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Are there any protocols worth using nowadays besides HTTP, HTTPS, BitTorrent and IRC?
Is anything still happening with NNTP or Gopher? Is FTP used by anyone at all?

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FTP gets used all the time for remote filesystem access. You'll probably never see it in action though if you don't have a job that necessitates it.

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Gopher is having a sort of renaissance during the last few years, the new content being largely nerdy, neo-luddite blogs lamenting the state of the commercial websites. There is also a new protocol called Gemini, created by the same 'new gopher people'. NNTP and FTP go on with their slow deaths.

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The only people who use Gopher are pedophiles and Shii.

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Telnet is the best protocol.

6 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2019-11-27 21:41 ID:Heaven

The reason a lot of the older protocols are dying is simply because HTTP/HTTPS covers most use cases well enough that it's not worth bothering with anything else.

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what about zeronet?

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