Japanese Online Idioms (410)

6 名前: Anonymous 2004-11-27 15:36 ID:Heaven [Del]


I see, thank you for answering my questions! Are there any more general expressions one just has to know on 2ch and smiliar boards?

I also wonder how "DQN" became so popular. I read it was made famous by some guy's website (which I visited, it seems pretty amateur-ish) who was referring to some TV show. I don't understand how such big fame as the DQN phrase can be derived from that, but maybe it's just one of those silly internet fads.

For instance, in English, you often use abbrevations online. One would be OMG, short for "Oh My G'd!" (expression of shock). Now, on 4chan, it has been changed into zOMG. The additional z at the beginning has no real meaning, it was just said to be added to give away the impression that the person wanted to write OMG but was so hectic and careless with his writing, that his fingers just slipped over the z-key on the keyboard. And now people use "zOMG" to come intentionally off as stupid, or, in other words, DQN.

It is an interesting internet. Are there any English online idioms that you don't understand and would like to understand? I could try and explain them.

Also, "Wakaba" is an image board software, similiar to futaba. It was used on iichan.net, which is offline at the moment. "Kareha" is the software for the kind of message board system 4-ch uses. It has been written by the same author as Wakaba, !WAHa.06x36, who you can see post regularly here on 4-ch. At the bottom of each page here on 4-ch, there are links to his software.

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