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Self Promotion Thread (1)

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What are you listening to at the moment? (982)

1 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-13 16:22 ID:Heaven [Del]

Shit off p2p?

Currently: Speakerboxxx - Bow Tie

973 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-03-09 10:17 ID:NFKs66Gd

Deadly Nightshade (R.E.N.O.I.S.E. Remix)

974 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-03-13 06:51 ID:QJvPvUCd

I'm also a fan of Mylène Farmer. I like Avant que l'ombre more, but I do love L'autre for Desenchantee
Consequently, I'm listening to Desenchantee right now.
Before that though, I was listening to Pygmalion by Slowdive, and the unreleased demos. They're by far the best stuff Slowdive has put out, in my opinion. I love the sparse, more ambient approach on them. Very pretty cover arts, too.

975 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-03-14 07:45 ID:EvZiBpcd

There's just something about her music that calms me and almost puts me in a trance. Speaking of that similarity done as well is Slowdive.
I got into Slowdive not too long ago after someone posted Summer Daze on ended up downloading their entire discography including those unreleased demos.

976 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-03-18 07:24 ID:EvZiBpcd

Sorcerer Hunter's ending Mask.

977 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-03-28 06:56 ID:8jYYSc/8

Initial D soundtrack

978 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-03-28 09:33 ID:iblxd6ul

Metallica - Metallica
Why is this album so dull?

979 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-03-29 06:35 ID:EvZiBpcd

980 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-04-04 07:31 ID:qN7muX3D

80s Disco

981 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-04-21 11:37 ID:c0PbPtcM

Persona 5 Music

982 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-05-13 21:26 ID:X3Ha4jzQ

I love this:
But I hate how it stops abruptly. I wish there were a version that's more standalone.

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I'm a Radiohead Fan, but i like Pablo Honey. (2)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-04-21 01:00 ID:TNGYUe5c

i know, i deserve misery

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-04-21 05:42 ID:7iRcFnp0

You wish you were special
But you're a creep
You're a weirdo
What the hell are you doin' here?
You don't belong here
You don't belong here

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I miss the music board of 420chan (10)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-10-21 01:43 ID:WJEwrbkt

How you could upload mp3s.
I miss people trading/sharing song files and not just torrenting or p2ping entire albums/discographies.
Uploading an mp3 (or other codec) file to an imageboard or by other means was like what I imagine the pokemon card scene was like.
"Oh you might like this here's this mp3" and then that mp3 becomes part of your life history, you feel an emotional attachment to it.
Someone should invent a musicboard where instead of images you post sound files.

2 Name: DSfA!!x/GKoW6o : 2022-11-09 12:47 ID:bJrEBnaz

It was the best! I found so much great music from the lovely people there. It had a much nicer atmosphere than 4chan's /mu/ as well.

I used to have a Wanted list of songs and albums I was trying to track down, and I'd link it my name when I posted. I always tried to help other people find music they were looking for (very often it was as simple as googling "album name" rar/zip/320) and in return people would send me music I was looking for. People even made threads for my birthday to send me music because I'd helped so many others! SLAYER!!!

3 Name: DSfA!!x/GKoW6o : 2022-11-09 12:57 ID:bJrEBnaz

Come to think of it, I reckon I read every single post on 420chan's /m/ from late 2007ish to its death (I guess it died? Idk the story I just know it hasn't been accessible for a while). It was quiet enough that you could easily catch up on all the new posts every few days, though I usually looked every day.

I think there were three things that changed the culture there:

  • the dubstep/brostep explosion of the late 00s, for a while nearly every thread on the front page was about dubstep, with that "DUB STEP" Run-DMC logo everywhere
  • around the same time, Soundcloud got big, and there were a lot more self-promotion threads. A lot of this music was kick-snare-wubwubwub dubstep wannabes. These got cleaned up and general OC threads were established.
  • The rise of Spotify and streaming music in general meant less people were interested in sharing MP3s or downloading albums

4 Name: DSfA!!x/GKoW6o : 2022-11-09 12:59 ID:bJrEBnaz

>"Oh you might like this here's this mp3" and then that mp3 becomes part of your life history, you feel an emotional attachment to it.

I want to give a special shoutout to sovietrussia's /m/ board too, which I found before I found 420chan. It was very quiet but changed my life thanks to a few random mp3s someone shared, which became some of my favourite music ever and led me to discover more great music!

5 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-12-19 02:23 ID:Ckq5m36w

I remember when iichan (i think) had a tracker forum and you could upload .mod files. That ruled.

6 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-01-09 00:12 ID:7YXJSPK+

It's a tragedy, the loss of that board. Lots of great stuff consolidated in one convenient place.

7 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-01-13 12:03 ID:bLW/ZflY

>>6 wasn't there an archive of all the media files from there saved somewhere? I thought I downloaded it but I might have dreamt it.

