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1 Name: Quant : 2013-03-31 12:56 ID:fExASWDX

How do you manage your time between recreation/entertainment and productive work on your priorities?

I am transitioning from breaks when I feel like it, where I blend media, trolling youtube, physical activity and motivational videos slowly into my work.

Break size is usually about 10 mins, but can be up to 30 mins 20% of the time I take breaks. It really varies and I basically do it till I am motivated to work some more.

Work consists of reading material on the internet on philosophy and psychology, asking questions about life on 4chan, performing actions related to email, research companies for where I want to work eventually, writing down ideas for businesses, sorting folders and bookmarks, planning, working on my plans for life. It's stressful!

This happens roughly after 40 minutes after starting my work day. Then, I get itchy to break after another 20 mins or so. Then 10mins...

I'm guessing this is normal.
I end up taking microbreaks for microwork and switch back on fourth. It is messy and I lose track of everything! Which reduces emergent cognition of the whole process and overall my work is less good presumably.

Anyone have hints on optimizing this productivity tactic? Or, replacing it entirely?

I'm a student/self-employed so I tend to work from waking up time (~10am) till about 1am, with breaks all round, working at home usually, and food and physical activity in between.

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3 Name: Mr Write : 2013-05-24 06:47 ID:HHNWtiOf

Some personal bits; you may or may not find them relevant:

Currently, I'm motivating by rewarding each math problem done, with a panel of Homestuck. Good times. Or, if I'm doing some reading, I might intersperse every few pages with a quick level in Sonic 2 or something short'n'sweet like that.

Whenever I feel like it, I lie down on my bed to defrag for a few minutes. I've also found that, as much as I like background music, it distracts me too much. Also, I work better on an empty stomach (and think better with good nutrition (read: China Study)).

One of the most important things, is to get away from any constant feeds. Anything that gives you an excuse to open up the browser and check the latest things is a HUGE detriment to your productivity.

Even more important, though, is to always remember that you'll never feel like doing work, until you actually start working; so just get started on it regardless of how you feel.

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