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im new to crypto and i recently came across stuff like btc wallets and faucets. i want to know how i can get a btc wallet and how can i use faucets. any other useful info is also appreciated and pls do let me know

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You're way too late for all of that shit. The only way you're going to get bitcoin now is if you invest in it and play it as a stock market.

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What >>2 said. What is your goal with it? There are really only 2 uses with crypto currency. The first is to buy drugs with it. The second is to utilize it as an investment tool, albeit a very unreliable one.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the only two worth bothering with. You want to acquire some, hold it and sell when you've made a nice return on it. But don't hold so long that it crashes and you become a bag holder. Stay away from the shitcoins. They are ALL scams and you will lose money on them. Get a wallet (CoinBase, Crypto.com and similar...use a popular one, so you don't get scammed) and then buy bitcoins and hold on for dear life. Do not buy them from a source that doesn't actually let you take ownership of the coins. What I mean by this is that there are a lot of investment tools where you can buy something like Bitcoin but you don't actually take ownership of the coins themselves...as in they sit in your broker account and make gains or losses, but you can't actually use them beyond that.

If you just want drugs, same thing. Acquire wallet, download Tor and then find what you want.

Don't go "all in" on crypto though. It's not a very stable investment tool, so you only want to have it be a small part of your overall portfolio. Balance it out among other things like stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, bonds, gold, silver, real estate and so on. If you don't know anything about investing then learn more before you try anything. See if your bank has any good accounts you can open for a newbie. Stick to ETFs, rather than trying to pick and choose individual stocks because you will just burn your money otherwise. Or if you really want stocks, then stick to "blue chip" stocks at first...blue chip means the stocks of the largest companies that exist since you can usually expect them to remain good. Think companies like Google/Alphabet, Lockheed Martin, 3M, Nvidia, Coca-Cola and so on. Again, diversify if you decide to choose individual stocks. You don't want to have 95% of your portfolio be in tech or banking because if those crash, you're fucked. Balance things.

Tl;dr crypto is pretty useless but it's worth holding at least a bit of BTC or ETH as part of a larger, more varied portfolio of investments in different sectors and tools. Let it all mature. Don't expect to cash out and get rich in the next 5 years. Have patience so that when you're 55-60 years old you'll hopefully have a good amount of money to retire with.

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Also, do NOT fucking fall down the rabbit hole of internet investment communities. Stay away from places like Stocktwits, Twitter, Reddit and similar. You will lose everything if you take the advice of the sort of retards you find online. Instead, just read the news each day, stay on top of what's going on in the world and make your judgments on that. By this I mean, watch for events. Is there bad weather somewhere? Then maybe the farming sector might struggle. Is there a war going on? See what economic sectors are impacted. What are current geopolitical issues that may cause things like trade to get disrupted? This is the stuff you want to pay attention to, not some retarded pumper on Reddit trying to shill a penny stock for a "short squeeze" or whatever.

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As a more advanced, experienced, and sophisticated crypto investor I say take a second mortgage on your house and go all in on dickbutt69inu.

For BTC you can't go wrong with Electrum. It's a great wallet.
Faucets are dead, we're almost two decades ahead of that now.

Never give your seed phrase to anyone. No websites. Nothing.
Keep a clean computer for crypto if you're dealing with large amounts of money. Ideally this computer is never connected to the internet, ever. You'll want to transfer a signature and publish it from another computer if you care a lot about avoiding any virus risks because there's a lot of them out there. Even tons of fake electrum sites to give you a backdoored wallet. Keep encrypted backups in multiple locations. You do not want to lose access to your money due to hardware failure or home fire.

Assume that everything you do is being tracked somewhere forever similar to any credit card spending. The data is out there, if you become a person of interest (drug dealer, blackmailer, ransomware) they will look at it.
Don't do crime, especially don't do crime if you don't know what you are doing.

A varied portfolio for the average person who wants to take some risk, but also secure likely gains would go 80% safe and 20% risk-on. In crypto you're technically entirely in risk-on assets, but the same principle mostly applies. If you want to gamble large amounts in crypto, BTC is where it's at. A 5x on $1 million is a lot better than a 100x on $1000, and you wouldn't chuck large sums at the riskiest dumbest gambles. Anyone experienced who buys large amounts of BTC should also throw a percentage of their portfolio into higher risk assets for greater gains though.

If you have millions of dollars, definitely don't go all in on crypto. Keep a stock portfolio as well. If you have only $1000, just chuck it at something retarded. I invested a few thousand dollars in a risky gamble a few years ago and it paid of big time and I secured my gains in a place to live. I would have never gambled a million on it though, but I would be okay with chucking a sum like that on Bitcoin during a bear market as long as I have something else to lean on so that I don't cry myself to sleep if I lose it.

I just chuck a few thousand at some shitcoins here and there while waiting for the market to go insane again.

Don't forget that the news often lies when there's economy involved.
They want you to sell before the rebound, and they want you to buy before the crash. One must always make their own decisions in finance and never rely on anyone else.
As I'm sure you know, but many others may not, always read between the lines. A prognosis can turn around, but by then the price will already have been bought/sold by insiders. One must always frontrun the new prognosis by making better predictions than what is being fed to the public.

Once you become experienced enough you can tell which scam you can likely earn money on before it pumps and dumps. They're terrible for long term investments though.

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