8 Name: DSfA!!x/GKoW6o : 2023-02-04 17:42 ID:bLW/ZflY

Oh man... in November 2016 someone started a thread on 420chan asking for help finding a certain album, and it sounded interesting so I added it to my list. Well I just found it and wanted to share it with them. I hope they managed to find it for themselves!

9 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-02-12 16:33 ID:BWlsSV8u

What album was it, if you don't mind me asking?

10 Name: DSfA!!x/GKoW6o : 2023-02-15 21:18 ID:bLW/ZflY

>>9 Surf Aus Kopenhagen/Berlin by the Baywatchers, a crunchy surf rock band from Sweden and German. It's pretty cool!
2004. Something my ear picked out, on the live track "Mr. Hoff Blues", one of the riffs sounds quite similar to "Brand New Kind Of" by the Sloppy Meateaters. Could be a coincidence, it's not a complicated riff... that song was featured on the Razor Freestyle Scooter game on PS1 released 2001 so he might have played that!

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Opening riff from BYOB stolen from Rattlehead (11)

1 Name: Vick : 2018-10-13 13:51 ID:sHaFphqV

If you listen to the opening riff from the System of a Down song 'B Y O B' it sounds suspiciously like the main riff from the Megadeth song, Rattlehead

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2018-10-20 14:57 ID:54G4rZgJ

Metallica ripped off Megadeth as well, but their Four Horsemen is nowhere near as good as Mechanix

3 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-02-14 22:52 ID:54G4rZgJ

No one seems to have said anything about this before online, but "Lazy Line Painter Jane" is quite a bit like "Gone Shootin'"

4 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-01-04 21:36 ID:Bt0nTRrg

I loved this weird K-pop song when I first heard it, then I loved it even more when I found out the chorus is pinched from a punjabi wedding song

5 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-01-16 16:52 ID:Heaven


>nowhere near as good as Mechanix

Instrumentally. Except Mechanix lyrics are terrible, while the Four Horsemen lyrics are outstanding

6 Name: Vick : 2022-01-31 05:19 ID:UcdVbAjr

Dave Mustaine was in both bands and is listed on the credits for 'Four Horsemen' plus some of the other songs from 'Kill 'em All' and 'Ride the Lightning'

7 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-02-01 13:38 ID:Bt0nTRrg

>>6 I know :) thanks though

8 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-02-01 14:11 ID:Heaven


>while the Four Horsemen lyrics are gay and cringe


9 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-05-10 13:43 ID:RhhJcHob

Omg I just realised Ashes In Your Mouth by Megadeth is a ripoff of Baggy Trousers by Madness

10 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-01-24 08:10 ID:Kk+7SG5j


11 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-01-26 09:32 ID:047u0BtJ

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Concerts (23)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2014-07-21 23:59 ID:/Lml31vu

Has anyone ever been to a concert before? How was it? Was the band better live? Are you planning on going to a concert soon?

14 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-05-27 14:37 ID:hU4/Jz2g

>>12 Edinburgh, at the Caves, a cool old stone building with a high arched ceiling. I was up on the balcony looking down. The last two were at Mono and Stereo in Glasgow. I've only ever seen them as a duo, I would have loved to see them as a 4-piece. I want to say a big thank you to anon who posted 3 Melt-Banana mp3s on soviet russia's /m/ in 2007 and introduced me to all this great music!

15 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-06-02 21:55 ID:hU4/Jz2g

I found an old list I made of all the bands I've seen, though I haven't updated it for a few years. Anyone seen any of these bands?

Belle & Sebastian x4, Morrissey x2, The Specials x2, Streetlight Manifesto, Camera Obscura x2, God Help The Girl, Trashcan Sinatras, Depeche Mode, The Amphetameanies x3, Placebo, Shooglenifty x2, Hayseed Dixie x4, Megadeth x2, The Misfits, Stiff Little Fingers, The Horrors, SIlversun Pickups, Riders On The Storm (The Doors), Ocean Colour Scene, Velvet Revolver, Lloyd Cole, The Hostiles x2, BLACK JASH, The Bucky Rage, Eek-A-Mouse, Gary Numan, Dub Pistols, Sub Focus, Neville Staple, Root System, More From Jim x2, Luva Anna, Esperanza x2, New Model Army, Motörhead, Alex One, Rudy Alba, Neck, Marky Ramone, The Blockheads, Dodgy, Alabama 3, Cuban Brothers, Calvertron, Max Romeo, Year Long Disaster, The Gin Goblins, The Animals, Darkwater x2, Big Strides, The Proclaimers x2, Girl In A Coma, By The Rivers, The Cider Spiders, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Priestess, Clutch, V-Twin, The Bravery, Job For A Cowboy (lol terrible) The Briefs, Damian Dempsey (x2), Ben Taylor, The Draymin, Big Hand, Straw Dogs, Peatbog Faeries, Eddi Reader, Butcher Boy, Spectral Cat a million times, Shoogar loads of times

