Japanese VS Western music (94)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2007-04-13 08:37 ID:IkFozaYH

Do you listen to Japanese or Western music more?
Which one do you like more?

Those who listen to Japanese music, who would you say is more known in the West?

If you've been to any Japanese concerts, how are they different from concerts of Western musicians?

45 Name: kirita : 2008-12-05 00:04 ID:Cgl2R718

i listen to a lot of japanese music, mostly jrock. i also listen to 'western' music. i actually listen to all kinds of music- japanese, korean, taiwanese, arabic, hindi, latin.... i span genres- mostly rock/metal, but with random pop thrown in, lots of dance/ hip hip/ techno etc. i have musical A.D.D. haha.

but i agree with >>44- music is music. even if it's not my thing, i understand that other people may enjoy it (like country music- i hate it, but whatever floats your boat...). why knock what someone else finds joy and meaning in?

as for the concert thing- in the past year i have seen miyavi and dir en grey in concert, and they were each amazing in their own ways. the difference from other concerts i've seen- not much is different... there was a much more close/ loving feeling in the audience, but that was probably because the venues were smaller than other concerts i've been to :0)

46 Name: onyxmizer : 2008-12-06 06:08 ID:JQYgh7dr

Japanese bands always take a soild genera and put a wierd sound to it. Like...they could be singing english clear as day, but the melodies...there is just this...unique shape to it, and it bugs me every so often. Not all the time. (Petty Booka for example. Polysics, too)

I think it's their love of 4ths

47 Name: AnonymousMan7 : 2008-12-08 07:21 ID:yZsy9f+p

>>45, exactly you know. I've seen FLOW, Galneryus (amazing!!!) live and they both were awesome. FLOW is J-ROCK and it's a fun show, everyone is having a good time, it was awesome. Same with Galneryus. Being one of my favorites, they were awesome and the crowd was just great, one of the best shows. I've also been to see Metallica, Trivium, and Slipknot, and they were all awesome!!!!

48 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2008-12-08 21:41 ID:gzbGZXIZ

Seconded. It seems like every Japanese rock band is at least mediocre. Most stuff from the west these days ranges from unpleasant to nauseating; but I don't like much of anything made after about 1975. :/

50 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2008-12-15 09:36 ID:dm/uCfaJ

Haven't you listened to any of the J-pop lyrics? They are so bad, their existence itself is beyond joke.


I totally agree, and their aesthetic has never quite grown out of American 80's music. They are mostly cheesy party anthems and corny ballads.

And just like how all the Japanese girls look, they all sound impressively similar.

I can't stand Japanese music because I'm a musician, and when ever I hear them, I can't stop analyzing the structures and melodies.

It seems that almost all major key music has this "Omatsuri" or "Bon-Odori" lines, and minor key music carries the trait of "Enka."

51 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2008-12-15 12:06 ID:sUq1w6yX

52 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2008-12-19 15:21 ID:Heaven

>I can't stand Japanese music because I'm a musician, and when ever I hear them, I can't stop analyzing the structures and melodies.

Ironically enough, I love Japanese music because I'm a musician and can't stop analyzing the structures and melodies. So much fresh, unexpected stuff in the background layers, it blows my mind. Then again, maybe we're listening to different Japanese music?

53 Name: Linus Torvalds Jr. : 2008-12-24 14:11 ID:R4D2CUnq

I prefer Japanese music. I come from the UK, and I don't like the popular music here at all.
At least, I don't like the modern popular music - it's all Oasis and Lily Allen clones and similar, and manufactured bands like "Girls Aloud" and so on.
I can't say much for American music, but I'm not impressed with most of the popular modern stuff I've heard from america.

But I like a lot of popular music from the 80s/90s (from the UK/America/etc).

Old bands/musicians I like:
Genesis, The Police, Sting, Billy Idol, Racer X

But mainly, most of the music I listen to is Japanese, because most of the music I listen to comes from video games. I'm not sure why, but video game music seems a lot more interesting to me than popular music.

I think it might be because popular music is designed to sell well, while video game music is designed to fit a theme, or just designed however the composer felt like it.
Another thing is, I'm keen on the sound of synthesizers.

I'm enthusiastic about music, and I try to write music myself now and then, but I don't call myself a musician. I only do music for fun, and I don't have any musical training.

54 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2008-12-27 08:13 ID:lgfZeAdG

Well I definetly listen to western music more but i am becoming quite a fan of japanese music. Im not to big of a fan of jpop but some of the jrock artists ive heard are really good.

55 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2008-12-28 12:29 ID:8cya7EKB

Japan is just like the west, it has epic music and shitty pop music.

