the Link/Email field will prevent your post from "bumping up" the thread towards the top of the board. This is useful if you're contributing to a thread with something that is of no importance to the rest of the board.

There is no point using sage when creating a new thread, as all new threads start at the top of the board.

Unlike imageboards, sage is not an insult. Within imageboards, many users can "sage" a thread filling it with enough posts to have it filled, and thus no longer able to reach the front of the board. Since it takes 1000 posts to close a thread in Channel4, this method is futile and you will just clog up a perfectly good thread, which could get your posts deleted, or even get you banned.


Used also like sage, exclusively in the Name field reveals your IP address to the rest of the board. Use this with care!


Besides making sure your spelling and grammar are correct, there are a few other ways to properly format your post.

more options screenshot


You can choose between formatting your post with WakabaMark (the default), HTML, none or Text Art, which is used if you're posting ASCII or SJIS Art. There is no 'BBCode'. Linking to individual posts is simply done by proceeding the post number with >> , or inserting it automatically by clicking on the specific post number.

Preview your post before submitting it, so you can see how it will look.

Most importantly, provide something useful for everyone to read. A post that contains nothing of value wont be of use, and just clutter up the boards. Ask yourself if what you're going to post is going to benefit someone other than yourself. If it isn't, it may not be worth posting in the first place.



Note that spans are handled per-line and do not transfer across line breaks. For finer control over formatting, it is recommended to use the HTML option instead.

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