Japanese Online Idioms (410)

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–¯–¾‘–[iMinmei shoboujA@@@@–¯–¾‘–[Š§ipublished by Minmei shobouj
*Minmei shobou
The most notorious publisher to affect good-natured boys in Japan negatively for 30years.
A lot of boys went to the bookstore in the town to order the book on this publisher, and
coming home being gotten angry from the bookstore.
PTA specified the book on this publisher for harmful books is a thing no need to say.
However, the manga’jmiotoko jukujin whichi many a thing is quoted from this publisher
is very popular among Taiwan.
Even Mr. Li Teng-heii—›“o‹Pjwho is former Generalissimo in Taiwan did the costume play of
this manga's hero Heihachi Etajimai]“c“‡ •½”ªj

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