First imageboards? (12)

11 Name: 406 - Name Not Acceptable : 2021-05-15 22:53 ID:U0O+AD+Y

to say that in the angura scene the use of nicknames were usual should not be done without qualifiers
usenet/netnews works with nicknames only but in real anonymous spaces, the blank space was always absolutely prevalent
create identities never been well-liked, with rare case-by-case exceptions
some conquer his space in history, many in a jummy way and others, mostly, hateful
the "anti-attwhorism", lets say, is innate to the anonymous japanese culture, inside and outside its bases, although contradictory
i remember the pd-sam, hyper and other portals of virtual vexation
today no one cares about these things, they even consider it normal and necessary that third parties have access to ips
you said tripcodes but this was a strange [function] to anonymous culture as a whole from the beginning
it spread gradually but with resistance, and it still not being well seen even within the house even after so many years

i must apologize, i said "freebbs" earlier, in my memory it was free-blablabla-something, i ended up mixing things up, but it is "free imgboard"
if i am not mistaken, it is also a "blatant copy" of the minibbs, but i would not say so, it seems disdainful to me
i do not know what you consider by imageboard, there were others with the function of attaching images, some one-line-bbs
i remember a modification of myubbs where i saw jovious girls dressed as they came into the world
besides there were modifications of the scriot of arkadia and others, i can not give you more precise names
a long time ago, i do not remember much anymore, unfortunately i was a teenager in heat, they were all... pornographic

about the lnb, it was nothing like that, it was not THAT popular, there were not so many users of strangeworld, they did not post many images
the lnb from yy was good, the one administered by tak also, however, nor were they at all like the description
i remember that they talking about music everytime, and from time to time someone posted an erotic photo and some gossips
it seems to me that you have read, or someone has read and you have received information indirectly, from some of the bxjp texts
he was a regular at the lnb, so it is to be expected that he will pull the rope to his side lol

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