Rockness 2011 - Skrillex, DJ Shadow, Katy B, Modeselektor, Nero, Chemical Brothers, Magnetic Man, Laidback Luke, Sons & Daughters, Japanese Popstars, Boys Noize, Simian Mobile Disco, Sub Focus, Jamie XX, Fake Blood, Beardyman, Rob Da Bank, others

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

16 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-09-07 17:45 ID:i0IZc8mG

17 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-11-01 14:48 ID:Heaven

Plaid are doing a new tour... I really enjoyed their last concert so I might join in again

18 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-11-22 04:36 ID:DXxvQoLg

Never been never wanna go. What’s appealing about being in a herd with other so called “human beings” ???

19 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-11-23 11:13 ID:l+cn77Q9

>>15 Lots of great bands, also lots I've never heard of!

>>18 Umm you seem to be retarded

20 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-12-12 14:52 ID:URRFBS5s

I might go see Squarepusher in the new year

21 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-01-14 08:25 ID:RXpZ2LtT

I've seen a few live shows. Some big and others in some well known clubs and bars. I always felt a bit uncomfortable because I'm a lot smaller than most people. Moshing crowds are annoying and the constant smell of sweat and filth was a big turn off from enjoying anything else. Mostly the music isn't as good and sometimes you can't properly hear things due to it just simply being "too loud" not just from the other people but the band's equipment or the acoustics of the place you're in. I recommend someone to attempt the experience at least once in their life. But if you want to see live music, try something more calm and smaller as you'll more than likely enjoy it much better. Unless you're into the whole concert scene of moshing and sharing sweat with the people next to you.

22 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-01-14 08:27 ID:RXpZ2LtT

You're only the second person online I have ever seen list Camera Obscura at all as music they listen to let alone seeing them live. Did you by chance used to get on beey?

23 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2023-01-16 11:54 ID:9V/IaKor


>Did you by chance used to get on beey?

Idk what that means mate but they're one of my favourite bands! I've actually seen them again since that post and it was a beautiful moment. The first gig I ever went to was a big free all-day thing Belle & Sebastian put on in Glasgow Botanic Gardens, in June 2004. There was B&S, Camera Obscura, the Trashcan Sinatras and another band I think were called V-Twin. I've loved them since then. This video was filmed there I also met the drummer from Teenage Fanclub there!

Well last summer B&S and Camera Obscura both played at a festival I went to, so it was a nice little full-circle kinda thing seeing them again. Me and my pals took acid on the day they were playing and, well, I cried all the way through Camera Obscura's set haha! It was partly the acid, partly thinking about how much those lovely songs meant to me and particular times in my life they brought to mind, but it was also partly because their keyboardist Carey had died since then and I was thinking of her. It was a family-friendly festival and I was dressed as a bunny, and little kids around me were saying “mummy, why's the bunny crying?”

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Less Known Japanese Singers! (152)

1 Name: Rurutia 2005-09-27 21:42 ID:ctfg1t+q

This thread is for the discussion of Japanese bands and artists who are not as well known in the west as say, Ayumi Hamasaki, The Pillows, and Gackt.
That is, not to put Gackt and the Pillows in the same boat. . .

Anyway, what are your favorite artists from Japan that are less known? I know mine. She's actually my favorite artist of all time. "Rurutia" (「ルルチア」、 sometimes 「ルルテイア」) is great. The thing is, I have only heard one album from her. Her "R" album. I actually listen to it on repeat over and over for days. I have a certain order for the songs on it, and if they are not played in that order it just doesn't sound right. Do you know Rurutia, and if her other work is good?

Other than Rurutia I like Rie Fu. She sings in both English and Japanese, so being bilingual, it is very fun listening to her music.

I have only heard one song from "Mai Kurai", called "Secret of my Heart". It is my girlfriends favorite song. I like it, but I haven't heard anymore of Mai Kurai. Is she good?

I also like Yumi, though I have only heard "New World" from her.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

143 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2012-07-04 21:59 ID:gFH7ncSl

144 Name: Taryn : 2012-09-04 03:10 ID:/44hpIsF

Piko! He's not really well known but he's getting there.

Himeka too. She's a French-canadian who sings in Japanese.

Yohio is pretty new. He's Swedish and sings in Japanese.

Hmm.... who else...

Kaya, Sekihan, Mi-chan, Root 5, Satsuki(I think), Sayuri Sagawara,
Shikata Akiko, Yousei Teikoku, Plastic Tree, Supercell, Paradeis, Juka.....

145 Name: Maax : 2012-09-13 14:38 ID:XwFlzimf

I love Yuki! I don't believe her age!!!

