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“グダグダ” is Adverb(副詞) which is used mainly with the verb such as "Write" and "Speak".
And it means too much redundancy for others.
For hearing or reading side, グダグダ speech or sentences is not what other than boredom.
Synonym is "ウダウダ(uda uda)"
Maybe "グダグダ"'s original style was "クタクタ(kuta kuta)"
"クタクタ"=It seems to have been exhausted.
Both クタクタ and グダグダ are possible to use it for the expression that shows the conditions
of the body in the same meaning(fatigue). But "クタクタ" is not used for above mentioned case.

*Because my specialty is not a Japanese grammar, 100% cannot be guaranteed.

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