Japanese Online Idioms (410)

323 名前: やってみる(´・ω・`) : 2007-12-30 05:02 ID:Heaven

Rozen Aso = Taro Aso. Named so because he is known for liking Rozen Maiden.

Fullbokko. I think it means to be beat up rather badly.

Asahiru. Does this have something to do with Asahi Shimbun, which is apparently very sympathetic to Koreans and all things liberal? I know a lot of net-rightwingers hate them.

"This isn't on the level of selling stuff!" I dunno what's so special about this, I only have a vague awareness that the ×○レベルじゃねーぞ is apparently from Gundam or something...?

kawayusu. Another way of saying kawaii. Popularized by Shouko-tan, was it?

gugurekasu. Fucking google it.

Noto kawaii yo Noto. I don't think she's all that cute, but it's been used for many other things... nanoha kawaii yo nanoha

Konmai Quality? Is this a gaming term and does it have something to do with Konami? I don't play games so I dunno. Does it refer to idiotic kid gamers who can't even spell Konami?

Sekai-kei. A "genre" of anime. I can only think of SaiKano, which I disliked.

Mikku-miku. Referring to Hatsune Miku and a famous song utilizing Hatsune Miku called "Mikku-miku ni shite yan yo"... but well it plays on the idiom "bokko-boko ni shite yan yo" meaning "I'll beat it up for you."

Itasha. Cars with decals and other decorations that show off your wonderful otaku taste. However they are painful (itai) to everyone else.

Seichi junrei (Holy pilgrimage?) Going to real-life places that were either featured in anime/games or served as an inspiration/base for locations in anime/games.

Zutto ore no turn (It's always my turn!) Wasn't this spawned from that video of an awful episode of Yugioh where Yugi was pwning HAGAAAAAAA three ways from Thursday? He kept attacking him although he had already won the battle. It's used to imply that something is going to keep going on and on and it isn't going away, I guess.

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