Azazel has come to me in dreams (12)

1 Name: scared : 2010-04-11 00:11 ID:Or0OEcxj

So, basically as the title says. the Demon Azazel has come to me in my dreams twice. It scares me a little, but due to the fact that it happens while i'm going through "Sleep Paralysis", it makes me wonder.

A month before the first encounter, I was facinated by demons. I decided to look up pictures of a lot of them, and Azazel scared me the most. If i'm going through a scientific solution to this, it is that fact why he came to me while in sleep paralysis.

The first encounter was that it felt like I was in hell, fire was surrounding my bed, and I saw dancing shadows. Then I heard a screaming demonic voice coming towards me down my hall. right as it was about to burst though my door I regained control of my body and everythigns stopped.

The second encounter happend a year later, I was watching TV and I fell asleep because I didnt sleep well the night before. I "woke up" and found that the TV was off and I couldnt move. I saw my reflection on the TV, but standingnext to the couch I was sleeping on was Azazel. He just stood there, not moving. When I regained control of my body, the image dissapeared.

The thing is, I'M NOT JEWISH! This is why i'm thinking it's not some supernatural phenomenon. Why would a Jewish demon come to me in my sleep?

What is your guys imput on all this?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2010-04-11 10:42 ID:U5o+8WbW

Because you read about it and looked up pictures, and had a fascination with it? And we usually interpret nightmares after we wake up, because without giving it a normal interpretation it doesn't make sense.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2010-04-12 04:44 ID:uC16EnEr

Pot's gettin' to ya, man.

4 Name: MayDay : 2011-01-08 19:24 ID:LGtvtwpO

Sleep Paralysis is a spiritual attack on humans from any non human entity that has the ability to contol your body, energy, and thoughts while you are in a state of sleep. Weather or not the opposing entity induces sleep depends on who it/they are attacking. During my attacks my energy is drained from me so severely that I believe I will not wake from the horrifying situation. Although the attacks startedwhen I was around two years old I never understood what was happening to me until I became fascinated with the occult enough to research the supernatural. Only recently have I studied sleep paralysis because I didn't know there was a name for what I've been suffering from. A few months. ago I saw who was doing this to me. During an attack I opened my eyes and looked to the left of my bed. I remember feeling so incredibly drained I wasn't sure if I could wake back up. The entity next to me was a completely black man sized figure. He began to speak to me immediately in a language mixed with english. I feel stupid telling you that I know what it was saying when it was speaking to me but now I think I blocked it out. I know after it spoke, (voice was like several hissy whispers simultaneously creating one sound) I said to it ' you're azazel ' then I was brought to the realization that he has been sucking my energy away from me since I was little. Azazel also told me he wanted all I had in me. I'm waking from a spiritual attack now and once again heard it. I don't known how much I have left for him to feed on.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2011-01-19 18:51 ID:GEiKG79L

>>4 quite the imagination you got there. Ever think about forming a cult? I'm sure that kind of shit would be right up your alley.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2011-02-01 13:51 ID:BMcIgkWI

He is not a demon... If he comes to you its for a reason. Ask him and I bet he will show you. And make shore it is Azazel.

7 Name: Alex : 2014-06-30 18:06 ID:zfO5bHLN

He has come to me twice over the past week, I have bad dreams every night, I don't talk about what happens, and never will. He won't tell
Me what he wants and I'm getting no sleep. He won't let me sleep, if anyone has answers to help please help. I'm sick of it

8 Name: Anonymous : 2014-07-27 07:36 ID:npBqop8+

Answers? The only answer is, you're having bad dreams.

There are no such things as demons, or angels, or spirits, or magic. You're having bad dreams.

Has something bad or upsetting happened to you recently, that might cause you to have a lot of bad dreams?

I'm not a doctor, I'm not a shrink. If you have a regular physician you might want to speak to him and ask for a referral.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2014-10-03 18:53 ID:Z6InC5Ok

You read Bible too much, stop
Religion can be quite dangerous for your mental health

10 Name: Anonymous : 2014-10-04 03:13 ID:Mib9Z1ba

gooby plz

11 Post deleted.

12 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-12 10:43 ID:Ey+p4oBy

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