ITT: Bottling (13)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-24 03:12 ID:W5Sf69AR

We might as well just get this out of the way, don't you think?

What do you hikkis do with your wastes? Do you brave your sister's friends and go to the toilet or do you keep it in your room until sundown?

What do you do about the smell?

2 Name: fart man : 2007-01-24 03:35 ID:PbUmc4qY

just eat and we dont have to go to the dining room for dinner

3 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-24 04:40 ID:Heaven


We put the shit in your house. Yes all hikki do it. Its true!

4 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-24 04:56 ID:Heaven


Believe in fart man, every person with the hikki label attach to them store their waste for later consumption in their room. Special circumstances, fart man's mom help eat his shit and piss, makes fart man's mom a hikki too!

5 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-25 04:43 ID:5QF62Jvl

I'm curious, how exactly does the shit get into the bottle without it missing? Do you have to shove it slightly up there to get a decent seal between the bottle and your anus? Or do you clench to try and make sure it comes out in small capsules?

6 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-27 03:34 ID:Jx785t/k

what are hikkis?

7 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-27 07:10 ID:dWv7dPVc

Dude, it's called a window.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-28 03:19 ID:Heaven


9 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-30 01:40 ID:DJoqpbmc

>>6 its basically what people here who watched welcome to the NHK anime call themselves if they are socially awkward and weak, in reality hikki would be a person living off his parents/significant other with no job , school, training whatsoever and almost never leaving their room.

10 Post deleted.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-18 23:58 ID:LgK/SeOu

Hey, it was good enough for Howard Hughes, the genius aeronautical engineer/pilot/playboy/Hollywood maven/billionaire in his waning years....

12 Name: Anonymous : 2017-12-01 10:38 ID:argqTmiB

10 year old finely aged piss bottle discussion

13 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-16 21:16 ID:5YfJmUpG

I agree and let's continue. Now I have a shit bucket and a special piss jug that I've been using for a year now. I open my window and just dump it down the back hill side below. There's a trail at the bottom of the hill that people walk on. I'm sure they keep wondering where all the shit comes from.

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