148 Post deleted.

149 Name: SHI : 2018-04-25 02:05 ID:Yp1mfGjc

150 Post deleted.

151 Post deleted.

152 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-11-01 14:47 ID:cR8jvd0F

I gotta rep my fav band ever, Die!!Die!!Color!!!

These guys were the definition of J-core back in the day. Made 5 or 6 incredible albums before disbanding into the ether.
I heard of them through 4-ch and found their albums on rutracker back in the day.

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Listen to my song and tell me what you thought about it (8)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2012-10-18 22:34 ID:ff3shgMc

There ya go,
Hiromitsu Agatsuma (semisen), Dmitry Kalinin (balalaika)

I advice you to sit away from your computer and just enjoy the music but that is up to you. You can post your song afterwards and I will listen to it and tell you my thoughts too!

2 Post deleted.

3 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2014-10-14 03:55 ID:U/TypVN0

>>2 LOL

4 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-01-04 20:49 ID:0zNtjbg6

>>1 Wow, very nice, well done!

5 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-08-20 12:02 ID:sJ/xPHAN

6 Name: Anoymous : 2022-08-28 21:37 ID:pWkX21fk

(( ( つ ヽ、 ♪ Show me your favorite grooves! ♪
  〉 とノ ) )))>

7 Name: Anoymous : 2022-08-28 21:38 ID:pWkX21fk

(( ( つ ヽ、 ♪ Show me your favorite grooves! ♪
  〉 とノ ) )))>

Oops, my art messed up...

8 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-09-05 19:45 ID:x0KIaGYZ

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MP3 CD (7)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-07-06 15:01 ID:+Dl+iFMS

Anybody here still make these?
I want to get a 400 disc binder and fill it up with tons of MP3 CDs.
Last night I made one with some albums from Piana and Lullatone.
This is a pretty amazing technology, I wish I knew about it back in the day I could have fit so many songs on my cd-rs instead of just making a typical audio disc.

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-07-06 20:43 ID:umT3DTMG

Why would you do that? Burning FLACs on them as a normal audio disc is better. Best quality, and works on every possible player, whereas MP3 CDs only work in some (though admittedly most).

3 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-07-07 10:11 ID:Heaven

I have some MP3 CDs in my car loaded up with COOL FREE RINGTONES for emergency purposes

4 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-07-10 10:34 ID:43aKZUD2

>>2 Why FLACs?

5 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-07-16 21:44 ID:+Dl+iFMS

After some consideration I've decided to burn audio files to dvd-r and bd-r discs.
My stereo system plays MP3 CDs, but the thing is once an album is finished it starts playing the next one, I would prefer playback to stop after an album is finished.
Now I'm trying to decide whether to go with FLAC or AAC encoded to 192kbps.

Pros and Cons:
FLAC - Original file quality, futureproof, can be converted to any number of encoders later on.
AAC - Smaller file size while retaining quality, can fit more albums on one disc (one bd-r is around the same size as a 30GB ipod classic), later on if I choose to transport a song to a different device I won't have to waste time re-encoding everything.

Which route should I take?

6 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-07-19 09:55 ID:Heaven

I heard that tape drives have the best cost to storage ratio, makes them great for backups. I also heard that cd are the only media resistant to magnetic impulses (well, printed books are also resistant). I also heard that cd slowly rot away, that they aren't intended to last for longer than 10 years.

Standard approach is to have lossy audio to actually listen to, and lossless audio for archival purposes. I doubt aac vs flac is actually noticeable.

7 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-07-19 22:56 ID:+Dl+iFMS

No this isn't for archival.
I'm aware of LTO, I can't afford that right now.
What I'm doing is burning these to discs for regular usage.
I prefer having a physical collection of music rather than just keeping it all on a hard drive.

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Need help finding out the title of a song. (3)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2014-08-16 04:19 ID:/A1Swncw

I'd describe the song as "jazzy." From what I can decipher in the lyrics, the singers first talk about getting on a bus, but the most memorable part is, I think, "Johnny, get down, gotta move it up" repeated in the song. Looking up that lyric doesn't give any relevant results. The singers are male.

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-01-04 16:45 ID:J0m4I6QV

Is it this?
If not, you should record yourself singing it and maybe we can have a better guess

3 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2022-07-19 08:15 ID:DbL3b38t

There's a link to a general requests thread at the top of the board, but it's archived, so I'll post this here, maybe someone can help me:

I was at Kelburn Garden Party a couple of weeks ago, a music festival, and a DJ called Optimo played this crazy song I've been trying to find... it was techno, and it had a distinctive “UGH!” sound running through it on the 1. As the song progressed it cycled through different beats, from techno to a heavier schranz sort of beat, to a half-time bit, to a hardcore bit and back. Then it built up to a sort of false finish, before erupting again at double time.

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New thread

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