Hunting the Undead (52)

1 Name: Enthusiast : 2006-02-21 06:25 ID:bVr+CheO

Hello all, my hobby is fighting the undead. The undead includes but is not limited to:

Underworld gods
and those that serve the undead.

Most people have their own little way of fighting the undead. Some people use magic, others use a special amulet or even the power of the sun.

Me I usually use assault rifles(I prefer the AR 15), chainsaws, longswords and spirit cards that I obtain through negotiation with demons(usually NOT undead).

My goal is to lead the world after the apocalypse into a world where they can survive without the perils of being eaten by the undead.

This might sound like a full time job, but it really is just a hobby. Anyone else do this?

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