Please help! I don't want to be an otaku anymore! (155)

1 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2007-07-23 03:04 ID:aNop5aV6

I will be entering college this September, and as much as I like anime and manga, I don't want to be an otaku anymore. It is not like I don't enjoy them--of course I do, but I don't want to be known as a nerd anymore, and being a freshman in college, starting anew, will give me the opportunity.

It will be too painful if I just throw away/give away my collection at once, so I want to do it slowly. I don't know how I am going to manage doing that though... it seems like such a waste!

Anyway, I hope you guys can shed some light and opinion into how I can do it in a less painful manner. There is only a month more before I head to college, so I should start doing it now!

106 Name: Hidden Enthusiast : 2008-09-24 00:36 ID:SiN1Ba3N

If you like anime, then keep liking it. Depending on the college, there may be plenty of otaku there as well, since it's usually easy to establish things like "Japanese Culture Club" where other otaku will go to. Also, Japanese classes likely have otaku.

107 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-09-24 20:33 ID:Heaven


He's an otaku, he's not necessarily gay. People can and do grow out of some things in life, you know.

108 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-10-01 18:58 ID:bogNFkJw

As long as people label themselves and others, people will use the labels to deride others. I'm not an anything, I just have some likes and dislikes.

109 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-10-02 19:40 ID:dE5ijRkm

i also don't want to be one anymore. but then i think atleast i have anime and stuff.

110 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-10-26 07:15 ID:H/V0TS3b

What? Just be yourself. Who cares what the world thinks, you found what makes you happy why throw it away?

111 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-31 05:40 ID:9qFSapKU

no otaku pride, what a shame :/

112 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-11-01 12:08 ID:v66rlQcF

just its easy way that you should find otaku girl.

113 Name: Anonymous : 2008-11-11 05:58 ID:CgHDCTsw

Dude, don't do that. If you make friends and girlfriends, they should understand and appreciate who you are, never just go and say people make fun of me, so quit. Never do that, it's stupid. Just be yourself, don't worry about others. I am a huge Godzilla and Anime freak and people accept me for who I am and I'm treated normally. Don't ever let that put you down!!!!!!

114 Name: Mandy : 2008-11-11 07:33 ID:4DQnIkBH

I think you should not deny it.

Maybe girls will not like it but they're just assholes.

Real girls will love you with most of your defects and virtudes.

115 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-11-12 18:12 ID:3TOvFzkX

Who cares what other people think I am treated normally and I am into D&D, manga, anime, and lots more nerdy things. If some one calls me a nerd I say yeah I am. So if you really like it don't just quit it if some one bugs you about it.

116 Name: Kung Fu Man : 2008-11-13 07:10 ID:6WcU/So2

If you really want to give it up, then good for you, but you could always be a closet otaku like me haha. I don't reference stuff or anything like that, but I do keep up with all my favorite animes and gaming. Its not so wrong to be an otaku, really there isn't!

Its not like I want to stop you, but it might be easier if you forge your own stories, create your own momentos, or simply immerse yourself in your own real life. I try to stop relying on anime for what I lack in real life, but hey its hard. Good luck.

117 Name: Scotland : 2008-11-14 18:01 ID:hd6Qr+AT

the answer, from experience is to keep both...
the only reason why making friends can be hard is, you got nothing to talk about with the new people...anime and manga is a small catagory in society and life...
for me, u need to know everyday thingys, such as sports, tv series/ drama - even Heroes is good, everyone knows this series (not anime)off the tv, make plans with friends, when u have there number, msn, bebo, myspace like going to the cinema or going out on fri-sat for drinks...
and doing your own stuff so u can talk about driving lessons, college, work, gym and jus say u had a quiet day and sat on the comp for hours lookin at porn or anime, and talkin on the internet..simple and solved, any questions?

118 Name: ZAZAZAZABAZAC : 2008-11-18 20:56 ID:Heaven

>>115 THIS THIS THIS THIS. I'm a nerd too, but who the fuck cares. I am what i am, and i LOVE what i am. Your problem will always be a problem because you care what people think. If it's not this, it will be that. Repeat after me. "F-U-C-K T-H-E-M".

119 Name: Mihae : 2008-11-29 06:00 ID:6z8+NZaL

Where's your Otaku pride, man?
PSSST...Give all your stuff to me.

120 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-03 19:24 ID:gDHG49+D

You need to decide for yourself. You should try to find a healthy balance between not losing yourself and your needs completely and trying not to be too repulsive with your "otaku-ness" towards others.

I'm sure no one has any problem with someone who's a fan of Anime, however you should also try adapt a little to the needs of others.

Balance is the keyword here. ^^

121 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-04 16:06 ID:bogNFkJw

There's nothing wrong with being yourself and having your interests. People are enthusiasts of various things, and most enthusiasts advertise what they're enthusiasts of, it's only natural, and can help you meet fellow enthusiasts.

If your IRL area is devoid of your sort of enthusiast, well fuck it, at least you have the internet.

122 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-27 11:07 ID:a8x80i0n

don't change to conform for the assholes around you.
do what i did, people made fun of me, but one day i just said fuck it all and stopped caring. so repeat this: "FUCK EVERYONE ELSE, I'LL DO WHAT I DAMN WELL PLEASE" until it sticks.

