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I visited 2chan (er.. do I have to say it is NSFW?) since 4chan is down. It isn't really good as a source of hentai. You can tell they don't have as many reposts, but damn if they barely have anything at all. 4chan churns through daily 5-10 pages of threads on the smallest boards, with lots of epic 50 image threads. 2chan is mostly 1 image per thread followed by a bunch of moonspeak, and those 1 pic threads aren't created with any significant speed. Even on the other english chans that don't have 4chan's level traffic they stlll have awesome 50-100 pic threads here and there.

So what's the deal? I thought 2chan was supposed to be even more awesome than 4chan is here, since it is the original so to speak. I almost think that 2chan has to be better than I've seen. Like maybe non-jap ISPs only get to see some fraction of the threads or something to that effect. If not that, is there some other japanese imageboard that is the biggest and the best? Or do japs not get hentai from imageboards so much? Because otherwise I can only image the even the Japanese see 4chan as one of the biggest places for hentai.

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You will have to clarify what you mean, >>2, I don't get your point.

2ch = text boards, 2chan = image boards (basically.. is that right?)

I'm talking about evaluating sites as sources of hentai, so I don't care about 2ch's massive size. 4chan seems to far outstrip Japan's native 2chan, which is supposedly the best set of imageboards.

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The thing that annoys me about 2chan is that, although there is lots of traffic and its fast (visit the right boards), the maximum filesizze for images is low so there's you can't grab really good quality pictures.

It's not good as a source of hentai. The japs have their games and doujins and probably don't feel the need to have a huge imageboard dedicated to hentai pics.

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shame, cause there's something fun about surfing jap sites for porn and hentai.

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Maybe they like having actual discussion over collecting images. Maybe since they're the source country of all that hentai you seem to love so much they don't need people posting it on image boards in order to find it. And why the fuck mention it's not worksafe, as if that's somehow bad, in the same sentence in which you mention going there instead of 4chan? And lol at thinking board sites are supposed to be sources of hentai, they're just places where you could, if you wanted to, post hentai.


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2chan(or futaba...whatever) has actual discussions on the threads unlike 4chan.

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4chan is actually much larger than 2chan. 2chan just has a larger postcount because it's been around longer. 2channel is a different story, though.
fapchan is quite nice when it's up.

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2ch is good, futaba is shit

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Actually, it proves that 2chan is very good. Unlike those no-life retards who have no values and who sit in their basement their entire life, the people of 2chan actually do have things to care about, rather than be a lazy bum and leech and get off of drawings that other people create.

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Simply put, a bulletin board is valuable more for its community than its "content."

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What you heard about 2chan is something we said years ago, before 4chan.org became one of the most popular western websites in the world.
Why accept substitutes when you can get the real thing? Just go to 4chan.

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>Just go to 4chan.

No. >:(

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i kick cat eviryday

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I am banned from 4chan and proxies are not working...

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then how did u manage that post?


fuck you.

but if you are stupid enough to want hentai, for God's sake you moronic waste of human life, use Google.

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4chan - 4chan.org
this board - 4-ch

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You're doing it wrong, OP. If you want images, you don't go to the specialized ero boards (which are for trolling/discussion), you go to one of the several nijiura boards (hidden or otherwise). That's where the threads dedicated to image floods are, and that's where you'll find dumps covering fetishes and doujin uploads.

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