4chan is broken again (129)

27 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-12-08 06:08 ID:BZoh9y3Q

> people that were only mods because of wtsnacks

all of them are still mods, some have left recently but they were from adtrw

> so why was wtsnacks fired and when?

he is lazy and moot loves to make people do work for free

> You seemed to be the only sane 4chan mod.

shii is a cool guy but he wasn't a very sane mod at any point in time, although compared to how moot was back then i guess you may have a point

> (because 4chan's moderators don't look at w4ch)

they are the same except that most of them don't bother to read it, any content problems are because 4chan users are stupider than w4ch users

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