123 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-28 08:05 ID:0BwKoj0B

If watching anime and stuff is cutting down on your time to do things you probably should be doing(such as passing your classes and going outside every once in a while), then just cut down on that sort of thing. Putting an hour or so aside for your hobbies won't kill you. It's all about moderation. You could also read manga in the bathroom while you poop.:B

By the way, chicks dig nerds. I know this from experience. As long as you're not an ass about your hobbies, as in singing OPs and EDs loudly despite not knowing a single word of Japanese, people are generally cool with that kind of thing. Also, be tolerant. If someone tells you "You watch anime? That's like DBZ and Pokemon and cartoon tentacle porn right?", don't turn into an elitist bastard. Just politely correct them, or joke along with them. For one friend of mine, I replied "Oh, definitely. But you're forgetting the little girls that swing meat cleavers around and mecha that can stand on galaxies defying all laws of physics, gravity, etc. It's great."; worked out well enough. Even got him intrigued on the mecha thing.

124 Name: i'm sick : 2009-01-04 05:03 ID:d/xkJ4tb

where is the 1'st Anonymous Enthusiast? it's hard to find his post if all reply using the same name. Use other name, nothing to lose. it's easy to do, and easy to read next time.

if you don't want to be otaku just because university, YOU'RE WRONG. that is false motivation. You will soon find people who like anime and manga there. It's fine if you could lower your otaku level, live as normal people with anime, manga, game as hobby.

Do learn from Rozen Aso (google him, this news maybe not popular outside japan), he likes manga very much, goes to university and what he become now? maybe he can be your idol.

125 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-01-22 03:21 ID:h01bk388

If you're really otaku, it's part of you. Love it, live it.
BUT... I'm about 10 years out of high school now, and my otakudom recently crashed. Most of my favorite anime fluff is about high school kids and I just can't relate to it now - it's no fun.

So what I'm saying is, if you can still be an otaku, enjoy it, but don't build your life around it or count on it staying around long-term. I still enjoy some anime (Last Exile right now,) but it's far more limited now, and hardly meaningful in everyday life as much as I did love it. Now I'm wishing I made more friends instead of watching so much anime - school's great for that.

126 Name: God (the real one) : 2009-04-06 22:13 ID:IfEYZ/un

if you are an otaku remain an otaku!, but a socially capable otaku, which means no otaku at all!

that is, if you like those nerdy series, well, don't stop watching them, just develop your social skills so you can hang out with people without lecturing them about the wonders of some star wars technology or the perils of some lord of the ring-esque character,

have two friend circles: one of nerdy girlfriendless otakus, so you can engage in endless discussions about some utterly insignificant detail of an anime series, and another of every day people where you can meet opposite sex individuals

127 Name: AniOta : 2009-08-04 08:10 ID:L+0BAyhr

be proud of your otaku~

128 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-12-16 23:51 ID:SrrRSDmj

The otaku who can come to this forum and say "I am an otaku" is not the true otaku.

129 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-12-19 12:14 ID:khD6+Rzb

we all wish too do it like this. but easy spoken, hard done.

130 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-12-19 13:00 ID:khD6+Rzb

lost generation.. 助けて・・お願い・・ (ノ。б、)

131 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-12-21 00:21 ID:55jcXy5S

exactlly, you can still like anime, manga and stuff, just have to socialise a bit more and create new priorities.

132 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2010-01-28 05:40 ID:65muTMvE

133 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2011-05-01 12:10 ID:oSYHoBqo

134 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2011-09-19 08:33 ID:fLW/vSIF

135 Post deleted.

136 Name: aa : 2012-01-28 13:24 ID:ZgOw6sOp

come here.

very very cute.

137 Name: Pandaneko : 2012-04-09 15:16 ID:3rF1v3eL

make a blog
this sounds like a fun story of ur everyday life lol

138 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2012-05-15 01:47 ID:I6Km0ZnL


[post from 2007]

139 Post deleted.

140 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2013-11-23 13:53 ID:Ij2rByUb

141 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2014-03-16 17:20 ID:OXJ3tCmv

Being otaku is bliss

142 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2014-04-13 11:42 ID:fsc7BEF2

Cmon dude it is not that bad.

143 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2014-05-12 15:36 ID:Heaven

I wonder if >>1 ever succeeded in becoming normal.

144 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2014-08-24 09:31 ID:4NYU63t4

being otaku is not bad at all....

145 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2014-10-03 18:46 ID:WprhE0Pi

I dunno, suddenly anime just became really really boring to watch

146 Post deleted.

147 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2015-05-17 13:27 ID:uNPI43OC

this is cool. I am rex and I enjoy noodles and robot figures from japan.

148 Post deleted.

149 Post deleted.

150 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2015-06-17 17:20 ID:jPcHVMQw

Anime has always been boring. It's the same ~15 stories retold and retold because Japanese hate change and anime is made by retarded hikikomori otaku rather than artists and people with life experience.

151 Post deleted.

152 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2015-08-31 05:37 ID:0L9SU1h2

>It's the same ~15 stories retold and retold

That pretty much applies to all fiction though.

153 Post deleted.

154 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2018-08-16 04:31 ID:+67BSBsE

Man, what a ride. It's hard to believe that lame-ass threads like these were a commonality just 11 years ago.

155 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2018-09-14 01:28 ID:kpM1C1j3


I kinda feel like an archaeologist going to dead places like this. pretty neat that we can still post here.

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