What's your least favorite website (41)

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What site do you hate the most? What site looks the worst, doesn't work, or just has fallen in quality over the years?

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I'll give an actual answer OP


You have both /pol/r9k/ social rejects alongside tumblr twats, both of which spend all day posting nonsensical bullshit, all backed by the world's shittiest, most poorly optimized interface, and a retarded character limit that absolutely destroys any and all potential for discussion on the platform

It's as if someone took the worst parts of every website, combined them into one, and then somehow managed to find a way to make it even worse.

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fucking retard

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tineye because I found it useful but they suddenly switched to forcing you to use google REEcaptcha

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Great argument.

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I will second this and add that it's maddening that a lot of Japanese artists use twitter as their primary distribution platform, when almost everything about its interface and structure makes it incredibly difficult to browse, search and save images (and simultaneously easy to miss and overlook things due to the timeline system). Its only redeeming feature as an art-sharing platform is high exposure, which unfortunately gets more and more important as the internet population becomes more centralized.

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And it's even worse now with the new layout.

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Why pixiv? Aside from the requirement to sign up to view anything, it seems to fulfill the purpose of artwork sharing pretty well.

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It locks basic searching functionality behind a paid subscription instead of just running off ad revenue like every other decent website.

Also, while this is more the community's fault than the website's, people there are garbage at tagging.

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Google (and all the shit it owns

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What are 4chan alternatives

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It only locks sort-by-popular and maybe some other sorting options, right? Annoying if you just want to find a few nice pics, but not really an issue if you like to dive deep into the search results. I haven't had many issues with the tagging either, I would say it's more consistent and elaborate than some other communities like DA. Plus, I can't think of another picture-sharing site that makes it so easy to download original files; almost every other site nowadays uses all kinds of tricks to try and prevent you for some reason (why is that?). As far as I'm concerned there's never been a popular art sharing site as good as pixiv.

My only real problem with pixiv is that the recent UI update made it much harder to view an individual artist's tags. I miss when there was a specific page with a whole list of them.

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I hate when I'm searching for images and a result leads me to pintrest. No idea why people use that shit, it seems so annoying to browse.

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Also Quora sucks because they sometimes want you to log in just to answers. It's another one I'll try to avoid if possible; I'd take a reddit thread over quora.

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*just to see answers

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Reddit's good at being what it was originally designed for; a content aggregator. It's shit for discussion but it's great if you're trying to find interesting things from elsewhere on the web.

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Personally speaking, Wikia/FANDOM is fucking awful. Bad formatting, ads that intrude your browsing, and Wikis that usually have superior equivalents elsewhere.

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YouTube, Twitter and I guess Facebook

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I dont know why they changed the old interface, it was all ok and such, what a fucking garbage it has become.

Also, Quora and Pinterest, along with new Facebook, Twitter and others are utter shit.

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Fucking imgur, what a shitty imagehosting service that requires a PHONENUMBER just to see potentially nsfw pictures, holy shit.

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It's the path every image host takes. They start off fast and lean, then faced with increasing costs of operation they give in and start running ads. Then once they realize that people just hotlink to images and bypass the ads they try every approach possible to aggressively redirect people so they can stuff more ads in there.

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Yup. I literally remember when a guy on reddit started imgur because imageshack and photobucket were already the same kind of garbage it is now.

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I hate reddit, but for different reasons than I suspect most of the people here do.

The site is weirdly too earnest, if that makes any sense. You know the sorts of discord teens where everything they post is an ironic meme? Reddit is the polar opposite of that.

There's always this undercurrent of self-righteous seriousness to everything that gets posted there. Even when they make jokes there, it's usually just the poster's legitimate opinions stated slightly weird.

You'll never see anyone ever making fun of themselves or something they like, and you'll never see people joking about things they don't really care about. It's always "look at thing I disagree with it is shameful ha ha ha".

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>discord teens where everything they post is an ironic meme? Reddit is the polar opposite of that.

Really? In my experience it's been the complete opposite: any jokes are stale oft-repeated ones, and most opinions to be found are the majority consensus (by virtue of the fact that any dissenting ones are smothered by a pile of downvotes).

