What do you think about Japan ? (21)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2012-09-12 01:35 ID:Z8FQVbRR

I am Japanese . I really want to know how a foreginer thinks about Japan.
I am not good at english , so please tell me if I made a mistake about it .

2 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2012-09-16 07:26 ID:DUw31ffe

It has it's up and downs. Like almost every country ever, really.

3 名前: 米男 : 2013-03-19 06:22 ID:F7nH+hqt


4 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2013-03-22 18:02 ID:Poqbnj9v



Foreigners enjoy Japanese anime, games and movies, but don't like its culture as much. I'm sorry for my bad Japanese. I would appreciate any corrections.

"I am not good at english , so please tell me if I made a mistake about it ."

I don't know if the grammar is incorrect, but it feels a little weird to add "about it."

You could say "I am not good at English, so please tell me if I made a mistake." Or "..., so please tell me if I made any mistakes."

5 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2013-04-17 13:57 ID:/fByE36U

You're honest.
I like you.

6 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2013-04-21 20:21 ID:K4nWz6X8

From Europeans' point of view, Japan is far-away, exotic, and strange. For most people, it's just that country where some consumer electronics, cars, and cartoons come from. After the 80s, interest in Japan has gradually decreased.

7 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-01-08 22:47 ID:EhybrtHj

I'm japanese.Holding Tokyo Olympic 2020, I made movie. I want to convey other country's people about japanese sightseeing.

This movie is consisted of photos taken by my grandfather(semi proffesional cameraman).


8 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-01-11 01:55 ID:8h1fsTD3

Hearing what people from other countries think about the one you are from can be quite interesting.

From what I have seen, it is a beautiful country. I would like to go there some day.

9 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-01-11 13:59 ID:9D08xpcc

10 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-01-22 14:11 ID:Y3/7yJQy


11 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-02-24 09:36 ID:AEgGsF+O

I love Japanese culture the most but I don't fascinated about anime and such. I do prefer japanese movies over anime, both classic and contemporary. Also Japan has most beautiful woman and most ugly men.

12 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-03-04 12:38 ID:HVAKzhc4


13 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-05-27 05:40 ID:c0Er1irB

I dislike so may whites raving over Japanese women. Whites will be to stupid and ignorant to preserve their race. It saddens me.

14 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-05-29 14:40 ID:5lWuFsQ0

One fucking word.


15 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-05-31 04:14 ID:0WtvFweM

Japanese women are ok. but they don't have the most important thing. you know what I mean?
I think Japanese men hold the breasts in too high regard, so the women don't realize the importance of a good bottom. Maybe they just sit around all day massaging and oiling their breasts while letting their butts atrophy.
Or perhaps the Japanese aesthetic ideal is different from the western ideal... 

16 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-06-18 05:22 ID:zc5wQ7Ml

Shut up 'muh dick' nigger

17 Name: gorrillaconvention : 2014-08-03 21:01 ID:Heaven

>>16 i dont care who says theyre hot or they arent id still put it in all their holes

18 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-09-28 14:33 ID:ATE9OLh8

Please give me a glass of water

My son is dying

19 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-09-28 14:33 ID:ATE9OLh8


20 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-10-03 18:37 ID:eXDncoyO

Once just another barbaric asian country, turned into semi-developed country by the west, after Meiji restoration. then turned into first world country by the USA.
Basically small island populated with stupid mongols

21 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-10-03 18:50 ID:Heaven



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