8 Steps To Becoming A Weaboo (11)

11 Name: Jonathan Rail in 2021 : 2021-12-06 05:34 ID:KG5dvIIY

Hello. My name is Jonathan Rail. I have a website at http://johnrealgamer.com/ Anyway, in all my years I have seen a resurgence in Japanophilia and many don't know where to start. I have compiled 8 items that will help YOU become a social reject.

1. Use an anime profile picture on every internet account you have access to.
2. Change your internet account names to something Japanese-like. If you don't feel like copying random Japenese text, simply add -kun to the end of your name.
3. Keep a text file on you at all times containing kawaii emoticons. If you lose your text file you can always resort to simple emoticons like uwu.
4. Always periodically say uwu and other related kawaii sentences on your internet accounts. Do this even if you interrupt someone.
5. Make yourself only interested to Japanese women. If you are gay (you probably are) then only be interested in Japanese men.
6. Start purchasing random crap from Japan. Be sure to have more items from Japan than your own country where you reside.
7. Always praise and worship anything Japanese. If you think your peers (if you have any to begin with) have forgotten about how good Japan was, be sure to remind them again!
8. Always replace more activities with the Japanese alternatives. If you liked watching tv or movies, then only watch Japanese produced tv or movies.

Check out my webpage if you enjoyed this! Happy Japanesing!

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