Girlfriend's ex-boyfriends (2)

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right,here's my problem I've been dating my girlfriend for over a year now. during the one year period everything runs fine without much of problems. then because of work I had to move to Guyana for a year since April, so distance relationship is a challege we had to face,things just started to go a bit off track for the past couple of months. She had a long time ex-boyfriend which lasted for about 10 years on and off,also dated with other guys during the 10 years but she claimed that he is the "love of her life" once and I didn't really think much of it 'cuz our relationship was quite steady at that point. However,in May she got a message from a friend that her ex is gonna get married then she just drunk to her sorrows,even posted photoes and wrote some weird message basically expressing he feelings. Being far away from home the only thing I could've done was calling her, so we talked for hours. Supprisingly I wasn't even pissed while on the phone. When I told her I don't think she would love me the way she loved him,she told me that every relationship is different,she loves me very much and is waiting for me to return to her. The thing is I love her very very much and I don't intend to break up with her in anyways.

The fact she always thinks about him on the back of her mind is eating me slowly, I don't know wether it's the distance or I just couldn't stand this anymore. How did you guys cope with your boy/girl friends' issues?

2 Name: Marquis : 2013-02-23 16:29 ID:Gt94sdHb

This was posted a while has ago, i truly am wondering who things has improved or worsen since. I know it must be incredibly tough to be with some one and know that some one else is deep inside there heart. I'm a jealous guy and i don't like sharing if shes with me than shes mine and i wouldn't want her to be thinking about anyone else:(

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