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・テメエ/テメー(Temee ,Te may) is also offensive word for 2nd person pronoun(You).
In 2ch world(or in the Manga),it sometimes changes to チメー(Chimee, Chi may).
I think the word テメエ is changed from てまえ(手前 te mae).
手前(te mae)is old polite(euphemism) expression of " I ".     手前=this side
There might be a question ,“Why dose it change "I (Te mae)" to "you(Te mee)"”
Unfortunatly I am not a linguist.

I can find the same changes in Osaka diarect.
・ワレSynonyms(considerably offensive) of 貴方(you) in Osaka area.
ワレ(wa re),      Basically ワレ(我/吾)=我(we)/吾( I ) means "We or I".  

 exmp.of Osaka style expression (please try to translate these)
 * こらゴミ!ワレはあちこちで悪臭を漂わすな!迷惑じゃ!この生ゴミが!
 * 臭いんじゃ!ワレ!迷惑なんじゃ!ワレ!ひっこんどれや!
 * ワレは何を聞いとったんや!!(激怒)
 * ワレはコンビニやスーパーで値切るんか?(爆)
[ワレ(wa re)=you] is only popular in Osaka area or in the Yakuza Manga.
・自分(Ji bun)
nomally 自分 means " I "but in Osaka area , this means sometime different (You).
One day when I was in Osaka I was asked from Osaka natives.
Osaka "自分は何処の出身か? "Where am I come from?"
 I   "貴方の出身地を私は知りません"I don't know where you come from"
In this case,I had to translate the word 自分( I ) to ⇒貴方(you)
Then his question meaned "Where are you come from"

The expression that the meaning becomes opposite by the region is an embarrassed
thing even for Japanese.
*Old expression of "You" which is only find in Histrical (Samurai) Drama/Manga.

・ヌシ(nu shi)           original meaning ヌシ=主(master).
・ウヌ(u nu ) offensive    I dont know this origin.
・貴殿(ki den) very polite (貴=Nobility)+(殿=Lord)=you ・貴公(Ki kou  same as 貴殿)
     ↑Antonym of 貴殿 is 拙者(setsu sha)  (拙=inferior)+(者=person)= I

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