Getting over depression :3! (7)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2012-05-27 14:48 ID:bset5jzJ

This time last year, I was horribly depressed. I think I hid it well! It lasted until about February. most people thought I was okay earlier!

Now I am okay, and I have been for a long time now!

Even though I don't have a job or any prospects.
Even though I am alone most of the week,
Even though I don't have any real friends.
I like it this way, I have found out.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2012-05-28 02:40 ID:uM74Mb2a


I am similar. At school and university I was very depressed and ended up failing. As a shut-in I got over my depression and now I'm an upstanding NEET! While I can't say I'm bursting with joy, I'm certainly better than I was.

Maybe we were just born to be introverts, >>1!

3 Name: Anonymous : 2012-05-29 09:47 ID:bset5jzJ

Ah, I already know that I am! It was odd going through a period of losing a bunch of friends, then gaining new ones, then realising that I prefer not having any.

I hope you get out of the NEET stage Anon, there is a lot to experience in this world.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2012-05-30 18:22 ID:5+Ji5gbU

ITT: Cool dudes.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2013-01-18 14:39 ID:U7IlLWCH

I am drunk so you might want to disregard all that i have to say right now bus i just got back from town and i was talking to my sister boy friend (also drunk). he asked me if i was depressed (my parents have clued him on this issue) and i told him i was very much depressed. he then went on to tell me that he used to have depression and showed me all the scars over his arms when he tried to cut himself. He told me that I should go to a shrink and that he would help me go to one, but I am not sure if I am ready. maybe OP should go to a shrink and tell me if it is worth while. About 100% of the time I hate myself and I would like a cure.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2013-02-04 05:24 ID:xDog8LTY

How do you get out of depression? Just tough it out? I was diagnosed, but now I don't have any access to the medication I was recommended. Should I just take vitamin-b and get plenty of sunshine? Exercise? I feel so dull lately.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2013-02-04 12:11 ID:EwgMLtl0

>Should I just take vitamin-b and get plenty of sunshine? Exercise?

Yes, yes, and yes. But you find some means of access to medication. But there's no way doing these things won't help immensely.

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