Masonna, The Gerogerigegege, Boris, Merzbow, Susumu Hirasawa, Akira Yamaoka and Melt-Banana to name a few.

56 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2008-12-30 04:48 ID:FtMQQz7C

i listen to almost nothing but western music, however what i do have that's Japanese is Maximum the Hormone and DJ Sharpnel.

57 Name: Random : 2008-12-30 21:31 ID:M5O+Z6Sm

i also don't like the popular that we have here in the UK, and i do love to listen to japanese music, it is quite fresh.

58 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2008-12-31 19:06 ID:IUdVP5tD

I listen mostly to japanese music, and a lot of jazz and instrumental stuff from the west.

55 is right, Japan is the same as the west, they have shitty music and they have wonderful music on both sides of the ocean. top 40 is only so-so for both, but if you look for more unique and unknown bands there are real diamonds.

Enka, we can't beat them at that.

59 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-01-02 13:37 ID:QaLaAYJr

Soundtracks. Movies, anime, video games... sure, "the west" has the occasional prodigy (think Elmer Bernstein, Howard Shore, John Williams...) but most it produces still is watery junk or "ambient scores" (read: somebody holds a key on a pad synthesizer) and Japan wins by sheer numbers of awesome stuff if nothing else.

Also, I tend to like J-Trance more than its western counterparts, but I'd be more willing to recognize that as a matter of personal preference.

60 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-01-02 22:22 ID:/1IT28Jh

I listen to Asian music just about as much as I listen to American music. I don't like only Japanese music (though I love it <3) I also like Korean and Taiwanese music <3

61 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-01-05 21:05 ID:FORcgvyU

I am a total fan of traditional Japanese music, and just two modern composers cut the mustard for me: Kenji Kawai and Yoko Kanno.

Most J-Pop is rather annoying for me, since I'm not comfortable with over cheery sugary tunes, but some of their most commercial metal (which is what I've gotten to hear - to be honest, haven't looked to deep into it) like Dir En Grey or Galnyerus has proven to be interesting, to say the least.

On the electronic scene (which I tend to think is a different beast on it's own given the variety of sub-genres), Japan totally stomps Western DJs. DJ Sharpnel, DJ Technorch, M1dy, TJ MS-DOM, DJ SoH or RedOgre, just to name some of the most popular, are constantly an innovative force, capable of breaking most of common trance's barriers. I used to listen to Tiesto, Safri Duo, and the like, but since I started with DJ Sharpnel, I've never looked back.

62 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-01-08 02:12 ID:1M/9KR1g

You are obviously more a fan of Japanese culture than you are of electronic music. Safari Duo and DJ Sharpnel are about as commercial and as shitty as electronic music gets, you should dig A LOT deeper before you can make any serious comparisons.

63 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-01-08 04:28 ID:YipBVKHv

lol "DJs".

64 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-02-27 17:05 ID:TvwZKvxH

>>30, yes anything mainstrem is suxish, an when undergroudn stuff GOES mainstreem it soon becomes suckish too!

But, I listen to both J-rock an Western. Persoanlly I think Japanese scremo is kinda neat!

But i like a little bit of both and oh! Buck-Tick is pretty nice[though it's old] and Peral Jam as well

ALSO if u want good music listen to olderstuff, liek System of a Down has alot of good stuff in thier older albums alot of there new stuff isn't so great, it's usally liek that with alot of bands! Metallica is the same way, everythign after the Black Album isn's all the awesome, I liek the band better before one of thiere members died, also alot of stuff composed by Cliff was good[I think he was the guy who died btw] but he composed songs liek Master of Puppets, Orion!

65 Name: Link48010 : 2009-02-27 17:42 ID:CdH1jcAl

I listen to American, European, and Japanese music. I can't pick a favorite.

European: Rammstein, Megaherz, Stahlhammer, t.A.T.u., Queensryche.
American: Disturbed, Slipknot, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Linkin Park, NickelBack, Avenged Sevenfold, stuff like that.
Japanese: BeForU, Kokia, Maximum the Hormone, Misato Aki, Mizuki Nana, T.M. Revolution, and insturmental like Hirano Yoshihisa, Hironosuke Satou, Iwashaki Taku.

66 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-03-07 15:42 ID:uVlQt4bn

I love Japanese heavy metal and sometimes i listen to Kanon wakeshima. she has an awesome voice

67 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-03-14 02:33 ID:GONUL+NM

I love both. But I don't listen to alot of j-music, just themes from animes and a few albums from re-occuring artists. When >>26 mentioned that he felt that english lyrics don't 'fit' I definitely knew what he meant, english doesn't have the same flowing feel to it.

