Please help! I don't want to be an otaku anymore! (155)

72 Name: da PG king : 2008-02-10 23:04 ID:h4f4/psp

Rent these movies:

American Gangster
How High
Gone in 60 seconds
Cradle 2 da Grave
Lord of War
Sin City
Smokin Aces

Listen to these artists:
Lil Wayne
50 cent
Lloyd Banks
Earth, Wind and Fire

And try things out ie. start a random fight or two

Also: do cool hobbies (ie. Breakdancing), weightlifting (cause your still a geek if all you can bench is the bar), and some gangster shit.

Throw around slang, see what fits you.

Now, I do not encourage saying anything that is used as a racist term. Also, be very careful about throwing up gang symbols. These are rules for being a fake "gangster", because if you do not have it in you, then dont try.


  1. Do not use the word Dawg in any sentence. Especially if your white. this rule applies to -izzle (foshizzle dizzle) also.
  2. Know the difference between ghetto and gangster. Gangster is someone who is hardcore, and will kill you for over something as little as a candy bar. Ghetto is when something is broken down, not cool.
  3. If you arent gangster then please do not join a gang. Do not throw up symbols. Do not buy a 4-5. And please do not try to fuck with a real OG. How do you know- the O.G. is the one that doesnt have to say hes gangster, you can just feel it in his gaze. Hes the one that unless your friends with, you feel like he might stab you. Also, most real gangsters are actually decent people, they just dont look friendly. If they run up on you just to threaten you (as opposed to robbery), then they are probably just assholes. Know the difference between the fake and real.

Good luck losing the nerdliness.

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