Looking for a special hobby. D: (39)

1 Name: Desperate_Neet : 2008-12-03 20:20 ID:PXMd2fJB

(ó_ò) <--- is completely helpless
(v v)
(_ _)

So guys, I'm lookin' for something. But not just any hobby, I'm looking for something that

  1. I can do over the internet
  2. Something that others can benefit from and that I can make other people happy with.

Seriously, I've got so much free time, and I want to put it to good use, if I'm not able to do anything else.

If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be great.

Arigatou. :3

2 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-04 16:04 ID:Heaven

Build pr0n sites.

3 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-05 10:22 ID:0vACAwhu

that's a good start T__T

any more?

4 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-06 08:39 ID:JzjEDnNu

Well, doesn't have to be pr0n sites, if you have loads of spare time you could invest it in learning how to program for the web, maybe build a site or something...

Places like this tend to have their beginnings as hobbies for the bored with lots of spare time, so maybe someday your hobby will turn out similar. I used to spend all of my spare time on the net, working on websites and helping other people build them.

I have far less time for it now, but it's still a great hobby and it's given me some useful skills, to boot.

5 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-07 09:48 ID:dYnaj0wd

RMT, create websites of different kinds, become a camwhore, ...

6 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-12 15:57 ID:Heaven


7 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-26 23:55 ID:aaLVfV17

learn programming and write free software

8 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-29 04:23 ID:+9PJVsr4

It develops your writing ability and helps others develop theirs too! a good site is z9.invisionfree.com/pandora_ascension

9 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-30 17:22 ID:JzjEDnNu

  '´   ヽ
●lカノノル ピノ●
  从 ゚ ヮ゚ ノソ  Pyo! RP is fun, pyo!
   / B ヽ
  <     >
   (/ ∪

  '´   ヽ
●lカノノル ピノ●
  从 ゚ ヮ゚ ノソ  *eats all the bananas*
   / B ヽ
  <     >
   (/ ∪

  '´   ヽ
●lカノノル ピノ●
  从 ゚ ヮ゚ ノソ  *throews potetoes*
   / B ヽ
  <     >
   (/ ∪

  '´   ヽ
●lカノノル ピノ●
  从 ゚ ヮ゚ ノソ  Pyo! I am a panda, pyo!
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   (/ ∪

10 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-31 05:23 ID:znifX0BN

you could make game money from RPGs and proceed to sell them via Internet... It's immoral, but just saying...or you could play for fun. You could go to chattooms, lure children into private chat, and then tell them the dangers of predators... Or you could play for fun. Jk...not jk. Uhhm you can translate stuff for ppl. You can become a mod/admin somewhere...yeah good luck tho

11 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-31 13:02 ID:vLefR0HV

Join this project: http://boinc.berkeley.edu/

12 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-02-28 01:04 ID:/kjjyQjP

Go play at freerice.com
And I'm not joking, I really mean it xD

13 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-03-17 05:49 ID:Heaven

Learn to draw, render 3D images, and code programs.

14 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-03-18 20:56 ID:VjQvNtRt


Whats immoral about selling video game money? You put in time, generated this commodity... sounds like a job to me.

"You could go to chattooms, lure children into private chat, and then tell them the dangers of predators..."

lololololol, desperate_neet, you should definitely try that one... hahahahaha

If you are clever and have something to say you can make a blog, write some articles, and generate some cash flow.

You can learn how to make webpages and then make some for your friends.

15 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-03-19 19:19 ID:Heaven

Seconding >>14 on the webpages. HTML is seriously easy to learn, so you should be able to get a webpage up and running in no time.

However, I would be careful about the blogging. Be wary of putting out information that you don't want any random person to read.

You could also ask your friends if they have needs to fulfill, or you could find some online community to join.

16 Name: Kitsune : 2009-03-20 20:22 ID:fKff/1I+


17 Name: TalentlessTroll : 2009-03-23 23:59 ID:OdcZydmd


I've never even heard of half those words O.o

18 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-04-04 00:15 ID:qw8u3a5n

freerice.com is a scam.
They're not a non-profit and earn far more money from ads than they give out in rice.

19 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-04-05 15:34 ID:DqtV+Y+u

I block ads.
And they still have funny words. Good enough for me.

20 Name: mirror stage : 2009-04-06 22:21 ID:GOprJOJv

2: "Something that others can benefit from and that I can make other people happy with"... it sounds that you lack some acceptance from other people, if that's the case

1:"I can do over the internet" it's a really bad choice, try activities that make you contact real people

21 Name: chewbaka : 2009-04-12 16:38 ID:QY0G3Xb7

fap, fap, fap til you bleed

22 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-11-16 13:06 ID:1jACJk98


Wait... what just happened?

Also, OP, you could become a computer security expert and reopen Castle cops.

23 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-12-20 17:37 ID:a1h2t8Fj

(ó_ò) <--- OP, have you considered custom ASCII art? Perhaps portraits? Because this was really cute.
(v v)
(_ _)

24 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2010-01-28 05:44 ID:grkFVhWp

25 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2010-05-30 09:51 ID:xG60AeTU

Why don't try photography? You can take any picture you want, experimenting, and if you are lucky people might hire you for their small special occasion. You can also sell your picture online too.

26 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2010-06-02 23:37 ID:fT6tdnMh

Pornography. Makes people happy, and can be done over the Internet.

27 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2010-06-16 00:40 ID:poZNAzIY

Make life sized sculptures of former presidents with your own poop.

28 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2010-09-09 13:40 ID:4z/TusJX


29 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2010-10-18 12:18 ID:hKMvGVWL


30 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2010-11-17 09:00 ID:oOOrKzO3

Take up yoyoing. Proceed to blow minds with your mad skillz.


31 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2018-05-30 03:16 ID:np4cqJOX


Is it 1998 again?

32 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2018-09-14 01:20 ID:mg0N1M/9


dude. that post is almost 8 years old. weird huh?

33 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2018-10-20 11:07 ID:tt/LLoXv

books (not the garbage ones), programming, web developing, graphic designing are the hobbies that can be fun and are productive as well.

34 Name: Madd : 2018-12-02 13:38 ID:RFsrZ/B7

Well considering the post is now ten years old and probably the OP has become a parent by now, do you guys recommend beatboxing as a hobby?

35 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2019-02-04 00:27 ID:rlGabWnQ

Not if you are white. That would be cultural appropriation.

36 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2019-03-12 10:50 ID:Ee+p7RGf

What about urban exploretion etc?

37 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2019-12-07 18:35 ID:dKABGyys

>I can do over the internet
>Something that others can benefit from and that I can make other people happy with.

Archiving things.

38 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2019-12-21 00:31 ID:1Yc0pdIS

I like looking at poop. Please take pictures of your poop and any you find in the wild for me.

39 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2019-12-27 16:31 ID:oObKgxmg

Good answer.

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