68 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-03-21 06:41 ID:Heaven

Queensrÿche belongs in the American category.

Also, you enjoy Nickelback... SERIOUSLY!?!

69 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-06-04 09:07 ID:M9C2myLC

i think japanese music beat the west because american music is to repetivite epsecial rap now i used to love and still do listen to rap i used to listen to wu tang clan alot but the west turned rap into crap. so i listen to alot of jpop especial morning musume strange cuz i was born from listen to rap but i love to listen to them. i also love industrial metal and rock (NIN, Rammstein, Ministry, hanzel and gretel)

70 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-06-20 19:04 ID:6L3aAPJQ

does anyone know how to find japanese pop acts that DON'T do songs for anime? I have found a few awesome bands, like Sleep Warp, and Pop Chocolat, but its hard to get more.

71 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-06-27 13:14 ID:Zt3UB/xm

X Japan, goddamnit.

72 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-07-09 10:21 ID:wvkaTV2M

73 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-07-09 16:54 ID:4zz4IdfV

Niggur Ros - Untitled 6

74 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-09-09 09:21 ID:GLQs30x1

Ayaka :D
Johnny's Entertainment :D
Yuzu :D
GReeeeN :D

75 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2009-09-16 17:56 ID:mODTSRqV

I'm not a big Japanese music fan... I'm mostly into pretty low-fi indie rock, garage, and punk stuff, and almost all of the Japanese music I've heard sounds kind of overproduced to me. I like a few artists pretty well--the Pillows, Shonen Knife, Polysics, early Boredoms, and some of the Penpals are pretty interesting.

76 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2010-01-19 05:56 ID:veITlHPc


Traditional Japanese music.

77 Name: InfinityIchi : 2010-02-27 03:05 ID:jOqbOk25

Honestly, western music has become a pale shadow of its former glory, especially the hip-hop and rap genres. Nowadays, all you have to do to make a popular song is talk about degrading women, selling illegal drugs, and killing others. It's nonsense how you can make a song where the entire point of the song is to get "licked like a lollipop". It's disrespectful to women, but no matter how vile and obscene the lyrics are, as long as they are presented by a popular urban music artist, the disrespect and vulgarity will continue.

78 Name: Ueno54 : 2010-03-08 07:39 ID:Gr+LK3aE

dude you are such a faggot
selling illegal drugs?
honestly man get the fuck off your computer and go outside. get laid or something.
you make yourself sound so fucking sheltered by making posts like that

79 Name: shimada : 2010-12-15 08:03 ID:CTRzTGEu

80 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2011-05-05 03:29 ID:OwRvYskr

I'm Caucasian American and probably 70%-80% of the music I listen to anymore is foreign or at least in a foreign language. About 60% of that is Japanese.

81 Name: Akira : 2011-05-08 04:15 ID:6sLe+Zm8

Japanese rock/post rock/shoegaze band!!
Check it !!! Plzzzzzzzz


and this is our MAD video

82 Post deleted.

83 Name: gandam : 2012-02-13 16:54 ID:n47r9lp+

84 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2012-02-15 22:01 ID:fRRMGAUG

Japan makes some of the best Rock I have ever hear.

85 Name: Rica : 2012-02-22 05:16 ID:VvyFkuZZ

I'm Jpanease girl.
Please follow up by a twitter!!!

My twitter ID:ricaricky7

86 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2012-07-21 06:10 ID:cmCe7nzk


>It seems that almost all major key music has this "Omatsuri" or "Bon-Odori" lines, and minor key music carries the trait of "Enka."

What's wrong with Enka? I love it, especially Yoshi Ikuzō.

87 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2012-08-22 19:30 ID:HaGRDbzD

Fuck yeah.
Japanese post-rock/math rock is the fucking best. I would take it over western rock any day.

88 Name: Medic : 2012-08-24 17:03 ID:rqb4QF1i

I listen to about 80% western music, and about 20% Japanese music.

The western music I listen to ranges from rock to all types of techno (Dubstep, house, hardstyle, etc).

For Japanese music, I pretty much only listen to J-core. I love the fast beats, and how for lyrics it's mostly little sound-bytes from anime.

89 Name: ni : 2012-08-25 07:40 ID:1Wi4kfwm


roujinkai dip.jp pass//// 4rfv6yhn1qak

90 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2013-11-27 15:39 ID:cPhnPe7i

91 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2014-01-18 06:27 ID:A18JqEKa

92 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2014-03-26 04:17 ID:E0CVrG6Z

93 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2014-04-13 06:07 ID:P1N7tVA3

Western though I've been meaning to look into koto music.

94 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2014-04-25 02:49 ID:W9mFNU7x

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