Please help! I don't want to be an otaku anymore! (155)

15 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2007-08-03 22:06 ID:RbMawWCn

If you care about what everyone says, you'll be worse than a dog. If people make fun of you, you know what? They're too damn insecure and weak-minded to do anything asides from abusing alcohol and shooting up cocaine through their ass. Do you even know what those guys are doing? For all that I know, they're still working some lame ass grunt job trying to find another hooch to fuck and add to their dick.

Look, the only thing I know is that College will be a tad bit like high school, only thing, the very immature ones will be fucked with. And you will find a lot of people interested in what you like than in High School. People in college are either a lot more confident or a lot more insecure, and if you want to live, BE FUCKING SECURE DAMN IT.

Don't EVER, I mean EVER, fucking deny yourself. Again, the fuckers who mock you are going to be eating a lot of shit in their life. You have what it takes to be a man. Now go and fucking be one, DAMN IT!

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