What you finished watching/reading? (24)

1 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-13 19:06 ID:Heaven

How was it? Don't need to finish the entire thing before talking about it, one episode, one chapter, or even looking at a cover page is enough.

2 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-13 19:27 ID:Heaven

Isn't the "currently watching" thread usable for this?
In any case, I recently finished PSG and I loved it! Guessing that by now most people using this board have already seen it ages ago, so there's not much else to say about it.

3 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-14 07:57 ID:Heaven

I felt awkward posting about anime I finished years ago in "what are you watching right now".

4 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-14 09:13 ID:6cPPqE64

missing a "have"

5 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-21 06:27 ID:T+XZ5DXh

This man's missing "have" has crippled this thread. It is doomed. All is lost.

6 Name: Quutas : 2022-12-06 16:21 ID:o16Cu+KS

"Calculus made easy"

7 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-12-08 03:09 ID:q6Q6TXyF

Mein Compf by noboshita masahiro

8 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-12-14 16:38 ID:DVeZSWBQ

Capital by Karl Marx

9 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-12-15 12:24 ID:YowT4DWg

Is that a manga?

10 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-12-15 15:58 ID:PjBhtCuK

Infantry attacks by Erwin Rommel

there is a manga version but they turned it into a story of a young man who rebels against his socialist father by teaming up with a venture capitalist to exploit some workers. something tells me this is not the book uncle Karl wrote.

11 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-12-25 19:54 ID:bimUGcx+

I'm reading this really shitty one called Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!. It's about some vapid girl and her stereotypical """nerd""" brothers or whatever. It seems the Japanese have a really bad habit of finding references funny

12 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-12-26 08:36 ID:XwuHc5NB

Eating up All-Rounder Meguru. It's good exercise motivation while I'm too pudgy to not be embarrassed showing my face somewhere asking them to teach me how to fight.

13 Name: Tenshi !!LkdL/vXb : 2023-02-22 20:03 ID:VlpbJnUg


14 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2023-02-24 04:16 ID:ebWyydSq


15 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2023-02-24 11:08 ID:5ABM+M6Z

Link? Sounds cool but I can't find it on Nyaa or Mangadex

16 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2023-03-02 12:59 ID:I1cTvDfH

I've been catching up reading Tomo-Chan is a Girl! I originally passed on reading it cause it didn't look too good but it's been mostly good. I love me some pure tomboys

17 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2023-03-20 22:47 ID:i+Rj4Tg4

I'm reading A Silent Voice. It's in the same genre as "Masturbation Master Kurosawa" in that it's a douchebag who takes what he deserves in stride and tries to improve his ways regardless manga, and I'd say its depiction of such a type of character is far more mature overall(though the protagonists of both are different ages during the story so I suppose that's to be expected). I think that most of the people here could relate to this man somehow, hell his plan of "pay my mom what I owe so I don't have to feel like I died with unfinished business" is something I've thought of verbatim for as long as I can remember. This is all just from me reading up to Vol. 2, so maybe I'll update this review when I'm finished.

Good shit. Hope it doesn't fall off.

18 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2023-05-19 12:57 ID:FTKweymP

That's one of my favorite yuri mangas. She's a good girl.
Usually I prefer something with more of a supernatural theme though, like the Ne No Kami visual novels. Highly recommended VN for yuri aficionados.

19 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2023-06-18 00:31 ID:FIf+qi3B

Tell me more about this Masturbation Master Kurosawa. Where can I find him? Doth he live as a hermit in the mountains of Kagoshima or lie deep in the fiery pits of Unzen?

20 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2023-08-06 14:25 ID:bkLHHoP4

"When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken" is good; sweet even. tl;dr, guy comes back home after being away for work and discovers that his outgoing tomboy childhood friend is now a paranoid NEET who looks like a gyaru whore. He tries to rebuild their friendship and she's constantly paranoid and ashamed because of what happened to make her this way.

21 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2024-04-08 07:15 ID:WF+SElSE

Currently watching Minky Momo and The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess.

22 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2024-04-08 10:11 ID:wsGsXuJt

This was not so great, the man has no defining features, he could very well be replaced by a bag of rice and it would be the same story

23 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2024-04-14 12:35 ID:Psv9k1I1

I was watching hand maid may. It had me thinking about how much anime and otaku culture has changed since then. For example, the association between otaku and hobby electronics has vanished.

24 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2024-04-19 22:08 ID:ucja7QTl

Iketeru Futari. It was ok but the ending was abrupt and right when things were getting interesting.

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