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If you say to the other, "You are Kichigai", it is the same as the "Declaration of the War".
But originally this word"キチガイ(気違い)"contains not so much bad(offensive) words.
In this case, 気(ki) means not a air, but Mind. 違う(chigau) means different, then キチガイ
means "Different minded (person)."
This word becomes "Broadcasting prohibition term"now, but old person uses as a nomal word
such as 「キチガイ病院」=Mental Hospital(Hospital with Iron-barred window).
The meaning of the word changes in the age passing.

As you know, there are many Personal pronouns in Japanese. Nomally the second personal
pronoun(You) is used as 貴方(anata) or 君(kimi) in Japanese, but with use these words it does
not start quarre or fight.
In this case(quarre or fight),we have to use different Personal pronouns,貴様(kisama) or お前
(Omae). Those second personal pronouns are very vulgar word now  in Japan. Nevertheless,
I beleave that more than 500years ago these word was very porite and elegant words.
・貴様=貴(Nobility)+様(Polite Additions )=Noble you           ←original meanings
・お前=御前[様]=御(Polite Additions )+前(in front of me)+様(Polite Additions )
    =Noble you who stay before me                      ←original meanings
 *お前(Omae) is vulgar word now ,but お前様 or お前さん is still polite ward (you will find this
  word in Period (adventure) drama.
 *The public place and the person who is not well known you do not have to use貴様(kisama)
  or お前(Omae), but in the intimate friend it will be no problem to use it
   A littele bit similar to the usage of German Sie and Du.
If you finid the word 「喪前(momae)」 in 2ch. this is the intentional mistake of 「お前(omae)」
same as「漏れ(more)」⇒「俺(ore)」

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