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I've grown to hate Twitter more over the years for the same reasons that >>4 mentioned, but I like to add that ever since they entered the stock market, the stockholder's influence over Twitter has become more and more evident.

You have this pseudo-news section and even if Twitter banned political advertising to one-up Facebook, politics is shoved into your face every day through its news or trends anyways. Just recently, they removed global trends and I know that it's easy to joke about all the K-Pop idiots flooding the global trends, but a lot of trends that pertain to revolts and uprisings tend to show up there which makes you wonder what the motive behind this decision was.

The only saving grace are the Japanese artists as >>8 mentioned, but Twitter screws this up too by lowering the file quality as a means to save space, so you'd have to go to another website to verify that the images in high quality.

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Anything that has a voting/rating/like system and AI-curated content, with endless feeds and possible data mining (they love spying on their users!) which eliminates every social media platform. (that's a cool euphemism for botnet, don't you think?)

YouTube is particularly affected by this and I find myself using it less.

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>Anything that has a voting/rating/like system

They can work pretty well on purely content-driven websites. Ranking things by likes minus dislikes is the most fair way to ensure that good content gets seen first without giving undue weight to better known stuff.

>and AI-curated content

There's cases where bots are useful. A simple bot that auto-deletes spam for example. They're definitely no replacement for actual moderation though.

>with endless feeds

Not quite sure what you mean by this, but if you're talking about endless scrolling, yeah, it sucks.

>and possible data mining

I'm kind of mixed on this. I think it's fine to sell data so long as it's either already public, or minor enough that it doesn't really say anything about you as an individual, or at least anything of value. Lots of sites go way past that though.

>which eliminates every social media platform

IMO 'social media' is a pretty worthless label with no real meaning.

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Honestly 'the worst site ever' would be some half finished project by a board teen or some sketchy site made to only datamine not one of these big sites.

My popular worst site ever would be Discord. Personal vendetta because all artist critique groups moved on there and the site sucks for that. It's impossible to have a 1 on 1 conversation about art when any rando can jump into the server and derail it. Also I use discord then abandon it a lot so I need to make a lot of new accounts. That doesn't sound bad, but they require a new email, that can't be a throwaway or old one, every time and some times they ask for a phone number.
It also sucks when people use social media as their platform because they think it can mean they can post stuff besides art. They can do whatever they want, but I hate it when I have to scroll past 20 meme repost for one doodle.

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Any site where users can create and moderate their own boards (reddit, 8ch/kun, etc). I don't think people realize just how much of a misfeature it is. You almost always end up with 15 boards dedicated to the same subject, each with a different take on it.

You're not going to have a board for politics, you're going to have a board for liberals, a board for conservatives, a board for communists, a board for anarchists, and a zillion other boards where you can go to avoid interacting with people you disagree with.

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>zillion other boards where you can go to avoid interacting with people you disagree with

in other words, S A F E S P A C E

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>Honestly 'the worst site ever' would be some half finished project by a board teen

Those are good, nowadays the idea of owning a website on your own is a completely foreign concept and anything that does come up just requires some bootstrap template or site builder.
Even if its dumb and something that the teen will forget about or look back on with mild embarrassment, there should be more of those sites around.

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I don't really think that is a problem inherent to user board creation. The problem is that they allow infinite user board creation instead of limiting it.

If the website limited the max amount of boards that can be made and pruned crappy ones then you wouldn't get splintering like you do in 8chan and reddit.

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wikia is FANDOM now. Remember that. If you started making a wikia website about history of your town or something like that, it will now be FANDOM, with big ads to Superman or Boku no hero academia everywhere.
And there are no alternatives. Gamepedia is FANDOM too. The only wikis that are not FANDOM are self-designed and self-hosted.

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Wikia/FANDOM is a work of Satan

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Twitter Tumblr Facebook 9gag I Funny Buzzfeed Reddit modern day 4chan and modern day Youtube are all absolute cancer and i hate every single one of them.

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As others have mentioned FANDOM is straight up super shitty, it looks awful, filled with ads, and worst of all, it buries the good non-FANDOM wikis due to SEO bullshit.
Nexus Mods and mugenarchive also come to mind as fucking garbage.
And fuck Discord for those people that host downloads on it like ygo percy.

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