If anonymous forums are so great (47)

9 Name: 422 - Unprocessable Name : 2021-03-31 09:50 ID:Heaven

Don't act naive. I didn't say that all textboards everywhere have the same culture, of course the spirit of every board is dependent on the people who post there, Captain Obvious >>7-san. I'm talking about "anonymous boards" in general, I just wrote textboard because we are on one right now, and you would really have to be bad faith and pedantic to pretend that all these boards running the same software emulating the same websites don't have a common preference for anonymity and posting without an identity, which is the basis of what I was referring to. The medium is the message, shii literally argued all of this two decades ago when he argued that the very nature of the software and the lack of registration changes the nature of the discussions had. This isn't even a wild or hot take.

And I'm not using conformity in the sense that >>8 is using it. Conformity itself is a loaded phrase, obviously, implying that all posters here have no personality, or implying that there are social pressures forcing people to hold opinions they don't really hold to fit in with a group. The amount of disagreements and heated arguments I've seen on this textboard would lead me to believe that's not as big of a problem here as it is elsewhere.

Rather, when I say that conformity (being forced to use OP's original phrasing) was always part of it, I'm talking about the kind of thing 0037 observed with homogeneity, the fact that threads in anonymous boards generally are about a topic and not about the individual posters within the thread. The Wikipedia article thread in dqn is a perfect example of a homogenous thread, and "conformity" is baked into it, but this has nothing to do with foregoing your individuality.

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