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I am making my own textboard just as an experiment because textboards are fun. What features would you like to see on a textboard that doesn't exist today?

I am thinking maybe it would be good to have a textboard where discussion is threaded instead of linear, but I'm not sure.

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I think a threaded text board might be cool. Back in the 90ies, many western boards used to be threaded, but it went out of style when UBB and its ilk became popular. Might have been due to having having to click on every single post to read it in the popular implementations back then, while the flat boards just showed all of the posts. An indented thread layout like in this thing might be nice: https://www.mwforum.org/forum/forum.pl

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If threaded you could make it with >> replys too. I miss that sometimes when posting on a certain anonymous comment section

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Hidden sage, possible check box instead of email field ("☑ don't bump")
Quote preview (ex: hovering over >>number shows the post)
Replies are linked in the original post (ex: if >>5 quotes >>1, there will be a link to >>5 in >>1)
Built-in post filtering by username or key word
Thread "following" feature: get notified when there are new posts in a thread you like
Individual thread or post hiding
"Infinite scroll" instead of pages
Optional forced anonymous view: people can post with names and tripcodes, but you don't have to view them
Sexpcode instead of traditional BBCode (http://cairnarvon.rotahall.org/misc/sexpcode.html)

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No cookies or something like that, instead options in the URL for customization
For example, with http://4-ch.net/s/net/ you could get persistent sage in link field

How many of those can be done without javascript? No javascript please

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default sage in link field, users can manually delete it to bump

options in url for such things would make surveillance easier now that i think about it, disregard them

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Would it be possible to use some sort of text-based captcha equivalent? Something to combat spam that doesn't stop people from browsing and posting via a text-only browser like elinks.
Or maybe just some "don't post here" spam trap fields.

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a lot of sites (desuchan and some other low pop. imageboards being good examples) just use fields where you have to leave one word in a certain field

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all of them except infinite scroll and thread following can be done without javascript.

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A collapsible thread list would be nice.

11 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2014-03-31 18:50 ID:Heaven

My idea for a board: any thread that is not on the front page is autosaged, where posts made do not bump the thread, unless "age" is used in the email field.

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direct-to-email posting options like you would expect of a mailing list

interconnection of threads in an additive way that forcibly requires new threads to derive from others. There would be an origin, and after that every thread would have to be a subcategory of this, or a subcategory of a subcategory etc.

Might be neat

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inactive threads, say no posts in 6 months, are deleted.
ability to export threads to some common, readable format for those that wish to archive.

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before your post, this thread had no posts in almost 19 months.
the definition of "inactive" depends very heavily on how much traffic a board typically gets.

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Like https://dis.tinychan.net/prog/ (options -> threaded) , https://ayashii.net/?m=tree , http://tree-board.net/ , etc?
Threads (trees?) are cool.

why does it always have to be sage?
cuasa i tres epica et esoterico?

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